Matthew Brett

After completing a Bachelor of Science, Matthew realised that he wasn’t ready to stop learning.

Matthew, wearing safety goggles and a lab coat, sits at a bench in a chemistry lab.

“I really enjoyed my undergraduate studies in chemistry, in particular the problem solving aspects involved. Completing my undergraduate at this University made the decision to pursue an honours degree easy, as I was fully aware of the skills and knowledge that all of my lecturers had to pass on.”

Real-world applications

“I am working on synthesising a range of organic compounds that could be used in redox flow batteries – a relatively new type of energy storage. Energy storage is crucial for the future integration of renewable energy as our main source of energy and redox flow batteries offer advantages over more traditional energy storage methods, however they are still relatively expensive to make with current materials.

“The compounds I am making could be used as cheaper alternatives, making these redox flow batteries more economically viable energy storage options. If I am able to make compounds that work well in these redox flow batteries, it could have direct applications in the future of energy storage.”

Beyond honours

“I’m currently considering whether to continue on into further postgraduate study or get a job in a chemistry related avenue. Either way, I’m pleased with how I’ve been set up for the future by my study choice.”

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