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  • Wellington businesses

    The Corona Crash

    PhD Candidate in Sociology and ESRA (Economic and Social Reserach Aotearoa) researcher Jack Foster considers the financial aspects of the current crisis

  • picture of toilet paper

    A cultural analysis of toilet paper

    While COVID has caused much fear, confusion, and anxiety, it has inspired little bemusement. Except for what it has done to toilet paper.

  • Alison Cole

    Teaching practical skills for human rights investigation

    A group of students was trained to verify digital evidence to aid human rights investigations, as Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington becomes the first regional partner of the Amnesty International Citizen Evidence Lab

  • Harvey

    It’s more than Weinstein

    Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein has been convicted of rape. But the problem is much bigger and more insidious than a few bad men, says Professor Jan Jordan from the School of Social and Cultural Studies.

  • person looking at laptop

    The aggression behind step-porn

    It’s not the step-porn that’s a problem, it’s the aggression behind it. In the wake of the OFLC report Breaking Down Porn, an academic studying the gendered influence of pornography urges people not to panic, but to be aware of when – and why – pornography becomes problematic.