Primary Science classroom resources

These curriculum-linked classroom resources are printable and free to use for educational purposes.

Living World

Life Signs
This resource gets students exploring life. What is it? What is living around us? What do living things need to survive?

Living to Explore!
This resource has activities to help students investigate the living world by making their own ecospheres and growing seeds.

Material World

Moles and Avogadro's Number - Suitable for Years 5 and up.
Topics covered: Physical chemistry, units of measurement, reactions, science history


Imagining Decolonised Cities - Suitable for Year 9 and up.
Topics covered: Colonisation, urban design, Te Ao Māori, community engagement, project planning

Planet Earth and Beyond

The problem with the Manawatu Gorge's geology - Suitable for Year 3 and up.
Topics covered: Geology, fault lines, erosion, engineering.

Hot water discovery at the Alpine Fault - Suitable for Year 4 and up.
Topics covered: Geothermal activity, geology, fault lines, human impact.

Mathematics and Statistics

Large Data Sets

These are real data sets for students to use for statistical analysis.

New Zealand Food Price Index - 2006 to 2017
Tracks average amounts paid by households over time.

Meningococcal Rates in New Zealand and the UK - 1999 to 2015
These are reported cases by health providers.

Traffic Offenses in New Zealand by age and gender from 2014 to 2017
Collected from the New Zealand Police database.

Video Game Sales from 1985 to 2015
Grouped by Genre, Region, Platform, and Publisher.

Wasp Abundance in the UK and New Zealand - 1972 to 2010
Individual wasps were counted in the UK, while nests were counted in New Zealand.

NIWAs 'Seven-station' series temperature data - 1909 to 2016
Average temperatures and anomalies from seven permanent weather stations.