Summer Scholars Projects

The following summer scholarship projects are available for 2023/2024.

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School of English, Film, Theatre, Media and Communication, and Art History

Snapped—Photography, Art and the Environmental Movement in Aotearoa New Zealand

Website Blurb: Between 1970 and 1990 photographers in Aotearoa New Zealand documented and actively engaged in a series of transformative environmental movements. Working under the guidance of Associate Professor Su Ballard, the Summer Scholar will create a database of these photographers, add their contributions to a growing timeline of environmental art practices in Aotearoa New Zealand, and begin a series of critical written texts examining documentary photography in the Save Aramoana campaign (for example the work of Gary Blackman) and the New Zealand Anti-Nuclear campaign (the work of John Miller and Gil Hanley etc.) amongst others. The scholar will also gather examples of the use of environmental photography in exhibition practice (for example, the work of Mark Adams, Fiona Clark, and Natalie Robertson).

Supervisor: Associate Professor Susan Ballard

Project Code: 301

School of Social and Cultural Studies

Challenging remedies—the use of off-label and illegal remedies in cancer treatment

This project will look at the use of off-label medications and the use of remedies that have not been legalised for the treatment of cancer. Off-label prescribing is when an approved medication is prescribed for a condition that is different from the one for which it was approved. In cancer treatment, this can include widely used medications, such as metformin which is used in the treatment of diabetes, to controversial medications such as Ivermectin. A common illegal remedy in cancer treatment is the use of marijuana products sourced from the black market. The project will examine publicly available sources, such as media representations, minutes of official bodies such as Medsafe, and websites from advocates, to acquire a picture of the debates about the use of off-label medications and illegal remedies and the values and assumptions underlying the positions taken. The scholar will be located in Wellington and will work with Kevin Dew, Professor of sociology. The scholar can work either on or off campus. The aim of the project will be to deliver a report on debates over the use of off-label and illegal remedies in cancer treatment that can provide the basis for a journal publication.

Supervisor: Kevin Dew

Scholarship code: 300

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