Materials and equipment—Ngā rauemi

Find out about the materials and equipment you'll need when you start your studies at the Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation.

Assorted crafting materials like tape, pen, scissors and a craft knife on a table


For your first year in Architecture, you need:

  • Four different-weighted pencils from 2H to 2B
  • Two to four sticks of black willow charcoal
  • An A4 cutting mat
  • A4 sketch paper
  • A craft knife with a retractable blade
  • An eraser
  • Double-sided tape
  • Masking tape
  • A 30 cm steel ruler
  • A retractable tape measure at least 8 metres long.

Occasionally you’ll also need thick cardboard for modelling. Details will be provided in class and in Blackboard.

Design Innovation

You’ll need these materials in your first week:

  • Victoria University 1st Year Design (DSDN 111/101) 2021 – KITVUW1STYRDES – $58.99
    • A comprehensive selection of all tools and materials for your first weeks of Trimester 1. Everything is conveniently packed here. By buying a complete package, you save heaps! Pencils, pens, A4 visual diary, steel ruler, cutter, and cutting mat—all as specified by tutors.
  • Victoria University 1st Year Design (DSDN 152 Drawing) 2021
    • A comprehensive selection of drawing materials for the first weeks of trimester 1. A3 sketch pad, pencils, pastels, charcoals, erasers, and drawing pens—all as specified by tutors.
  • DSDN 111 Project Two Pack – $15
    • Available at the School Resource Centre
    • A collection of materials that you will be expected to use for your second project in DSDN 111. Everything is in there for you to get started, saving you from looking elsewhere. You can buy this only at the school resource centre. Contains modelling foam, a timber block, rhino plastic, and some bronze rod.

Finding supplies—Te ara ki ngā kaiwhakarato

For many of your projects, you’re going to need materials. The resource shop is located at the Te Aro campus, across from the main workshop.

Below are some suppliers where you can find the rest of your materials and components, hardware, electronics, bulk materials, and arts and crafts materials. Show your student ID to request a discount at Gordon Harris.