Internet and Wi-Fi

Victoria University of Wellington provides high speed internet and wireless network to support students in their studies.

Connect to the internet by using ‘Victoria’, the Victoria University of Wellington wireless network.

Access the internet on any student computer using one of the available web browsers—Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome—or over the ‘Victoria’ wireless connection on any internet-capable device, such as a phone, laptop, or tablet. This provides you with access to your student email, Blackboard, the library catalogue, the library databases and myTools.

All students at Victoria University of Wellington must not download or view unauthorised copyright material, pornography or objectionable material as set out in the Information Systems Statute.

Wireless access is available throughout all University campuses and some university halls. Wireless access requires an internet-capable device and a current student logon account.

Logging on to Wi-Fi

To access the University wireless network:

  • browse to your device’s Wi-Fi connections
  • select ‘Victoria’
  • open an internet browser
  • enter your student username and password.

You will be automatically logged onto the University’s wireless network for 120 days.