Find out who is the Editor in Chief, who is on the Editorial Committee, and who is on the Advisory Board for the NZ Journal of Public and International Law.


  • Alberto Costi

Editorial Committee

  • Richard Boast
  • Petra Butler
  • Joel Colon-Rios
  • Alberto Costi
  • Claudia Geiringer
  • Meredith Kolsky Lewis
  • Joanna Mossop

Advisory Board

  • Professor Hilary Charlesworth, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Scott Davidson, Newman University
  • Professor Andrew Geddis, University of Otago
  • Professor Christopher Greenwood, Master of Magdalene College Cambridge
  • Professor Philip Joseph, University of Canterbury
  • Emeritus Professor Sir Kenneth Keith, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Professor Jerry Mashaw, Yale Law School
  • Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Palmer, Distinguished Fellow, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Dame Alison Quentin-Baxter, Barrister, Wellington
  • Professor Paul Rishworth, University of Auckland and Crown Law Office, Wellington
  • Professor Jeremy Waldron, New York University
  • Sir Paul Walker, Royal Courts of Justice, London
  • Deputy Chief Judge Caren Fox, Māori Land Court
  • Professor George Williams, University of New South Wales
  • Justice Sir Joe Williams, Supreme Court of New Zealand