Research groups

There are two main research groups in the School of Mathematics and Statistics; the Gravity Group and the Bayesian Modelling and Analysis Group.

Gravity Group

The main area of research for the Victoria University of Wellington Gravity Group (The Generic Gravity Group), is the interface between classical gravity and quantum physics.

This very broad topic is one aspect of a search for a theory of 'quantum gravity', or more precisely, a theory that in one limit approximately reproduces ordinary quantum physics and in another limit approximately reproduces classical Einstein gravity (general relativity).

Please visit the Victoria University of Wellington Gravity Group website for more information.

Bayesian modelling and analysis research group

The Bayesian Modelling and Analysis group carries out research in advanced statistical modelling and Bayesian computation.Their work involves developing data-driven statistical methods and applications for healthcare and fisheries modelling. Spatio-temporal modelling is the main focal research area of the group. Projects in other areas of statistical modelling are also undertaken.

Please visit the University BMA RG website for more information..