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Find out why the Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences ranks among the best in the world.

The humanities and social sciences flourish at Victoria University of Wellington for very good reasons. Our staff are nationally and internationally renowned scholars who are imaginative and passionate teachers. Ranked among the top 100 in the world, the University's Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has a vast range of subjects on offer, with expert advisors to guide you to graduation and future careers.

The Faculty's supercharged Bachelor of Arts (BA) challenges you to intentionally explore a broad range of subjects so you can discover your passions and develop a truly broad base of learning. It offers a unique set of work-related learning opportunities—including our WFHSS Internship programme, courses such as ‘The Future of Work’, and extracurricular professional development—that provide direct contact with Wellington employers.

If you are focused on a career in the communications sector, the Bachelor of Communication (BC) offers not only the necessary set of interdisciplinary skills and expertise, but also those all-important connections with Wellington's prominent public-facing institutions.

Our Bachelor of Music (BMus) allows you to cultivate your creativity, offering rigorous training in a range of performance traditions and styles, an inspirational composition and music technology environment, and broad options for the academic study of music, including popular and film music.

Teaching and research in the Faculty are embedded in a diverse and vibrant city—rich in art, heritage, music, and theatre. We benefit from Wellington being the centre of politics, culture, foreign embassies and the public service, and the home of archives, libraries, museums, and thriving digital and film industries. It is a remarkable place to live and learn.

The Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences will help you explore the many facets of the human experience and how we interact as individuals and communities. Whether you know what you want to study or are undecided, we’ll support you to navigate your choices and discover your passions.

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In the latest QS World University Rankings, the Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences maintains its ranking in the top 1 percent in the world.



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