PhD research and student profiles

Meet the current thesis students at the School of Economics and Finance, and find out what their research topics are.

Vu Tran Dang

Essays on international stock market

Lorena Di Bono

Essays on Migration

Darcy Harcourt

Pricing and Valuation of Variable Annuities with Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits

Shabana Kamal

Climate Change and Financial Stability

Miloud Lacheheb

Fisheries and tropical cyclones

Hanny John Mediodia

Economics of fisheries and climate change

Raviro Mercy Mhuru

Essays on corporate innovation

Huyen Thi Thu Nguyen

Three essays on corporate finance

Loan Nguyen

Essays on regulatory economics

Thi Mui Nguyen

Perception and adaptation of farmers to drought in New Zealand

Linh Thuy Pham

Global Value Chain

Cristhian Prieto Duran

Empirical essays on economics of natural disasters

Apurba Roy

Essay on economics of extreme weather events

Helena Sarkodie

Right to Work Laws and Venture Capital Investments

Belinda Storey

Pricing of risk in coastal property and sea level rise

Tanjila Tabassum

Three Essays on Retirement Policy Issues

Bernard Kwame Tawiah

Empirical Essays on Entrepreneurial Finance and Financial Risk Management

Huong Ngoc Vu

Macroeconomic policies in small and developing countries

Chang Yu

Short selling and investment

Timothy Wilson

Disaster impacts

Osaiasi K. Fatai

Mobile broadband impacts on poverty and inequality

Zijun Zhao

Green innovation and carbon disclosure