Undergraduate study

We offer three undergraduate science degrees: the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Biomedical Science, and the Bachelor of Psychology.

Biological Sciences

Biological Science is the study of how living organisms work. Learn to apply this knowledge of living things to make life better for humans, and help the environment.

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Biomedical Sciences

From disease prevention and treatment, to the development of new life—study Biomedical Sciences and discover how human bodies operate at the molecular, genetic, and cellular levels.

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Study Chemistry and uncover the world’s chemical building blocks. Design new drugs, discover new ways to harness energy, or create new tech to recover precious resources.

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Explore the potential of communication to shape our world.

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Climate and the Environment

Earth’s natural resources are under increasing pressure. Learn the causes of environmental problems and discover pathways to make our actions more sustainable.

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Data Science

Develop the skills to visualise, summarise, analyse, and interpret data—and make sense of information from all areas of life, from business and health to the natural world.

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Development Studies

Be part of creating a better world. Examine poverty and inequality, and the issues behind development. Explore the strategies devised to address them.

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Earth Sciences

Study the earth—its structure, history and the forces that constantly shape and reshape it.

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Ecology and Marine Biology

Take your passion for the natural world to the next level. Explore topics in ecology, marine biology and conservation biology and learn about the vast diversity of plants, animals and micro-organisms that live on earth.

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Our Earth is shaped by different cultural, social, and physical forces. Study Geography and learn about these different features of our world.

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Mathematics and Statistics

Learn from international research leaders to think creatively and apply mathematics and statistics to solve big problems.

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Study Physics. Explore new forms of energy generation, understand changes to our climate, and open the door to futures in space exploration and quantum computing.

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Study Psychology to understand behaviour—how we think, feel, and act—and how those processes can go wrong. Learn how our biology and our environment interact to make us who we are.

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Space Science

Space is the next frontier in human exploration. Discover what it takes to get into space—from science and technology to the big issues behind space travel.

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Science in Society

Look at the relationships between science, technology and society, and explore the ways we think and talk about science.

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The Wellington Faculty of Science offers the following undergraduate degrees:

We also offer the Graduate Diploma in Science, which might suit you better if you already have a degree (in any subject) and you want to pursue further study in science.