Vergil Narokobi

If you can brave the cold, by coming to the University you would have made an excellent choice for your education, whether undergraduate or postgraduate.

Vergil Narokobi
Vergil Narokobi

Vergil is from Papua New Guinea and currently studying for a PhD in Law at Victoria University of Wellington. Here are some of his reflections on his experience at university and in Wellington.

Victoria University of Wellington is one of New Zealand’s best universities and highly regarded worldwide. Graduates from the University continue to make their mark not only in New Zealand but across the Pacific and the world. There are many positive things that can be said about studying at Victoria University of Wellington.

I came to Wellington in 2012 from Papua New Guinea to commence a PhD in Law. The initial attraction was the reputation of New Zealand as a friendly country with a strong economy and a high standard of education. After living here for almost four years now I can say that Wellington has the well justified reputation of being the "coolest little capital in the world." All the main attractions are within reach, the people are friendly and courteous and the place is generally safe. The transport system is reliable. The city is multicultural and celebrates its diversity.

The city is located in a picturesque setting at the southern tip of the North Island of New Zealand. The city is built along the coast and on the mountains overlooking the Harbour. This provides a great environment to study and enjoy the city. Attractions such as the Te Papa Museum and the Botanical Gardens have various interesting exhibitions from time to time to occupy you in your free time. There are also great cinemas that naturally coincide with Wellington's reputation as a world movie-making destination.

The university has excellent teaching facilities, the lecturers are committed and many of them are highly regarded in their respective fields. There is support for students who are interested to attend conferences relevant to their research. I had the opportunity to present papers related to my research and several of my papers have been published in academic journals as a result.

As a Pasifika student, I found that the university takes an active interest in my success. There is an office dedicated to ensuring the retention and success of Pasifika students. The office is headed by renowned New Zealand Pacific leader Associate Professor Honourable Luamanuvao Winnie Laban QSO. Pasifika Haos provides a cultural meeting place for students to engage with each other, and a dedicated library space called 'Wan Solwara' or 'One Ocean' cements the University's commitment to its Pasifika students.

As I look back on my time at university I would say that if you can brave the cold (although the summers can be fantastic), by coming to Victoria University of Wellington you would have made an excellent choice for your education, whether undergraduate or postgraduate.