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PGCertPS in Science

The Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Studies (PGCertPS) is a flexible qualification that you can customise to match your study goals. See what your options are if you want to focus on Science.

Explore science at a pace that suits you

Science is the answer to solving many of the world’s most pressing issues.

Whether you want to understand the inner workings of disease or what drives behaviours, develop the skills to communicate science effectively, become a leader in protecting our natural world, or drive new technological developments—we have the courses for you. We offer courses across the physical and social sciences—giving you the chance to expand your career options and build on your skills.

You can also complement your science courses with courses offered by other faculties, such as the Wellington School of Business and Government.

Bindi Robertson

I feel like I learnt everything I need to feel empowered to make change and to springboard into a career that I can be passionate about.

Bindi Robertson

Graduate of the Wellington Faculty of Science

Recommended course combinations

Geohazard communication

Learn about geohazards and how to communicate them—take courses across the earth sciences in combination with science communication to learn how to make the complex more accessible. Or if you want to become an expert in communicating another area of science, see the full list of subject areas available below.

Environmental management and climate change

The following courses will provide you with an advanced understanding of both climate change and environmental management, giving you the skills to help solve some of the world's most pressing environmental issues.

Evolution, culture, and behaviour

Explore these courses to unravel the mysteries of life, evolution, and human development. You’ll look at topics across human existence—from evolution to the complexities of culture to the nuances of human behaviour.

Future technology

These courses explore emerging technologies and developments that will have huge implications for how the world works in the future. If you're interested in how technology can contribute to the world and want to get a broad understanding of different advances, this could be the area of focus for you.

Explore all available courses

The PGCertPS is made up of courses worth 60 points. If you want to focus on the area of science, at least 40 of those 60 points need to be from courses offered by the Wellington Faculty of Science.

You can choose courses from across the Faculty to build a cohesive package that suits your professional goals and previous study experience. Follow the links listed below to see what postgraduate courses are offered within each general area of study:

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Financial support

Furthering your education can be a big investment, both time-wise and financially. Many organisations offer tuition reimbursement programmes or other forms of financial support for their employees’ education. This can greatly reduce the financial burden of postgraduate study and make it easier for you to focus on your education.

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Asking your employer for support

Read our blog story about how pursuing postgraduate study can be a win-win for you and your employer.

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Qualifying for a different postgraduate certificate

If the combination of courses you choose meets the requirements for another postgraduate certificate at this university, we’ll encourage you to take that programme instead of the PGCertPS.

Most of the postgraduate certificates offered in our faculty can act as a stepping stone into a higher qualification, such as a postgraduate diploma or a Master’s degree. If you are thinking about further study in the future, a postgraduate certificate is a great way to get a taste for a programme and decide if it’s right for you.

Other postgraduate certificates offered by the Wellington Faculty of Science include the following:

Microscopic or abstract view of green-blue organism with white dots

PGCert in Drug Discovery and Development

Combine skills in biological sciences and chemistry to target, design, synthesise, create, and assess new drugs.

Explore the PGCertDDD
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PGCert in Marine Conservation

Expand your expertise and learn how to make a positive impact on marine ecosystems in New Zealand and the wider Pacific region.

Explore the PGCertMarCon

Choose a different area of focus

The PGCertPS gives you the flexibility to choose courses from across the University to build a customised qualification. You can choose a main area of focus, or you can keep your qualification broad and pursue your own unique course of study across multiple subject areas.

Apart from Science, you have the option of five other areas of focus:

Research at Victoria University of Wellington.

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