COVID-19 and Beyond: legal and constitutional dimensions

This project is a collaboration between law scholars throughout New Zealand. The materials here form a repository of resources available to the law community.

This community library and repository of resources hosts scholarship, analysis and commentary on the legal and constitutional implications (broadly conceived) of the COVID-19 emergency and the New Zealand government’s response, and on policy and law reforms in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally in the post-COVID era.

Project background

From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, legal scholars across New Zealand’s universities have stepped up to perform our responsibilities as public intellectuals and our role of critic and conscience of society. This repository brings that work together in a comprehensive and easily accessible form, to provide greater visibility for that work and to stimulate ongoing analysis and debate about lessons learned and appropriate responses to new challenges and changed circumstances.

The repository is not soliciting original material; rather it is a community library designed to capture on an ongoing basis the important contributions that have been published elsewhere. We hope this resource will be useful to policy-makers, media and researchers in many disciplines, as well as legal academics.

For legal scholars, in particular, we anticipate that ready access to this material in a rapidly moving legal context will stimulate responses to each other’s work and move these discussions forward across a wide range of legal topics and forums.

Project members and supporters

This community library and repository of resources is a collaborative project involving scholars from law faculties and research centres from across New Zealand universities, including:

It is also supported from research centres from those universities:

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