Current students and alumni

We welcome around 20 postgraduate students to study with us in a wide range of chemistry and biochemistry research areas.

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Current students

PhD candidates at the Ferrier Research Institute are listed below, along with their thesis title and supervisors.


Rudy Bundela: Investigating key diversity generating enzymes in indole diterpene biosynthesis

Supervisors: Emily Parker, David Ackerley, Rosannah Cameron

Lani Campbell: Investigating transcriptional regulation to enhance natural product biosynthesis in Penicillium paxillin.

Supervisors: Emily ParkerLuke Stevenson

Ben Clarke: Measuring Stachybotrys mycotoxins in New Zealand’s leaky buildings

Supervisors: Simon Hinkley, Joanne Harvey

Patrick Cunningham: Transition state inhibitors for radical SAM enzymes as ways to treat viral disease.

Supervisors: Lawrence Harris, Joshua Buckler

Sarah Draper: Chemical programming to control self-assembly of peptides

Supervisors: Gavin Painter, Margaret Brimble

Mitch Ganley: Harnessing NKT cells for better therapeutic vaccines

Supervisors: Gavin Painter, David Ackerley

Mahdieh Ghofrani: Quantifying heparan sulfate in biological systems

Supervisors: Simon Hinkley, Susie Carnachan

Taylor Hibbard: Characterisation of tolypocladium album genes required for indole-terpenoid biosynthesis

Supervisors: Emily Parker, Andrew Munkacsi

Lucy Hughes: Drug chaperones for rare diseases

Supervisors: Farah Lamiable-Oulaidi, Scott Cameron

Hsin-Chuan (David) Hsu: Development of proximity induced bioorthogonal conjugation reaction

Supervisors: Regan Anderson, Richard Furneaux, Todd Lowary

Thomas Lang: Towards anti-tuberculosis drugs

Supervisors: Farah Lamiable-Oulaidi, Peter Tyler, Wanting Jiao

Cara Luiten: Determining the polysaccharide composition of New Zealand lake snow

Supervisors: Simon Hinkley, Tracey Bell

Emily Mason: Towards a new class of anti-tuberculosis drugs

Supervisors: Peter Tyler, Farah Lamiable-Oulaidi

Michael Meijlink: An expedited on-resin synthesis of α‑galactosylceramide-peptide conjugate vaccines

Supervisors: Gavin Painter, Benji Compton

Charlotte Page:  Synthesis of biomimetic polymers and their derivatives

Supervisors: Simon Hinkley, Richard Furneaux

Daniel Phipps: Synthesis of heparan sulfate mimetics

Supervisors: Simon Hinkley, Joanne Harvey

Yoan Preux: New bioorthogonal conjugation methodology

Supervisors: Regan Anderson, Gavin Painter

Liam Sargison: Customised heparin for bone void repair

Supervisors: Simon Hinkley, Alison Daines

Sam Spijkers-Shaw: Novel heparanase inhibitors for anti-cancer applications

Supervisors: Phillip Rendle, Olga Zubkova

Arran Stewart: Synthesis of heparan sulfate mimetics and their bioisostere analogues

Supervisors: Olga Zubkova, Benji Compton, John Miller

Daniel Torres: Broad spectrum antivirals

Supervisors: Lawrence Harris, James Wood

Javier Vargas: Characterisation of carbapenem-hydrolysing β-lactamases for KIE-based transition state analysis

Supervisors: Emily Parker, Gerd Mittelstadt


Students who have completed a Master’s or PhD degree at Ferrier are listed below with a link to their LinkedIn profile.

Yu Bai

Taylor Cooney

Preeti Kundu

Roselis Landaeta

Juby Mathew

Parastoo Khajeaian 

Rose McLellan 

Hannah Robinson

Daniel Sheppard

Rinu Shrestha

Elizabeth Ure

Kyle Van De Bittner