Public Voices

See three issues of Public Voices, a newsletter produced by the New Zealand Centre for Public Law.

Public Voices

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February 2012 issue

Public Voices Feb 2012

The third issue of Public Voices gave an overview of the Robin Cooke Lecture 2011, 'Constitution as catalyst: different paths within Australasian administrative law'. It discussed developments in several projects: the Urgency Project, the New Zealand Law Foundation Regulatory Reform Project, and the Community Justice Project. It also covered a symposium on the Bill of Rights.

December 2010 issue

Public Voices

Issue 2 of the Public Voices newsletter gave an update on research activities by Mark Bennett, Joel Colón-Ríos, Caroline Sawyer, Alberto Costi, Joanna Mossop, and Petra Butler. The newsletter included an interview with Professor Geoff McLay. It gave an overview of the Urgency Project and the Reconstituting the Constitution conference. And it celebrated 20 years of the Bill of Rights.

May 2010 issue

New Zealand Centre of Public Law Newsletter

The inaugural issue of the Public Voices newsletter introduced people working at the New Zealand Centre for Public Law. It discussed the 'Reconstituting the Constitution' conference and a research project on the use of urgency motions by the House of Representatives. It summarised the Robin Cooke Lecture 2009 and the We the People(s) conference from February 2010. And it surveyed recent publications by people associated with the Centre.