Work experience and internships

Our work experience programme supports connections between students and employers, training people for the future of the New Zealand IT industry.

The School of Engineering and Computer Science supports students and employers to engage with each other, share knowledge, and make connections that often result in internships.

We work in partnership with the Summer of Tech programme to bring the Wellington tech industry onto the campus, and match students to summer jobs.

Information for employers

Our students are keen to gain relevant work experience alongside their studies. They are working towards a three-year Bachelor of Science degree or a four-year Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degree, in subjects including Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Cybersecurity, Electronics, and Software Engineering.

Get a head start on your recruitment and make a contribution to the industry by employing one of our students as a summer intern. Contact to find out how you can be involved.

Visit the School's wiki page for employers

Prospective BE(Hons) students

If you're thinking of enrolling in the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degree, it's good to understand the required work experience component. Working in industry helps you develop practical, real-world skills so that you're work-ready when you graduate.

You'll need to complete 800 hours in at least two different approved, paid internships. These roles must involve working within an IT or engineering team, and applying what you're learning in your degree to solving engineering problems. Students generally get their work experience during summer breaks, and ideally have completed their hours before the start of their fourth (Honours) year of classes.

Visit the School's wiki page for prospective students

Current BE(Hons) students

All the information you need to know about your 800 hours of required work experience is on the School's wiki pages. Learn what kind of work can be approved, where to meet and how to approach potential employers, and about writing up your reports.

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