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  • assisted reproduction picture from the newsroom

    Covid-19’s effect on assisted reproduction

    New Zealand's rules for assisted reproduction need to be re-assessed in light of Covid-19 closing down international travel and access to options overseas, writes Rhonda Shaw from the School of Social and Cultural Studies

  • Christchurch Mosque reflections

    Christchurch Shooting Mosque attack sentencing hearing

    Dr. Haezreena Abdul Hamid of the Institute of Criminology was appointed by the Ministry of Justice to act as a Malay consecutive interpreter and to also assist the victims of the massacre during the sentencing hearing at the High Court in Christchurch.

  • picture of pregnancy

    The silence around miscarriage

    We are more comfortable than ever telling stories about intimate experiences in public, so why is miscarriage still such a taboo subject?

  • Sex_worker-rights

    Sex work discrimination unacceptable

    Sex work has frequently been conflated with human trafficking, and corporate entities like banks are under increasing pressure to take action to prevent it. But the reality is much more complicated than that.