Tristram Lupo-Samoa

Tristram treats his study the same way that he approaches sports—by training hard and being organised he gets results.

Tristram Lupo-Samoa
Tristram Lupo-Samoa

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

'Oceania is chillin'. It's fresh. It's mature, well tuned and alert!'

In 2012 I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering.

Originally from Porirua, I attended Wellington College and my siblings Ces-Ron and Saffron are pursuing overseas experience and tertiary study also at Victoria University of Wellington.

My parents are really supportive. During my studies I worked part-time for the Police IT help desk as a helpdesk analyst, and it helped me to pay the bills. I also play softball for the Porirua Premier 1 team, and play hockey just for fun. Juggling everything has meant that I’m stressed a lot of the time, but the Āwhina whānau helped me and been there for me since my first year.

What’s my secret? Not being lazy, and never being afraid to do new things – like moving out of home. It’s always good to keep a routine and while studying I tried to come in every day to study from 9am-5pm.

I failed a few papers in my first year and I learnt that it’s up to you to decide personally when to work and when to play. Don’t be afraid to say no to your mates, you can still have a good social life. Starting straight away on assignments, being organized and being prepared are key!

My coach inspires me and sport is a good metaphor for my study. I treated exams like a game, I train hard out because I don’t want to lose. I keep a balance between my physical health and my study and I try to eat well.

My advice to niu students? Be mature! Grow up. Come here to learn. Also, don’t aim for ‘C’s, remember, ‘A’s get you more pay’!!