Lana Cleverley

I chose to study engineering because I like using science to find innovative solutions to problems and to make everyday life easier.

Lana Cleverley
Lana Cleverley

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering

Ethnicity: New Zealand, Samoan

Lana chose to study engineering because she likes using science to find innovative solutions to problems and to make everyday life easier. She is in her first year at Victoria University of Wellington.

She has always been fascinated with finding out how things work and enjoys the challenge of ‘thinking outside the box’, something she says is often required when studying electronic and computer systems engineering.

Lana’s parents and teachers have always encouraged her to think laterally, particularly in problem-solving situations. As a high school student, she would look for innovative ways to put her technical skills to good use.

For example, she led ‘East Lightning’, a group that provided sound and lighting support for school productions and events. She was also part of an enterprise group, which developed Ignite, a Quick Response code game that allowed students to compete for house points by finding and scanning codes. Lana says the game increased participation in the school’s inter-house activities and fostered house spirit.

Throughout her studies, Lana has found the support group for Māori and Pasifika students, Te Rōpū Āwhina, hugely valuable. She says Te Rōpū Āwhina’s mentors and support staff have supported her academically, while also providing holistic support to help her settle into university life.

Lana has found further support in her classmates with whom she studies, while also being able to access senior students through her mentoring. Having fellow students to challenge and exchange ideas with, has helped widen Lana’s thinking and the way she solves problems.

Lana’s advice for niu students is to make use of the support services available at the University. “There’s lots of help for students—we just need to use it.”