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The Sociology programme provides opportunities for the study of social interaction, social theory, social research and social problems.

Sociology looks systematically at the social lives of humans—giving new perspectives on the major issues of our world and the way that humans deal with these.

Sociologists seek to explore how and why society arranges itself as it does, and how human behaviour and social relationships have changed over time. Find out how individuals are shaped by the social groups they belong to—families, peer groups, cultures, nations and societies. Learn to analyse and explain changes in social systems at different levels, from relationships between individuals to larger societal changes like migration.

Our courses

Our 100-level courses provide foundational training in significant theories, methodological issues, key texts and thinkers. Our 200-level and 300-level courses provide opportunities to deepen your knowledge of areas that interest you, for example everyday life, gender, violence, health, sexuality, inequality, resistance, social movements, social theories, welfare, social change and research methods. We offer a minor in Social Policy which your Sociology courses can be credited toward.

For more detailed information have a browse through our Sociology and Social Policy courses on course finder.

After completing your BA you can pursue an honours degree in Sociology or Social Policy, and subsequently Master's and PhD research by thesis.

Staff, students and research

Our staff have active research agendas and are open to receiving enquiries about graduate supervision as well as their undergraduate teaching. Read about some of our graduate student research. We also supervise summer scholars.


The Sociology programme hosts a regular seminar series offering opportunities to hear from leading international scholars and learn about the latest sociological research. Our seminars are posted on our School events page or email us if you would like to be added to our seminar mailing list.