Study at the School of Economics and Finance

Find out what makes Victoria’s School of Economics and Finance a great place to study.

Why study with us?

The best reason to study with the School of Economics and Finance is to gain greater understanding of the world around you. The breadth of the applicability of economics and finance is indicated by its strong synergies with commerce, science and the humanitites.

The unifying feature of economics and finance is the study of individual and collective choice.  The common approaches to choice span all areas of life.  Since our courses offer a clear, concise, and rigorous way of thinking and problem solving, an undergraduate major in economics or finance strongly complementary with study of subjects in: commerce - accounting, information technology, management, marketing; science - biology, geography, mathematics and statistics, physics, psychology; humanities - history, philosophy, political science; and a wide range of areas of law.  A degree with a mix of these topics is readily achievable by students.

Our courses provide a rigorous analysis of a wide range of real world problems (many of which are not ordinarily thought of as "economics" or "finance") such as poverty, inflation, unemployment, pollution, crime, taxes, asset valuation, portfolio design, inequality, local and international competition, ethics and law, consumption and investment, economic growth, environmental management risk management, corporate strategy and many others.  They also provide the basis for graduate study in economics and finance, and background for topics such as public policy, environmental studies and international relations.

Completing a degree with one of our majors sends a signal to prospective employers and graduate schools that you are capable of logical and critical thought, that you have fundamental quantitative skills, that you can adapt to changing circumstances, and that you are interested in the "big picture". It will help you become a more rigorous thinker as well as advancing your career goals.