2020 News

  • A peaceful empty road surrounded by trees

    Quiet time across the world

    You may have noticed New Zealand was significantly quieter during the COVID-19 lockdown. The noise from cars, emergency sirens, and children playing in the school yard faded away, leaving urban areas in particular much less noisy during March and April 2020.

  • An image Dr Chris Bumby by scientific equipment.

    Reducing the environmental cost of steel

    In today’s urbanised world, steel is a ubiquitous material, used in everything from infrastructure like roads and railways, through to buildings, wind turbines and electric vehicles. But making that steel comes with a significant environmental cost.

  • Using groundwater to track earthquake movements

    Understanding how earthquakes affect the ground they travel through could be the key to understanding how buildings and structures aboveground will be impacted by a given earthquake, says Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington Professor of Geophysics Martha Savage.

  • A rat and stoat chew card used during the study.

    Summer success for Wellington predator management

    Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington student Emily Chase spent her summer traipsing across the city, surveying 240 sites to figure out how effective predator management strategies have been in Wellington.

  • The science of history

    According to the oral histories of iwi in the area, D’Urville’s Island’s Lake Moawhitu and Hawke’s Bay’s Lake Whakaki may archive evidence of devastating tsunamis in the past.

  • The flowers and the bees

    Hannah Creary says her Summer Research Scholarship involved “ten amazing weeks working in one of New Zealand’s coolest museums with centuries old herbarium specimens and some pretty neat people”.