Brendan Vercoelen

Brendan came to Victoria University of Wellington, interested in both the software design and electronics aspects of engineering.

Brendan Vercoelen sits at a desk with a computer and smiles.

“I came to Wellington because I was interested in both the software design and electronics aspects of engineering and the University offers a unique programme in this area,” says Brendan.

“What’s so great about the course was that we take an idea from concept to tangible product ourselves. We start form the theory, design it, buy the components, get the printed circuit board made and solder the components onto it to make the final product. It’s a really satisfying process.

“I’ve made lots of things in the course, from a sub-woofer amp to a metal detector. and for my Honours project, I worked on a 3D mirror. I’ve extended LED cube technology to produce the ‘mirror’ that uses two cameras to mimic human vision and a matrix of LEDs that will display the image in real time, without using 3D glasses.”

“Work experience is an important part of the course. I worked for a small Wellington company for my first one and appreciated the opportunity to work in the business environment with its different perspectives, customer focus and tight deadlines.”

“I really recommend the course—it’s a great programme with lots of opportunity to extend your knowledge. It’s challenging but rewarding and will open doors for interesting careers in the future.”

Brendan received a $6000 Freemason’s Scholarship for his final year studies. He was the student representative on the Wellington branch committee of IPENZ (The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand), has been the president of the Engineering Club at Victoria University of Wellington and was the University representative of SENZ (Student Engineers of New Zealand).

In his final year, Brendan was offered a job at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare in a Product Development role, which he happily accepted.

“Victoria University of Wellington set me up with all the skills needed to begin my role at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. I’m in a job which really allows me to be creative and see my concepts and designs come to life and be sold all over the world. Working for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is great as there is plenty of graduate support with lots of training and opportunities to learn.”

We would like to add our congratulations to Brendan and colleague's success in a recent SNAPPER technology competition