Group Photo of the whole Ferrier Research Institue team


We are a team of organic chemists, biochemists, and analysts carrying out fundamental, applied and commercial research together with student supervision.

We tackle a broad range of applied chemistry problems related to issues including our health and wellbeing and the sustainability of our environment. Our scientists have deep experience in synthetic carbohydrate and medicinal chemistry, synthetic and chemical biology, plant natural products and polysaccharide analysis.

We are a close-knit team with a strong family feel—several of us have worked together for nearly to 30 years. Visitors, new staff and students will find a warm welcome with us. We are encouraged to be independent, curious and creative; to share our successes and discuss our chemistry problems. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our research, collaboration and communication. You can find out more about the individual members of our team on our staff pages.

Please note: Intellectual property from our research programmes are available for licence, while IP generated during fee-for-service work remains with the client.