The Ferrier Research Institute is a team of carbohydrate, analytical, and bio-chemistry experts working to bring better drugs, materials and technology to the world.

Our work includes a broad range of applied research projects and commercial work for clients, as well as postgraduate teaching and supervision for Master’s and PhD students.

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Master of Drug Discovery and Development

Learn the processes used to identify drug targets and develop new therapeutics alongside world-leading experts in this one-year taught Master’s.

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  • $1 million for Krabbe disease research

    Dr Farah Lamiable-Oulaidi and her team from Victoria University of Wellington’s Ferrier Research Institute have been awarded $1 million from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Endeavour Fund to research a treatment for Krabbe disease.

  • Simon Granville with some of the equipment he uses

    Meet the researchers: Simon Granville - Spinning up

    Your computer takes time to boot up from cold because the hundreds of billions of transistors it contains are all busy asking the CPU what state they were in when the computer was shut down.