Divya Patel

With an interest in technology, problem solving and creativity, Divya knew software engineering was perfect for her—now she’s a graduate data scientist at Xero.

Divya Patel at her desk at Xero.
A Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, majoring in Software Engineering was a natural progression and a great way of exploring the creative side of engineering. Divya really enjoyed the practical component of the programme.

“As I got further into the programme, I found that a larger proportion of the courses became very practical focused and had a wide range of group projects. In industry you work with a team, so learning how to handle team projects was very useful.

“Some highlights for me include developing a 3D game, designing an online shopping platform, creating a water quality testing pod for an Underwater ROV (remotely operated vehicle), and making a website to showcase a range of different interactive visualisations.”

The engineering degree requires students to complete at least 800 hours of practical work experience during their years of study. Divya found that this particular component of the degree prepared her for the working world. “While studying at Victoria, I completed two internships as a Software Engineer at Google. Through these, not only did I develop my technical skills, I also improved my communication skills and learnt a lot about project management within a wider organisation.

“I currently work at Xero as a graduate data scientist. In my final year of study, I enjoyed the machine learning courses I took. I found them to be challenging, but rewarding, and decided that I wanted to explore the area further. My current job allows me to do this, with a large part of my time dedicated to learning more about machine learning models, and what can be achieved by applying them in various areas of the business.

“Data science is a new area for me. I hope to become better in this area, and continue working in an environment where I am constantly challenged, and can do work that I love.”