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What we do

The Computational Media Innovation Centre (CMIC) aims to enhance New Zealand's interactive media ecosystem through user-oriented academic research. We collaborate with industry experts and major international media organisations in areas such as virtual reality/augmented reality, film/video, rendering, animation, special effects, and gaming technologies. We provide an incubation space and prototyping tools to develop further research ideas for transfer to practice via startups or licensing, working closely with Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University of Wellington's commercialisation office, Wellington UniVentures.

We work closely with multiple research groups in the School of Engineering and Computer Science, including Computer Graphics, HCI, and Artificial Intelligence, as well as other university disciplines: the Miramar Creative Centre, the School of Design Innovation, the Wellington School of Architecture, Wellington School of Business and Government , the School of English, Film, Theatre, Media and Communication, and Art History, the School of Psychology, and the Wellington ICT Graduate School.

Wellington is home to the Weta group of companies, including Weta Digital, Weta Workshop, and Park Road Post Production. The largest game company in New Zealand, PikPok, is here. New Zealand has a dynamic AR/VR ecosystem, including Wrestler, MIXT Studios, and 8i here in Wellington.

A walkthrough of the CMIC campus