The world’s only specialist manufacturer of high temperature superconducting magnets relies on Robinson for future thinking, quality control and technical help.

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Relationship and projects

Paihau—Robinson Research Institute provides ongoing research and development capability to HTS-110.

At a strategic level, Robinson’s expertise helps the company settle on new high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet applications that will be developed in the longer term. This expertise also helps inform future product and market development strategies.

HTS wire, supplied by a range of manufacturers, is the key component of superconducting magnets, and its quality is paramount. HTS-110 make use of the experienced staff and the advanced instrumentation at Robinson to check the raw material meets their quality standards—often more rigorously than the producers themselves.

The two teams also work closely together on practical projects. In a joint project in 2014, they delivered the world’s first pre-clinical MRI instrument made from HTS wire—HTS-110 built the magnet and Robinson created the support systems.

About HTS-110

HTS-110 Ltd is a Robinson Research Institute spin off company. It was formed in 2004 to commercialise the high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet technology developed by the Robinson team (who were then part of the institute’s predecessor, Industrial Research Ltd). The company now employs around 20 staff in Wellington, New Zealand and is a standalone company owned by the CEO Donald Pooke, Matu Fund, and Booster's Tahi Fund.

HTS-110 is the world’s only manufacturer of HTS magnets and components for commercial applications. It exports worldwide to supply markets in metrology (for material characterisation), magnetic resonance instruments and beam line magnets.

Client comment

The Robinson Research Institute is our preferred research provider. Our relationship with them is all encompassing, right from quite strategic long-term thinking to physically working together in a workshop to deliver a product.

I think the input we have from Robinson will continue to be part of our success in the future, because they have a range of skills that are hugely complementary to ours.

Their very long experience in this area and the excellent name that Bob Buckley and his team have, is very useful to us as a credible source of information. Having a group that is continually scanning the boundaries of the technology we are selling is invaluable in shaping our future products and direction as a company.

Tye Husheer from HTS-110.