Email account

Find out how to access your student email account, how to recover deleted emails, and how to forward email from your student to your personal email account.

The benefits of your student email account include:

  • 100GB of email storage
  • unlimited archiving
  • shared mailboxes
  • calendars
  • contacts.

Accessing student email

To access your student email account, go to Office365 and log in with your University username and password.

Forwarding email from your student email address

All official email communications sent by the University will be sent to your student email account. If you want to use a different email account you should set up a redirect from your University email account.

To configure your student email account to redirect to an alternative address:

  1. log in to Office365 and select Outlook
  2. open settings (the cogwheel icon on top right hand corner)
  3. select 'Mail' under the heading 'Your app settings'
  4. select 'Forwarding' under 'Accounts' in the left hand column
  5. select 'Start forwarding' and enter your preferred email address.

Deleted email

Deleted email is moved to the trash folder and is retrievable for up to 30 days. After 30 days the mail item is permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.