Adam Art Gallery

Teaching and research in the Art History programme are augmented by two of the University's major assets, the Adam Art Gallery and the Victoria Art Collection.

The Adam Art Gallery Te Pātaka Toi is the purpose-built gallery of Victoria University of Wellington. Located in the heart of Victoria’s Kelburn campus, it is a forum for critical thinking about art and its histories as well as the professional structure within which the Victoria University Art Collection is managed.

The Adam Art Gallery has built a considerable reputation for its exhibitions, performances, lectures and talks that explore the full range of media available to artists, which aim to test and expand art form and disciplinary boundaries. The gallery is a remarkable architectural statement that is a vital feature of campus life at Victoria and a major force in the artistic life of the city and beyond.

The gallery is located beside the Student Union Building on the Kelburn Campus, gallery staff can be found in Old Kirk 314 and Old Kirk 315.

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