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Comparative public law

The Centre takes a broad approach to comparative public law, engaging with issues beyond comparative constitutional law.

It is not possible now—if it ever was—to understand a system of public law in isolation. Accordingly, the Centre’s research, publications, projects, and events often extend beyond the study of public law in New Zealand.

We examine issues arising in other countries' legal systems. This includes systems that are relatively familiar to New Zealand public lawyers, such as those in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States. But it also includes systems in other countries in the Pacific, as well as in Asia, South America, and continental Europe.

Our approach to comparative public law is as broad as our view of public law. We therefore explore beyond core issues in comparative constitutional law.

The Centre is scheduled to host a future annual meeting of ICON-S, the International Society of Public Law.

Our research, publications, and projects examine many different aspects of comparative public law.

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Recent activity

Global video series

In this collaborative project, legal scholars from 50 countries shared their perspectives on government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Government Law Year in Review

Brexit, Prorogation, and Popcorn: Implication of Miller (No 2) for New Zealand

Presenter: Dr Dean Knight, Victoria University of Wellington

25 February 2020

Find out more about this presentation and download a PDF on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Update from the United Kingdom

Dr Joelle Grogan of Middlesex University gave a video presentation in which she discussed recent developments related to Brexit.

Update from the United States

Prof Mark Graber of the University of Maryland gave a video presentation as part of the  2020 Government Law Year in Review half-day seminar.

Update from Hong Kong

Dr Stuart Hargreaves of the Chinese University of Hong Kong gave a presentation via video as part of the 2020 Government Law Year in Review half-day seminar.

Update from Canada

Prof Carissima Mathen of the University of Ottawa gave a video presentation as part of the 2020 Government Law Year in Review half-day seminar.