Eamon Lui-Fakaotimanava

Eamon believes “it is not enough for our Pasifika students to just aim for a pass. We should be aiming much higher – to pass well and to strive for excellence".

Eamon Lui-Fakaotimanava
Eamon Lui-Fakaotimanava

Full Name: Eamon Holona Lui-Fakaotimanava

Degrees: Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Pacific Studies; Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, majoring in Marketing—currently considering Master’s study

Current Role: Analyst, Consulting Services, Deloitte NZ

Place of Birth: Lower Hutt

Ethnicity: Niuean/Pakeha

Place in Family: Eamon is the second of three children to parents Trish and Holona Lui-Fakaotimanava
Eamon Lui-Fakaotimanava

Eamon Lui-Fakaotimanava

Eamon's biggest influence in his life and the driving force behind his education has always been his family, especially his parents Trish and Holona Lui-Fakaotimanava. Eamon’s immediate family are all Victoria University of Wellington alumni, and this educational legacy set him up well in his studies—as well as providing a supportive network of people who know what it takes to succeed.

Eamon is proud of his Niuean heritage which plays a strong part in his identity. Eamon’s father is Niuean, with his heritage coming from the villages of Alofi and Mutalau. Eamon’s mother is of European descent, with Irish and Scottish heritage.

Eamon’s encouragement for Pasifika students thinking of pursuing higher education is to just do it. He says “higher education, in the world we live in today, is a must—it exposes you to the world and opens doors that you never even knew existed. It sounds cliché that higher education is the door to a brighter future—but it is just that—and you’ll never look back!” Eamon also believes that “it is not enough for our Pasifika students to just aim for a pass. We should be aiming much higher – to pass well and to strive for excellence”. Eamon received a Prime Minister’s Athlete Award in 2005 to help him to achieve in both study and sport, and in 2011 he received a Pasifika Award for excellence in academic achievement in his final undergraduate year of study at Victoria University of Wellington.

Throughout his studies, sport played a big role in Eamon’s life. He got the opportunity to be a member of the New Zealand Men's Water Polo Team and play for a Queensland-based team in the Australian National League. Through sport he has learnt the necessary time-management skills needed to succeed—in both tertiary education and in his chosen sport, in which he still represents New Zealand.

Eamon’s favourite course at university was PASI 101, and he acknowledges the impact that Dr Teresia Teaiwa had on his studies and learning.

Eamon is currently working as an Analyst in Consulting at financial services firm Deloitte, after obtaining a position through their 2011 graduate program. Eamon hopes to establish a career in management consulting at Deloitte whilst maintaining an interest in the public sector and education, to help improve the lives of pacific people in New Zealand.