Summer research assistants programme

Spend your summer vacation working with us! Our summer research assistants experience working in a team environment and solve real world problems.

Our summer research assistant positions are now closed for summer 2021/22.

As a summer research assistant with the Robinson Research Institute you will work alongside some of the top research scientists and engineers in Aotearoa, and contribute to a range of cutting-edge research projects that involve the development of new concepts in materials and manufacturing.

Who can apply

This year we can take up to thirteen summer research assistants, from Victoria University of Wellington and other New Zealand tertiary institutes and universities.

Research assistant positions are open to undergraduate students (usually before their final year) and run from November to February. Generally students are based on site with us at the Gracefield Innovation Quarter.

Project summaries

    Project 1: Characterizing magnetization loops for multifilament MgB2 (Magnesium Diboride) superconducting wires for rotating machine application 
    Supervisor: Zhenan Jiang

    Project 2: Chromatic composites for magnetic field sensing
    Supervisor: Shen Chong

    Project 3: Roebel cable punching machines (two positions available)
    Supervisors: Mike Davies, Rod Badcock, & Nick Long

    Project 4: Optical Spectroscopy of Heusler Alloys
    Supervisors: Bob Buckley, Ben Mallett, & Simon Granville

    Project 5: Accelerated corrosion system
    Supervisor: Joseph Bailey

    Project 6: Parametric solid-modelling and optimisation
    Supervisor: Grant Lumsden

    Project 7: Experimental testing and development of a magnetoplasmadynamic thruster
    Supervisors: Thomas Berry & Stuart Wimbush

    Project 8: Magnetic field mapping of superconducting bearings
    Supervisor: James Storey

    Project 9: Developing a 10,000 A magnet for fusion energy research
    Supervisor: Dominic Moseley

    Project 10: Superconducting Magnetic Energy Studies for Space Applications – system-level analysis
    Supervisors: Jakub Glowacki & Zhenan Jiang

    Project 11: Integrating Cryogenic System Models into Conceptual Aircraft Simulation Environment
    Supervisor: Kent Hamilton

    Project 12: Developing Active Optics Algorithms using Defocussed Images
    Supervisor: Andrew Rakich

How to apply

If you are a highly talented applied science or engineering student, we’d like to hear from you.

Send us your CV and a cover letter detailing your motivation for study, your career aspirations, and why you would like to work with us.

Email all applications to by Monday 27 September 2021.

A comment from a summer research assistant

I really enjoyed my time working in a professional environment. There was a lot of autonomy, but there was always someone around with the expertise I needed.

Read Logan Morgan Ward's story.