Secondary school science programmes

Our staff and students are passionate about sharing their ideas and knowledge with the next generation of learners.

Science Pathways

Victoria University of Wellington’s ‘Science Pathways’ sessions open students up to the many ways they could pursue their scientific passions into fulfilling and impactful careers. Using real-world examples, our educator will excite and inform students about the applications of what they learn in class and encourage them to join the next generation of scientific minds.

Charge: Free
Length: 50 minutes

From biomedical science to conservation biology, students will see how careers in biology are nearly as diverse as life itself. Students will learn about ground-breaking research into how we treat cancer, new perspectives on how we manage our fisheries, and exciting innovations in conservation.

Most people imagine chemistry as being done in a lab by goggled people wearing white coats. The truth is far more exciting. Students will learn about the rapidly developing field of nanomaterials, find out how university researchers use organic chemistry to create new drugs, and learn how the modern battery is about to change forever.    

Physics describes the fundamental laws of our universe. Physicists use their understanding of those laws to advance discovery and spark innovation. Students will experience a demonstration of the potential of superconducting technology, discover how we use spectroscopy to improve organic solar cells, and discover how spintronics could unlock the potential of quantum computing.

Why people behave the way they do continues to be one of the world’s great mysteries. Understanding how and why we interact the way we do, and how people experience the world in different ways, can help us to be a kinder, more accepting society. Students will learn about how psychology contributes to the way we care for people affected by mental illness, how our justice system is changing, and how we address the potential tensions of an increasingly multicultural society.

Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics and statistics are qualifications in higher and higher demand as our world becomes more connected and more complex. Students will learn about how they can apply their interest in mathematics and statistics to develop models to accurately predict or simulate real-world events, make sense of Big Data, and evaluate risk through actuarial science.

Earth and Space Science
Our planet is being rapidly altered by both natural and human processes. How we respond to those changes requires us to understand what those processes are. Students will learn about how we’re developing models to help us combat climate change, how scientists are innovating new ways to look after our natural environment, and the exciting opportunities being opened up by New Zealand’s burgeoning space industry.

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