Sera Lusia Tokakece

Sera combines her Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching, Early Childhood study with a busy life as a mother and is involved in the Pasifika Students' Council.

Sera Lusia Tokakece
Sera Lusia Tokakece

Degree: Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood), Wellington Faculty of Education

‘Oceania is travelling and discovering new oceans. Amidst new seas are the experiences, friendships and lessons that encompass and mould us into our own uniqueness.’

I was born in Fiji and came to New Zealand when I was six (6) years old. My dad is from Gau, Nukuloa, and my mother is from Lakeba, in the Lau islands. I am the oldest of four children and have one beautiful niece, Katarina.

I attended St Anne’s Primary in Newtown before we moved to Tawa. I attended St Mary’s College, spending my final year at Wellington East Girls College.

I was heavily involved in sports during my school years. I played netball for Wellington, and rugby for Wellington and Fiji. I did my big OE straight after that, spending five years in London.

I returned to New Zealand in 2007 to give birth to my princess, Lynda - the joy of my life! The decision to come to University was simple. I knew I had to enrol for mine and Lynda’s future.

I completed my degree in 2013 in Social Policy and Education, and have just completed a Post-graduate Diploma in teaching (Early Childhood) at the Wellington Faculty of Education. My family’s support has been unconditional. I would not have been able to do half the things that I have done, without them.

Lynda is my priority and she is watching what I do, so I am showing her the importance of having a goal to work towards, as well as opening her up to the university world as she finds her own identity. I have also been honoured to be part of the Pasifika Students’ Council, as well as previous President for the Victoria University of Wellington Fiji Students’ Association - Kai Fiji.

My advice to niu students? Three years may seem like a long time, but mapping it out in blocks and taking it a trimester at a time helps you balance workload. It’s good to know when to seek support from people like Jenny Taotua and myself in Te Pūtahi Atawhai team, and my friends on the Pasifika Students’ Council. We all need help at some point in our journey, and all you have to do is ask.