File storage

The University provides a personalised storage space to help students manage their learning, research and course materials.

Storage is available from within the University on Digital Solutions student computers and through the internet.

H drive

H drive provides a personalised storage space to assist you with learning and research at the University. The drive is accessible from all Digital Solutions student computers on campus by selecting the H drive icon, or through myWorkspace.

H drive is for the storage of course-related work, and can be used for files, course notes, and images. You must comply with New Zealand copyright laws and the Information Systems Statute. If files such as copyright music, movies or pornography are found on the H drive, Digital Solutions has the right to delete and enforce the Information Systems Statute.

Recovering files

Digital Solutions can recover items corrupted or deleted from a student H drive within the previous six weeks. Details of the file required for restoration should be logged with the Service Desk.


Microsoft OneDrive provides 1TB of personal online storage and is accessible through Office 365.

Use OneDrive to store files and share documents with other OneDrive users.

OneDrive has a maximum individual file size of 15GB.