Dr Wei Gao

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Research Interest

  • Natural language processing
  • Information retrieval, Web search
  • Social media analytics, Social computing


Wei Gao is a Senior Lecturer of Information Systems in the School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. He has published over 60 papers and articles in the major international conferences and journals.


PhD. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Selected Publications

Books & Chapters

Wong, K.F., Gao, W., Li, W. and Xu, R., 2017. Social Media Content Analysis: NLP and Beyond. World Scientific Publishing.

Gao, W. and Niu, C., 2009. Cross-Language Mining and Retrieval, In Ling Liu and Tamer Özsu (Eds.) “Encyclopedia of Database Systems”, 523-528, Springer US 2009, ISBN 978-0-387-35544-3

Journal Articles

Gao, W. and Sebastiani, F., 2016. From Classification to Quantification in Tweet Sentiment Analysis. Social Network Analysis and Mining, Volume:6, Issue:1, Article 19, Springer.

Yang, P. and Gao, W., 2014. Information-Theoretic Multi-view Domain Adaptation: A Theoretical and Empirical Study. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 49:201-525, AAAI Press.

Yang, P., Gao, W., Tan, Q. and Wong, K.F., 2014. A Link-Bridged Topic Model for Cross-Domain Document Classification. Information Processing & Management, 49(6):1181-1193, Elsevier.

He, Y., Lin, C., Gao, W. and Wong, K.F., 2013. Dynamic Joint Sentiment-Topic Model. ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, Special Issue: Social Web Mining, Volume 5, Issue 1, Article 6, ACM Press.

Gao., W., Niu, C., Nie, J.Y., Zhou, M., Wong, K.F. and Hon, H.W., 2010. Exploiting Query Logs for Cross-Lingual Query Suggestion. ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 28(2), Article 6, ACM Press.

Conference Papers

Wang, W., Feng, S., Gao, W., Wang, D., and Yang, Y. Personalized Microblog Sentiment Classification via Adversarial Cross-lingual Multi-task Learning. EMNLP 2018.

Ma, J., Gao, W., and Wong, K.-F. Rumor Detection on Twitter with Tree-structured Recursive Neural Networks. ACL 2018

Ma, J., Gao, W. and Wong, K.F., 2017. Detect Rumors from Microblog Posts Using Propagation Structures via Kernel Learning. ACL 2017.

Li, J., Liao, M., Gao, W., He, Y. and Wong, K.F., 2016. Topic Extraction from Microblog Posts Using Conversation Structures. ACL 2016.

Ma, J., Gao, W., Mitra, P., Kwon, S., Jansen, B.J., Wong, K.F. and Cha, M., 2016. Detecting Rumors from Microblogs with Recurrent Neural Networks. IJCAI 2016.

Gao, W. and Sebastiani, F., 2015. Tweet Sentiment: From Classification to Quantification. ASONAM 2015.

Song, K., Feng, S., Gao, W., Wang, D., Yu, G. and Wong, K.F., 2015. Personalized Sentiment Classification Based on Latent Individuality of Microblog Users. IJCAI 2015.