Current students

Explore the representation and support services available to students at Victoria University of Wellington.


Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) is your students’ association. It fills a number of diverse roles, but overall it is here to serve students.

When you enrol at the University you can choose to be a member of the association, which gives you voting rights at all student meetings and VUWSA general elections.

VUWSA supports a variety of student activities, including Orientation, re-orientation and other events throughout the year.

Check out VUWSA website for more information and to see what’s happening around the campuses.


STUDiO is the representative group for students in all courses of study at the Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation. STUDiO officers are elected each year and are responsible for everything from social and sporting events to student representation on faculty boards. STUDiO holds regular social events such as STUDiO-invited talks, barbeques, drinks evenings and sports tournaments. They run the annual STUDiO Ball each August and design competitions throughout the year, arrange student discounts with local shops and suppliers and generally incite fun and excitement to give everyone a break from study now and then.

Along with class reps, STUDiO reps are able to assist their fellow students with course-related issues. STUDiO is always looking for people to get involved and help run things—keep an eye out for STUDiO noticeboards near the atrium staircase of the Te Aro Campus and the Facebook page for information about evenings and meetings.

To get in touch with a committee member email us at


Āwhina is the on-campus whānau for Māori students to work together to share knowledge, achieve academic success, and build strong communities and leaders.

Underpinning Āwhina’s successes is the inclusive whānau environment where high expectations, aspirations and achievements, collective success and reciprocity are normalised.

Pasifika Student Success team

The Pasifika Student Success team can help all Pasifika students navigate their transition into tertiary study and their journey at the University.

They foster Pasifika learning and teaching communities in an environment that is welcoming, safe, and focused on academic excellence, personal growth, and wellbeing.

Student services

The University has a highly active student service network which includes a range of useful services available for students, including:

  • Accommodation Service
  • Careers and Employment
  • Student Counselling
  • Crèches
  • Disability Service
  • Student Finance
  • Physiotherapy
  • Student Health
  • Student Learning.

Studio culture policy

The design studio operates at three levels of instruction: the whole class, the tutorial group, and the individual. The studio thus involves both collective and individual participation from individuals in the group. Tutors will be in the studio at all scheduled times undertaking group and individual instruction and reviewing project work. Ongoing discussion will be critical to the development of your design work.

Therefore, for the studio to operate effectively, students are expected to arrive on time, to be present for the whole studio session, (unless there are reasons why they cannot) and to actively participate in group and one-to-one discussions with your tutor. It is also expected that students will bring to the studio sessions the appropriate equipment and supplies needed to work productively on the design projects and to complete this project work on time. The intensity and regularity of participation in the studio is unerringly reflected in the understanding and quality expressed in the resulting work.

Students are expected to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness and tidiness in the studio as outlined in the Studio Culture Policy which is displayed in all studios. View the Policy online.


To find out information about frequently asked questions and information for current students visit the FAQ’s page.