2016 News

  • Rachel Boschen photographed during a research voyage

    New Zealand seafloor needs protection from deep-sea mining

    Seafloor communities within New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) need better protection against deep-sea mining, according to a Victoria University of Wellington researcher working with NIWA scientists to investigate the environmental effects of deep-sea mining.

  • Guy McPherson and the end of humanity (not)

    The following commentary by  Professor James Renwick from Victoria University's School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences was originally published Hot Topic blog on December 11. The climate scientist discusses the claims of ecologist Guy McPherson who has been touring New Zealand talking about the imminent extinction of humanity.

  • Emily Warren-Smith stands above the Matukituki River in the Southern Alps

    Alpine Fault theory takes shape

    PhD research from Victoria University of Wellington has added weight to a debate regarding the shape of the South Island’s Alpine Fault.

  • Jenny Douche sits in the Hub on Kelburn campus

    Creating a start-up not always the best approach

    People who want to create new products shouldn’t automatically assume they also need to create a start-up company, says Victoria University of Wellington researcher and Master of Innovation and Commercialisation programme director Jenny Douché.

  • Mathematician receives Humboldt Prize

    Victoria University Professor of Mathematics Rod Downey has received a distinguished Humboldt Research Award for his academic contributions.

  • Uta Waterhouse stands in front of No Smoking sign

    Smoking to self-medicate

    New research from Victoria University of Wellington into high rates of smoking among people with schizophrenia has found that patients may be using it to alleviate symptoms of the disorder.

  • A Kiwi Einstein visits Victoria

    The world-renowned mathematician who found the exact solution of Einstein’s field equation of general relativity, will speak next week as part of the New Zealand Mathematical Society Colloquium held by Victoria University of Wellington.