Sound Bites

A virtual symposium, convened by ICON-S Aus-NZ and hosted by the New Zealand Centre for Public Law at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

This symposium – Sound Bites – showcases current public law research projects from scholars and others within the ICON-S Aus-NZ chapter.


To participate in this symposium:

  • Record a short video – 4 minutes max – explaining a current research project.
  • There are no prescribed rules for the style of the video but we would love to hear your voice and see your face, alongside – if helpful – any slides or other presentational aids.
  • Your video should be in .mp4, .wmv, or .mov format.
  • Email with the following:
    • a link to your video, from a readily accessible file sharing site;
    • the title of the project;
    • your name, position and institutional affiliation.
  • Submissions will be moderated by ICON-S Aus-NZ chairs.
  • By submitting the video, you agree to provide ICON-S Aus-NZ and the NZ Centre for Public Law with a licence to host the video for the duration of the symposium and to indemnify them from any liability associated with doing so.