PhD research and student profiles

Meet the current thesis students at the School of Economics and Finance, and find out what their research topics are.

Kwabena Boasiako

Data breach disclosure laws, threats, and breaches – impact and firm financial policy changes

Vu Tran Dang

Essays on international stock market

Lorena Di Bono

Essays on Migration

Nguyen Doan

Empirical Essays on Labour Economics

Thomas Dudek

Application of Behavioral Economics Insights to Insurance Decisions

Masoumeh (Hanna) Habibi

Essays in Post- and Pre-Disaster Risk Management

Thoa Thi Thu Hoang

Essays on Economics of Disasters

Shabana Kamal

Climate Change and Financial Stability

Pengfei Liu

Short Sale and Margin Trading

Hanny John Mediodia

Essay on Economics of Disasters

Raviro Mercy Mhuru

Essays on corporate innovation

Minh Nam Ngo

International trade, foreign direct investment and inequality

Binh Nguyen

Essays on financial markets

Huyen Thi Thu Nguyen

Three essays on corporate finance

Hien Thi Kim Nguyen

Public Policy in Developing Countries

Phuong Thi Ly Nguyen

Market liquidity, informed trading and the market surveillance system: Evidence from the Vietnamese Stock Market

Pranay Raj Panta

Essays on Supply Chain Management

Jacob Pastor Paz

Earthquake and flooding risk in New Zealand

Linh Thuy Pham

Global Value Chain

Farnaz Pourzand

Climate change and drought risks for the New Zealand agriculture

Rui (Amy) Qiao

Three Essays on the U.S. Treasury Market

Andrew Shelley

Self defence against drones

Belinda Storey

Pricing of risk in coastal property and sea level rise

Quy Ta

China’s International Reserves and the Role of China to Developing Countries

Tanjila Tabassum

Three Essays on Retirement Policy Issues

Bernard Kwame Tawiah

Three Empirical Essays on the Intersection of Labour and Finance

Thanh Le Thanh Tran

Bond pricing for US market for the late 19th and early 20th century

Olivia Wills

Disasters and student performance

Mahdi Yadipur

Optimal land use switching policy

Chang Yu

Title to be determined

Huong Ngoc Vu

Macroeconomic policies in small and developing countries

Zahra Soleimani

Measuring Distributional National Accounts for New Zealand (NZ DINA)