Dani Pickering


PhD Candidate in Sociology

Supervisors: Dylan Taylor and Jennifer de Saxe

Reconstructing Kāwanatanga: activating Pākehā support for constitutional transformation

Commissioned by the Iwi Chairs Forum in 2010, the independent working group Matike Mai Aotearoa eventually released a landmark report on its findings in 2016. The culmination of half a decade’s work consulting the whole of Māoridom to begin developing an “inclusive Constitution for Aotearoa” that is underlined by tikanga Māori principles and which builds on He Whakaputanga of 1835, and te Tiriti o Waitangi of 1840.

This PhD seeks to refit the political activation model I refined for my Master’s thesis to better suit the needs of the steadily-growing movement to support Matike Mai Aotearoa’s call for constitutional transformation. In particular, I seek develop action frames that encourage and enable Pākehā participation in the movement. Critically, these action frames need to politically activate Pākehā without re-centring whiteness and coloniality in the process, such that Pākehā institutions like the Crown are compelled to relinquish political power back to tangata whenua in adherence to te Tiriti.

Contact: dani.pickering@vuw.ac.nz