Workshop equipment

We have a large number of specialist machines, workshop areas and hand tools to satisfy most modelling and architecture and design related course requirements. Workshop equipment and areas include:

First-year workshop

The first-year workshop is where students are introduced to hand tools, safety, and physical modelling concepts. It is a self-contained workshop solely for the use of first-year students, and it has a dedicated technician modelmaker. Equipment includes a drill press, a band saw, fume extract cupboards, a sink and wet area for clay and plaster casting, and a range of hand tools.

  • hand tool craft workshop equipment
  • drill press
  • band saw fume extract cupboards
  • a sink and wet area for clay and plaster casting.

Metal workshop

metal workshop
  • lathes, milling machines, and drills
  • arc and mig welding, oxy and acetylene welding
  • sheet metal bending
  • vacuum forming.

Woodworking workshop

Woodworking Workshop
  • bench saws in various sizes
  • mitre saw, thicknesser, planer
  • various sanders and bandsaws
  • wood lathes.

Shared general-use space

general use space
  • benches for hand tool use and assembly
  • scroll saws
  • clay ovens
  • a full spray-painting booth
  • wet room and bog room area
  • building science concrete beam testing equipment.

Equipment bookings

The laser cutters and CNC machinery are booked through the Resource Centre. Bookings can be viewed online via the online booking system. 3D digital modelling equipment is provided to students at significantly subsidised rates. It is only available to currently enrolled year 2–5 students and staff.

See the Technical Resource Centre online booking system