Scholarship winners for 2015

Read the list of winners of scholarships for study in 2015.


Achten, Ryan

  • Ryan Achten, Summer Research Scholarship

Adams, Logan

  • Logan Adams, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Adams, Tessa

  • Tessa Adams, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Adams, Veronica

  • Veronica Adams, Sarah Anne Rhodes Research Scholarship

Adamson, Connor

  • Connor Adamson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Adcock, Anna

  • Anna Adcock, Dominion Post Masters (by thesis) Scholarship

Adcock, Jack

  • Jack Adcock, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Afeaki, Caroline

  • Caroline Afeaki, Summer Research Scholarship

Ahmed, Umar

  • Umar Ahmed, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Ahmed, Zarina

  • Zarina Ahmed, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Aitchison, Celene

  • Celene Aitchison, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ajmal, Aisha

  • Aisha Ajmal, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Al'bot, Anna

  • Anna Al'bot, Victoria Graduate Award

Al'bot, Olga

  • Olga Al'bot, Victoria Graduate Award

Al-Zeer, Mohammad

  • Mohammad Al-Zeer, MacDiarmid InstituteScholarship

Alatua, Lynette

  • Lynette Alatua, Victoria Pasifika Pathway Scholarship

Albiston Murray, Sofia

  • Sofia Albiston Murray, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Aldiss, Callum

  • Callum Aldiss, N N Danilow Prize in Latin

Alexander, Gareth

  • Gareth Alexander, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Alexander-Crawford, Tayla

  • Tayla Alexander-Crawford, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Allan, Angus

  • Angus Allan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Allan, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Allan, Summer Research Scholarship

Allan, Sophie

  • Sophie Allan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Allison, Wendy

  • Wendy Allison, Victoria Graduate Award

Allnatt, Ben

  • Ben Allnatt, NZ Architects' Co-operative Society Prize

Almeida, Agnes

  • Agnes Almeida, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Alshemami, Sundas

  • Sundas Alshemami, Information Systems Audit Control Association, Wellington (ISACA) Prize

Alsop, David

  • David Alsop, European Union Prize

Alsuwailem, Malak

  • Malak Alsuwailem, Foundation Studies Prize

Amai, Klayton

  • Klayton Amai, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Amarasekera, Nethmi

  • Nethmi Amarasekera, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Anderson, Colin

  • Colin Anderson, Alex Scobie Research Prize

Anderson, Ethan

  • Ethan Anderson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Anderson, Hannah

  • Hannah Anderson, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Anderson, Jordan

  • Jordan Anderson, C. Wright Mills Scholarship in Crimonology
  • Jordan Anderson, Summer Research Scholarship

Andreassend, Sarah

  • Sarah Andreassend, Pasifika Award
  • Sarah Andreassend, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Sarah Andreassend, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Sarah Andreassend, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Andrew, Samuel

  • Samuel Andrew, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Andrews, Savali

  • Savali Andrews, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Angelo-Jones, Rhys

  • Rhys Angelo-Jones, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Anning, Molly

  • Molly Anning, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Ansell, Jordan

  • Jordan Ansell, Summer Research Scholarship

Anton Valades, Victor

  • Victor Anton Valades, Victoria Doctoral Fees Scholarship

Archer, Luke

  • Luke Archer, Bernard Randall Prize in Family Law

Argyle, Rose

  • Rose Argyle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Armstrong, Alisdair

  • Alisdair Armstrong, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Armstrong, Gina

  • Gina Armstrong, AgResearch Scholarship

Arnold, Sophie

  • Sophie Arnold, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Arona, Tui

  • Tui Arona, Awhina Scholarship

Aronsen, Dane

  • Dane Aronsen, Claude McCarthy Fellowship

Arthur, Jake

  • Jake Arthur, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Arthur, Katie

  • Katie Arthur, Royal Society of New Zealand Scholarship

Ash, Madeline

  • Madeline Ash, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ashby, Mary

  • Mary Ashby, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Ashton, Toronge

  • Toronge Ashton, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Ashton-Martyn, Madeleine

  • Madeleine Ashton-Martyn, Jim Robb Memorial Prize in Sociology

Atherton, Aisha

  • Aisha Atherton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Atkins, Andrew

  • Andrew Atkins, Pat Walsh Prize

Atkinson, Millicent

  • Millicent Atkinson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Attenburrow, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Attenburrow, Victoria Graduate Award

Austin, Jesse

  • Jesse Austin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ayoubi, Lida

  • Lida Ayoubi, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Ayson, Carolyn

  • Carolyn Ayson, Marion Rayward Memorial Scholarship in Music
  • Carolyn Ayson, McKenzie Music Therapy Scholarship


Bachler, Birgit

  • Birgit Bachler, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Baider, Daniel

  • Daniel Baider, SEF Prize in Second Year Macroeconomics

Bailey, Oliver

  • Oliver Bailey, Lissie Rathbone Award

Bailey, Susan

  • Susan Bailey, Summer Research Scholarship

Bain, Eve

  • Eve Bain, Summer Research Scholarship

Bainbridge, Hana

  • Hana Bainbridge, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Baker, Ben

  • Ben Baker, Awhina Scholarship

Bakshi, Nilesh

  • Nilesh Bakshi, PGSA Travel Grant

Balanski, Yvette

  • Yvette Balanski, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Baldwin, Joel

  • Joel Baldwin, NZSM Director's Scholarship

Ball, Georgia

  • Georgia Ball, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Balmer, Lauren

  • Lauren Balmer, Summer Research Scholarship

Bancod, Jamie

  • Jamie Bancod, Angelo South Pacific Postgraduate Educational Scholarship in Law

Baratin, Laura-May

  • Laura-May Baratin, Marsden Grant Scholarship

Bardsley, Tessa

  • Tessa Bardsley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Barnard-Taui, Benjamin

  • Benjamin Barnard-Taui, Awhina Scholarship

Barnett, Aania

  • Aania Barnett, Victoria Tutahi Scholarship

Barns, Shannen

  • Shannen Barns, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Barr, Rachael

  • Rachael Barr, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Barr, Sophie

  • Sophie Barr, Ian Gordon Prize in Linguistics

Barrett, Jennifer

  • Jennifer Barrett, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Barrett, Jessica

  • Jessica Barrett, H A Murray Prize in Classics

Barrett, Rachel

  • Rachel Barrett, Awhina Scholarship
  • Rachel Barrett, Summer Research Scholarship

Barris, Glen

  • Glen Barris, NZ Institute of Building Award

Barron, Amy

  • Amy Barron, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Barrowman, Jack

  • Jack Barrowman, David Carson-Parker Embassy Prize in Scriptwriting

Barry, Holly

  • Holly Barry, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Barry, Nicholas

  • Nicholas Barry, Financial Markets Authority (FMA) Award
  • Nicholas Barry, Fisher Funds Management Award for Finance

Barth, Nick

  • Nick Barth, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Barton, Laura

  • Laura Barton, Clare Galambos-Winter Undergraduate Scholarship in Violin Performance
  • Laura Barton, Ian McKinnon Prize

Basire, Rachael

  • Rachael Basire, Summer Research Scholarship

Batchelar, Anna

  • Anna Batchelar, Summer Research Scholarship

Bauerdick, Rahel

  • Rahel Bauerdick, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bear, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Bear, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Beattie, Liam

  • Liam Beattie, CPA Australia Prize in Accounting
  • Liam Beattie, Jan Whitwell Prize for Monetary and Macro Economics

Beaumont, Sophie

  • Sophie Beaumont, Marsden Grant Scholarship

Becroft, Anna

  • Anna Becroft, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Beernink, Christopher

  • Christopher Beernink, Niland Prize in Jazz Composition

Belford, Claire

  • Claire Belford, Summer Research Scholarship

Bell Jordan, Hester

  • Hester Bell Jordan, GWW - Ella C Wilson Music Award

Bell, Lauren

  • Lauren Bell, Summer Gold Competition
  • Lauren Bell, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Lauren Bell, Victoria Graduate Award

Bell, Madeleine

  • Madeleine Bell, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Belleil, Daphnee

  • Daphnee Belleil, Howard Wright Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Industrial Design

Bello, Eleonora

  • Eleonora Bello, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Benavidez, Bianca

  • Bianca Benavidez, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Bendall, Jake

  • Jake Bendall, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Benge, Zoe

  • Zoe Benge, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bennett, Lucy

  • Lucy Bennett, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bennett-Reilly, Crispan

  • Crispan Bennett-Reilly, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Benocci, Francesca

  • Francesca Benocci, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Benton-Guy, Olivia

  • Olivia Benton-Guy, Summer Research Scholarship

Berger, Harry

  • Harry Berger, Summer Gold Competition
  • Harry Berger, Summer Research Scholarship

Berry, Adam

  • Adam Berry, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bertaud-Gandar, Rhiannon

  • Rhiannon Bertaud-Gandar, Victoria Graduate Award

Bertenshaw, Zoe

  • Zoe Bertenshaw, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Best, Johanna

  • Johanna Best, Awhina Scholarship

Betkier, Marcin

  • Marcin Betkier, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Betts, Hannah

  • Hannah Betts, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship

Bhatt, Swati

  • Swati Bhatt, Victoria Doctoral Fees Scholarship

Bidwell, Simon

  • Simon Bidwell, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Bierema, Sebastiaan

  • Sebastiaan Bierema, Summer Research Scholarship

Bigwood, Sam

  • Sam Bigwood, Summer Research Scholarship

Bilbrough, Timothy

  • Timothy Bilbrough, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia
  • Timothy Bilbrough, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship

Billings, Charissa

  • Charissa Billings, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bird, Callan

  • Callan Bird, Summer Research Scholarship

Bird, Jessica

  • Jessica Bird, School of Chemical & Physical Sciences Scholarship

Bishop, Jennifer

  • Jennifer Bishop, Summer Research Scholarship

Biswalo, Upendo

  • Upendo Biswalo, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Blackwell, James

  • James Blackwell, Victoria Rugby Scholarship

Blair, Darsha

  • Darsha Blair, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Blair, Dayna

  • Dayna Blair, Victoria Achiever Scholarship
  • Dayna Blair, Victoria Maori Pathway Scholarship

Blake-Kelly, Stella

  • Stella Blake-Kelly, Summer Research Scholarship

Blaker, Shelley

  • Shelley Blaker, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Blencowe, Aly

  • Aly Blencowe, Summer Research Scholarship

Blenkarne, Eliot

  • Eliot Blenkarne, Summer Research Scholarship

Bliem Marull, Sophia

  • Sophia Bliem Marull, Te Aro Excellence Scholarship

Blood, Melanie

  • Melanie Blood, Information Systems Audit Control Association, Wellington (ISACA) Prize

Bloor-Wilson, Georgia

  • Georgia Bloor-Wilson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Blundell, Amelia

  • Amelia Blundell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Blyde, Claudia

  • Claudia Blyde, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Bocock, Natalie

  • Natalie Bocock, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Boddy, Emma

  • Emma Boddy, Summer Research Scholarship

Bollinger, Elsie

  • Elsie Bollinger, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bonelli, Diego

  • Diego Bonelli, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Boonaree, Tara

  • Tara Boonaree, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Borren, Timothy

  • Timothy Borren, Makower McBeath & Co Ltd Staff Prize ECON 130

Borthwick, Luke

  • Luke Borthwick, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Boschetti, Simona

  • Simona Boschetti, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Botha, Daniel

  • Daniel Botha, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bothra, Shivani

  • Shivani Bothra, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Bottcher, Jessie

  • Jessie Bottcher, Summer Research Scholarship

Boulton, Alexander

  • Alexander Boulton, NZSM Director's Scholarship
  • Alexander Boulton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bowen, James

  • James Bowen, Victoria Rugby Scholarship

Bower, Rick

  • Rick Bower, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Bowler, Patrick

  • Patrick Bowler, Osborne Prize in Art History

Bowring, Chanel

  • Chanel Bowring, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Boyle, Otis

  • Otis Boyle, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Otis Boyle, Victoria Graduate Award

Braasch, Elzine

  • Elzine Braasch, NZIOB inc. Helen Tippett Memorial Scholarship
  • Elzine Braasch, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Elzine Braasch, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Bracegirdle, Joe

  • Joe Bracegirdle, Summer Research Scholarship

Brackovic, Amira

  • Amira Brackovic, Kathleen Stewart Scholarship Fund

Bradshaw, Holly

  • Holly Bradshaw, VicLink Award for the Project with the Most Commercial Potential

Brady, Emma

  • Emma Brady, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Brake, Joshua

  • Joshua Brake, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Bramley, Fergus

  • Fergus Bramley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brandt, Kasper

  • Kasper Brandt, NZ Seafood Scholarship - Masters

Brassington-Crow, Tali

  • Tali Brassington-Crow, Chinese Language and Literature Prize

Bravo, Alicia

  • Alicia Bravo, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Brebner, Scott

  • Scott Brebner, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design
  • Scott Brebner, VicLink Award for the Project with the Most Commercial Potential
  • Scott Brebner, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Brennan, Jesse

  • Jesse Brennan, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Brennan, Sean

  • Sean Brennan, Archibald Francis McCallum Scholarship in Law
  • Sean Brennan, Val Gormly Memorial Prize

Brenton-Rule, Evan

  • Evan Brenton-Rule, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Brett, Matthew

  • Matthew Brett, Victoria Excellence Scholarship
  • Matthew Brett, Ballinger - Rongotai Scholarship

Brewer, Lewis

  • Lewis Brewer, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Brian, Joshua

  • Joshua Brian, Ministry of Fisheries UG Scholarship in Quantitative Marine Biology
  • Joshua Brian, Summer Research Scholarship

Bridger, Charlotte

  • Charlotte Bridger, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bridges, Abigail

  • Abigail Bridges, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brightley, Hannah

  • Hannah Brightley, Victoria Graduate Award

Briscoe, William

  • William Briscoe, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Brocklesby, Maddy

  • Maddy Brocklesby, Izard Scholarship
  • Maddy Brocklesby, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Brooke, Mia

  • Mia Brooke, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brooke, Tobias

  • Tobias Brooke, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brown, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Brown, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Brown, Izabelle

  • Izabelle Brown, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brown, Laura

  • Laura Brown, NZSM Director's Scholarship
  • Laura Brown, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Brown, Peter

  • Peter Brown, Madle Prize

Brown, Sarah

  • Sarah Brown, Summer Research Scholarship

Brown, Sophie

  • Sophie Brown, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Brown, Zoe

  • Zoe Brown, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Browning, Leo

  • Leo Browning, MacDiarmid Institute Scholarship

Brox, Bridget

  • Bridget Brox, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Brumby, Anni

  • Anni Brumby, Summer Research Scholarship

Brunskill, Helen

  • Helen Brunskill, Summer Research Scholarship

Budge, Robbie

  • Robbie Budge, VUW Scottish Interest Group Prize

Bui, Giang

  • Giang Bui, Victoria International Excellence Scholarship

Buick, Kaitlin

  • Kaitlin Buick, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Bullivant, Joshua

  • Joshua Bullivant, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Burian, Kate

  • Kate Burian, School of Linguistic and Applied Language Studies Honours Scholarship

Burnell, Ryan

  • Ryan Burnell, Summer Research Scholarship

Burrell, Timothy

  • Timothy Burrell, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Burton-Wood, Cassandra

  • Cassandra Burton-Wood, Summer Research Scholarship

Busby, Bede

  • Bede Busby, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Butler, Callum

  • Callum Butler, Infometrics Award for Economics

Butler, Patrick

  • Patrick Butler, Summer Research Scholarship

Butler-Yeoman, Tony

  • Tony Butler-Yeoman, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Tony Butler-Yeoman, Victoria Graduate Award

Buxton, Belinda

  • Belinda Buxton, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship


Cairns, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Cairns, Indonesian Embassy Gamelan Prize - Balinese (Advanced)

Caldwell, Andrew

  • Andrew Caldwell, Warren Trust Scholarship

Callaghan, Gabriel

  • Gabriel Callaghan, Sir Roy McKenzie Deaf Scholarship

Callaghan, William

  • William Callaghan, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Cameron, Alanna

  • Alanna Cameron, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Cameron, Archibald

  • Archibald Cameron, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Cameron, Hamish

  • Hamish Cameron, Summer Research Scholarship

Cammell, Ashlee

  • Ashlee Cammell, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Campbell, Bryony

  • Bryony Campbell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Campbell, Emma

  • Emma Campbell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Campbell, Heather

  • Heather Campbell, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Heather Campbell, Summer Gold Competition

Campbell, Michelle

  • Michelle Campbell, Victoria Graduate Award

Campbell, Robert

  • Robert Campbell, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Campbell-Hunt, Katherine

  • Katherine Campbell-Hunt, Summer Research Scholarship

Candy, Ciaran

  • Ciaran Candy, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Canion Brewer, Kyley

  • Kyley Canion Brewer, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cannell, Olivia

  • Olivia Cannell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Capova, Lucie

  • Lucie Capova, Earthquake Commission Fees Scholarship
  • Lucie Capova, Earthquake Commission Scholarship

Carline, Olivia

  • Olivia Carline, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Carr, Jonathan

  • Jonathan Carr, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Carr, Louella

  • Louella Carr, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Carrington, Tory

  • Tory Carrington, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Carter, Anna

  • Anna Carter, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Carver, Jackson

  • Jackson Carver, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cassidy, Farrar

  • Farrar Cassidy, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Cathie, Gabrielle

  • Gabrielle Cathie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cawdron, Melissa

  • Melissa Cawdron, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Chaji, Daniel

  • Daniel Chaji, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Challies, Zach

  • Zach Challies, Henry Hughes Award for Innovation and Excellence in Design
  • Zach Challies, MDI Completion Grant

Challis, Ryan

  • Ryan Challis, Wellington Airport Award for Tourism Management

Chalmers, Lauren

  • Lauren Chalmers, Summer Gold Competition
  • Lauren Chalmers, Summer Research Scholarship

Chamberlain, Bryda

  • Bryda Chamberlain, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Chambers, Dylan

  • Dylan Chambers, European Union Prize

Chambers, Frances

  • Frances Chambers, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Chambord, Amandine

  • Amandine Chambord, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Chan, Emily

  • Emily Chan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Chan, Valentine

  • Valentine Chan, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Valentine Chan, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Chan, Xuan Hao

  • Xuan Hao Chan, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Chandler, Jodie

  • Jodie Chandler, Victoria Graduate Award

Chapman, Angus

  • Angus Chapman, J T Campbell Prize for Statistics
  • Angus Chapman, Summer Gold Competition
  • Angus Chapman, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Angus Chapman, Victoria Graduate Award

Che Zaudin, Nurul

  • Nurul Che Zaudin, Grow Wellington Scholarship

Cheah, Chun

  • Chun Cheah, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Cheetham, Ferne

  • Ferne Cheetham, A J Park Prize in Intellectual Property

Chen, Joanne

  • Joanne Chen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Chen, Shuhua

  • Shuhua Chen, Chartered Accounts Australia and New Zealand Prize for Introduction to Accounting Information Systems (ACCY 225)
  • Shuhua Chen, Chartered Accounts Australia and New Zealand Prize in Law of Organisations (COML 204)

Chen, Xiaolian

  • Xiaolian Chen, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Chiang, Esta

  • Esta Chiang, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design
  • Esta Chiang, Summer Research Scholarship

Chin, Eloise

  • Eloise Chin, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Chin, Janice

  • Janice Chin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Chisholm, George

  • George Chisholm, Summer Research Scholarship

Christensen, Kasper

  • Kasper Christensen, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Christensen, Naomi

  • Naomi Christensen, Music Services Brass Player of the Year Award

Christie, Max Goldwater

  • Max Goldwater Christie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Christie-Limbrick, Oliver

  • Oliver Christie-Limbrick, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Christoforou, Efthimia

  • Efthimia Christoforou, Victoria Graduate Award

Chua, Jiawen

  • Jiawen Chua, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Chugh, Richa

  • Richa Chugh, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Church, Summer

  • Summer Church, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Churchward, Marianna

  • Marianna Churchward, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Clark, James

  • James Clark, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Clark, Lisabertha

  • Lisabertha Clark, Victoria Graduate Award

Clarke, Anna

  • Anna Clarke, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Clarke, Benjamin

  • Benjamin Clarke, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Clarke, Emily

  • Emily Clarke, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Clay, Gareth

  • Gareth Clay, Summer Research Scholarship

Clayton, Ameera

  • Ameera Clayton, Electoral Commission Suffrage Scholarship

Clem, Kyle

  • Kyle Clem, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Clendon, Grace

  • Grace Clendon, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship

Cliff, Fiona

  • Fiona Cliff, Victoria Graduate Award

Clifton, Jessica

  • Jessica Clifton, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Clode, Jaime

  • Jaime Clode, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cloke, Joshua

  • Joshua Cloke, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Clothier, Stephen

  • Stephen Clothier, Summer Research Scholarship

Coad, Samuel

  • Samuel Coad, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cochrane, Terri

  • Terri Cochrane, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Coker, Sharna

  • Sharna Coker, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Colenso, Hamish

  • Hamish Colenso, Summer Research Scholarship

Coles, Alex

  • Alex Coles, Awhina Scholarship
  • Alex Coles, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Coles, Kate

  • Kate Coles, Awhina Scholarship

Collins, Isabelle Rose

  • Isabelle Rose Collins, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Collins, Lucy

  • Lucy Collins, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Collins, Mark

  • Mark Collins, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Colson, Charlotte

  • Charlotte Colson, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Comber, Hilary

  • Hilary Comber, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Commerer, Jared

  • Jared Commerer, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Jared Commerer, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Conelly, Tyler

  • Tyler Conelly, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Conroy, Phina

  • Phina Conroy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cook, Asher

  • Asher Cook, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship
  • Asher Cook, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Asher Cook, Summer Gold Competition

Cook, Janine

  • Janine Cook, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Cooke, Alice

  • Alice Cooke, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Coomber, Meghan

  • Meghan Coomber, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cooper, Jessica

  • Jessica Cooper, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Cooper, Madeline

  • Madeline Cooper, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Madeline Cooper, Te Papa MSc Scholarship in Plant Molecular Systematics

Corkill, Ruth

  • Ruth Corkill, Marsden Grant Scholarship

Corlett, Renee

  • Renee Corlett, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Cormack, Jordan

  • Jordan Cormack, Summer Research Scholarship

Cornwall, Andrew

  • Andrew Cornwall, Victoria Graduate Award

Corrigan, Darcy

  • Darcy Corrigan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Corrigan, Rose

  • Rose Corrigan, Summer Research Scholarship

Corrin, Paige

  • Paige Corrin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cosgrove, Lachlan

  • Lachlan Cosgrove, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Costello Ladanyi, Catherine

  • Catherine Costello Ladanyi, Von Zedlitz Prize

Costley-Deakin, Millie

  • Millie Costley-Deakin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Couper, Shannon

  • Shannon Couper, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Courtney, Grace

  • Grace Courtney, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Covello, Sahra

  • Sahra Covello, Victoria Graduate Award

Cowley, Judith

  • Judith Cowley, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Cox, Bart

  • Bart Cox, Summer Research Scholarship

Cox, Danelle

  • Danelle Cox, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Coxhead, Vanessa

  • Vanessa Coxhead, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Vanessa Coxhead, Victoria Graduate Award

Crane, Ellen

  • Ellen Crane, Summer Research Scholarship

Crawley, Samuel

  • Samuel Crawley, Victoria Graduate Award

Crichton, Kate

  • Kate Crichton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Crimp, Stacey

  • Stacey Crimp, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Critchlow, Will

  • Will Critchlow, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Crockett, Alexis

  • Alexis Crockett, Graduate Women Wellington Conjoint Teaching Award

Croft, Lucy

  • Lucy Croft, Sir Roy McKenzie Deaf Scholarship

Cronshaw Hunt, Emma

  • Emma Cronshaw Hunt, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Crooks, Daniel

  • Daniel Crooks, NZHPT and Prendos Award
  • Daniel Crooks, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award
  • Daniel Crooks, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Croskery, Emma

  • Emma Croskery, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Croskery-Hewitt, Sarah

  • Sarah Croskery-Hewitt, Coleman-Brown Memorial Award

Crossman, Kayla

  • Kayla Crossman, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cullen, Hannah

  • Hannah Cullen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Cummins, Struan

  • Struan Cummins, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Curran, Emma

  • Emma Curran, Victoria Graduate Award

Cutler, Amy

  • Amy Cutler, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship


Dalabakis, Elyse

  • Elyse Dalabakis, Barbara Finlayson Scholarship

Dalgety, Pippa

  • Pippa Dalgety, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dalgliesh Waugh, Ciahn

  • Ciahn Dalgliesh Waugh, Summer Research Scholarship

Dalley, Emily

  • Emily Dalley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Damodaran, Dayanitha

  • Dayanitha Damodaran, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dang, Vu

  • Vu Dang, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Dashfield, Elle

  • Elle Dashfield, Summer Research Scholarship

Daugherty-Kelly, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Daugherty-Kelly, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Davenport, Bronte

  • Bronte Davenport, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

David, Jasmine

  • Jasmine David, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Davidson, Guy

  • Guy Davidson, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Davies, Isla

  • Isla Davies, Howard Wright Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Industrial Design

Davies, Lucas

  • Lucas Davies, VUW Essay Prize in Classics

Davies, Sarah-Marie

  • Sarah-Marie Davies, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Davies, Siobhan

  • Siobhan Davies, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Davis, Lauren

  • Lauren Davis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Davis, Mark

  • Mark Davis, Cullen Employment Law Prize

Davis, Melanie

  • Melanie Davis, Girls Friendly Society Scholarship

Davy, Lucy

  • Lucy Davy, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Dawson, Jonathan

  • Jonathan Dawson, Weir House Alumni Scholarship

Dawson, Shelley

  • Shelley Dawson, English Speaking Union Award

Dean, Chris

  • Chris Dean, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Deeble, Ben

  • Ben Deeble, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Demers, Karine

  • Karine Demers, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Dempsey, Sandi

  • Sandi Dempsey, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Deng, Calvina

  • Calvina Deng, Tsubota Pearl Prize

Dennis, Liam

  • Liam Dennis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dennis-McCarthy, Nopera

  • Nopera Dennis-McCarthy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Denton, Nicholas

  • Nicholas Denton, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship
  • Nicholas Denton, Summer Research Scholarship

Deverick, Zoe

  • Zoe Deverick, Victoria Graduate Award

Devlin, Oliver

  • Oliver Devlin, John Young Award for Live Electroacoustic Composition

Dewhirst, Winston

  • Winston Dewhirst, NZILA/Dr Diane Menzies Award

Dillaman, Douglas

  • Douglas Dillaman, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Dillon, Finn

  • Finn Dillon, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dillon, Sarah

  • Sarah Dillon, Summer Research Scholarship

Dixon, Claire

  • Claire Dixon, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Dixon, Joe

  • Joe Dixon, VicLink Award for the Project with the Most Commercial Potential

Djorovic, Aleksa

  • Aleksa Djorovic, Alexander Crawford Scholarship
  • Aleksa Djorovic, NZ Institue of Chemistry Prize
  • Aleksa Djorovic, Ralph Preston-Thomas Scholarship
  • Aleksa Djorovic, School of Chemical & Physical Science Scholarship

Dobbie, David

  • David Dobbie, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Dobinson, Tom

  • Tom Dobinson, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Dockerty, Hannah

  • Hannah Dockerty, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dohig, Rose

  • Rose Dohig, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Donaldson, Ashley

  • Ashley Donaldson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Donaldson, Michael

  • Michael Donaldson, New Zealand Indonesia Association Gamelan Prize Javanese (Introductory)

Doonan, William

  • William Doonan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dowling, Sam

  • Sam Dowling, Henry Hughes - Media Design

Downie, Glen

  • Glen Downie, NZSM Composers Competition

Doyle, Teagan

  • Teagan Doyle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Draper, Eilish

  • Eilish Draper, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Drayton, Cassandra

  • Cassandra Drayton, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Dresel, Michaela

  • Michaela Dresel, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Droste, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Droste, MacDiarmid Institute Scholarship

Drury, Brendon

  • Brendon Drury, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Du, Annie

  • Annie Du, New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust Scholarship

Duckworth, Jesse

  • Jesse Duckworth, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Duckworth, Luca

  • Luca Duckworth, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Duda, Charlotte

  • Charlotte Duda, Summer Research Scholarship

Duff, Ethan

  • Ethan Duff, David Sievwright Memorial Scholarship in Building Science
  • Ethan Duff, NZ Institute of Building Award
  • Ethan Duff, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Ethan Duff, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Duffy, Annalisa

  • Annalisa Duffy, Awhina Scholarship

Duggan, David

  • David Duggan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Duncan, Alison

  • Alison Duncan, Summer Research Scholarship

Duncan, Dawn

  • Dawn Duncan, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Duncan, William

  • William Duncan, Victoria Graduate Award

Dundon-Smith, Jamie

  • Jamie Dundon-Smith, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Dunn, Elliot

  • Elliot Dunn, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Durcan, James

  • James Durcan, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award
  • James Durcan, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Dykman, Alexis

  • Alexis Dykman, Summer Research Scholarship

de Almeida e Silva, Claudia

  • Claudia de Almeida e Silva, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

de Alwis, Jayasundara Mudalige

  • Jayasundara Mudalige de Alwis, Chair in Economics of Disasters (Fees) Scholarship

de Malmanche, Brett

  • Brett de Malmanche, Sir Desmond Todd Memorial Prize (MA)

de Reeper, Caitlin Mary

  • Caitlin Mary de Reeper, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


Eagar, Ella

  • Ella Eagar, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Eagle, Hunter

  • Hunter Eagle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Eaglesome, Lucy

  • Lucy Eaglesome, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Eakins, Galen

  • Galen Eakins, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Eastment, Sebastian

  • Sebastian Eastment, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Easton, Stuart

  • Stuart Easton, Ravensdown Coorperative Ltd Masters Scholarship

Eathorne, Michelle

  • Michelle Eathorne, Summer Research Scholarship

Eaves, Shaun

  • Shaun Eaves, Antarctic Research Centre Scholarship
  • Shaun Eaves, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Eddowes, Will

  • Will Eddowes, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Edmonds, David

  • David Edmonds, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Edwards, Francesca

  • Francesca Edwards, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Edwards, Hatali

  • Hatali Edwards, Victoria Pasifika Pathway Scholarship

Edwards, Peter

  • Peter Edwards, Awhina Scholarship

Edwards, Samatha

  • Samatha Edwards, Dr W E Collins Prize in English
  • Samatha Edwards, Chris Pottinger Memorial Prize

Elder, Jessica

  • Jessica Elder, Beryl Hughes Prize in Women's Studies
  • Jessica Elder, Clare Galambos-Winter Prize in Holocaust Studies
  • Jessica Elder, Victoria Graduate Award

Elkington, J'Adoube

  • J'Adoube Elkington, Victoria University Strategic Scholarship

Elliott, Joanna

  • Joanna Elliott, Summer Research Scholarship

Elliott-Jones, Arthur

  • Arthur Elliott-Jones, Summer Research Scholarship

Ellis, James

  • James Ellis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ellis, Veronica

  • Veronica Ellis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Enright, Mandy

  • Mandy Enright, Summer Research Scholarship

Estall, Toby

  • Toby Estall, Summer Research Scholarship

Evans, Patrick

  • Patrick Evans, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Evans, William

  • William Evans, Ross Harris Award for Live Electronic Music

Evanzia, Dominic

  • Dominic Evanzia, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Evenstar, Ruby Rose

  • Ruby Rose Evenstar, E M Kingston Prize in Spanish

Everitt, Matthew

  • Matthew Everitt, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Matthew Everitt, Summer Gold Competition

Ewald, Amy

  • Amy Ewald, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Exconde, Vince

  • Vince Exconde, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


Faamalepe, Jake

  • Jake Faamalepe, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Faasalele Jansen, Le-Aliinuu

  • Le-Aliinuu Faasalele Jansen, Awhina Scholarship

Fabricius, Tianessa

  • Tianessa Fabricius, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Fadakar Masouleh, Farzaneh

  • Farzaneh Fadakar Masouleh, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Fahey, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Fahey, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fairley, Alice

  • Alice Fairley, N N Danilow Prize in Latin
  • Alice Fairley, Victoria Graduate Award

Falah Poorsichani, Mahroo

  • Mahroo Falah Poorsichani, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Faletutulu, Grace

  • Grace Faletutulu, Summer Research Scholarship

Farquhar, Harriet

  • Harriet Farquhar, Robert Orr McGechan Memorial Prize

Faulkner, Ariana

  • Ariana Faulkner, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fawzi, Saif

  • Saif Fawzi, Summer Research Scholarship

Fea, Iona Nyree

  • Iona Nyree Fea, CBRE Holdsworth Scholarship

Felden, Antoine

  • Antoine Felden, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Fellowes, Georgia

  • Georgia Fellowes, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fenaughty, Annick

  • Annick Fenaughty, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fernandes, Taurean

  • Taurean Fernandes, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fernandez, Sean

  • Sean Fernandez, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Ferrario, Chiara

  • Chiara Ferrario, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Ferrer Roca, Natalia

  • Natalia Ferrer Roca, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Fesherman, Sivan

  • Sivan Fesherman, Vickerman Engineering Award

Figueras, Luis

  • Luis Figueras, MacDiarmid Institute Scholarship

Finch, Gerard

  • Gerard Finch, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Findlater, Sam

  • Sam Findlater, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Findlay, Connor

  • Connor Findlay, Awhina Scholarship

Findlay, Katherine

  • Katherine Findlay, Wellington Airport Award for Tourism Management
  • Katherine Findlay, Summer Research Scholarship

Finkle, Jade

  • Jade Finkle, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Finny, Guy

  • Guy Finny, Quentin Baxter Prize in Public and International Law

Finny, Julia

  • Julia Finny, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Fisher, Molly

  • Molly Fisher, Summer Research Scholarship

Fisher, Salina

  • Salina Fisher, NZSM Composers Competition

Fisk, Matthew

  • Matthew Fisk, Summer Research Scholarship

Fitzgerald, Oscar

  • Oscar Fitzgerald, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Flaws, Dara

  • Dara Flaws, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fleming, Hannah

  • Hannah Fleming, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fletcher, Scott

  • Scott Fletcher, A H Johnstone Scholarship in Law
  • Scott Fletcher, Summer Research Scholarship

Fletcher-Van Vugt, Sarah

  • Sarah Fletcher-Van Vugt, Jane Ferguson Scholarship

Florence, Sophie

  • Sophie Florence, Summer Research Scholarship

Flores, Danielle

  • Danielle Flores, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Focht, Becky

  • Becky Focht, Marsden Grant Scholarship

Fontana, Michele

  • Michele Fontana, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Fookes, Harrison

  • Harrison Fookes, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Ford, Andrew

  • Andrew Ford, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ford, Katherine

  • Katherine Ford, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ford, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Ford, Summer Research Scholarship

Forde, Xavier

  • Xavier Forde, Sir Desmond Todd Memorial Prize (PhD)

Fordyce, Robert

  • Robert Fordyce, Summer Research Scholarship

Forlong, Jay

  • Jay Forlong, Maurice Gee Prize in Children's Writing

Forman, Olivia

  • Olivia Forman, VBS/Treasury School's Challenge
  • Olivia Forman, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Forrest, Bryn

  • Bryn Forrest, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Foster, Amy

  • Amy Foster, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship
  • Amy Foster, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Amy Foster, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences Scholarship

Foster, Georgia

  • Georgia Foster, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Foster, Kerry

  • Kerry Foster, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Fotheringham, Chris

  • Chris Fotheringham, SEF Prize in Second Year Macroeconomics

Fountain, Cameron

  • Cameron Fountain, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fox, Natasha

  • Natasha Fox, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Fox, Ririwai

  • Ririwai Fox, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Franco, Gregg

  • Gregg Franco, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Frans, Tiffany

  • Tiffany Frans, Information Systems Audit Control Association, Wellington (ISACA) Prize

Fraser, Anna

  • Anna Fraser, Summer Research Scholarship

Fraser, Handayani Putri

  • Handayani Putri Fraser, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Handayani Putri Fraser, Todd Foundation Award for Excellence

Fraser, Huon

  • Huon Fraser, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Fraser, Mitchell

  • Mitchell Fraser, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Freddie, Anthony

  • Anthony Freddie, Awhina Scholarship

Freeborn, Katie Rose

  • Katie Rose Freeborn, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

French, Kaliana

  • Kaliana French, Summer Research Scholarship

Fridman, Dana

  • Dana Fridman, Summer Research Scholarship

Frost, Anjela

  • Anjela Frost, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Fuller, Holly

  • Holly Fuller, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Fuller, Katelynn

  • Katelynn Fuller, Summer Research Scholarship

Fussey, William

  • William Fussey, Masters Scholarship for LLM Thesis (Law of Privacy)


Gabay, Yasmin

  • Yasmin Gabay, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Gaby, Matilda

  • Matilda Gaby, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Gaffney-Henderson, Nicholas

  • Nicholas Gaffney-Henderson, Summer Research Scholarship

Gage, Keely Jessica

  • Keely Jessica Gage, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Galbraith, Libby

  • Libby Galbraith, Summer Research Scholarship

Gallagher, Jack

  • Jack Gallagher, KiwiRail Group Undergraduate Scholarship

Gallagher, Madeleine

  • Madeleine Gallagher, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gamble, Craig

  • Craig Gamble, Adam Foundation Prize in Creative Writing

Gamboa Salazar, Damiel

  • Damiel Gamboa Salazar, Foundation Studies Prize

Gan, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Gan, KPMG Award for Accounting and Taxation

Gandhi, Avanash Hitendra

  • Avanash Hitendra Gandhi, Summer Research Scholarship

Garcia, Alex

  • Alex Garcia, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Garland Duignan, Alanna

  • Alanna Garland Duignan, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Garland Duignan, Shannon

  • Shannon Garland Duignan, Hunter Memorial Prize

Gatara, Zak

  • Zak Gatara, Henry Hughes - Media Design

Gatting, Ben

  • Ben Gatting, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gattuso, Jay

  • Jay Gattuso, VUW Continuing Education Scholarship

Gault, Alexandra

  • Alexandra Gault, Alumni Appeal Scholarship
  • Alexandra Gault, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship

Gaynor, Thomas

  • Thomas Gaynor, Kiwi Music Scholarship

Gerard, Patrick

  • Patrick Gerard, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gerbes, Hannah

  • Hannah Gerbes, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Geyrhofer, Sophie

  • Sophie Geyrhofer, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Ghahraee, Mehrdad

  • Mehrdad Ghahraee, Grow Wellington Award

Ghizzi-Hall, Gracielli

  • Gracielli Ghizzi-Hall, Emily Lilias Johnston Scholarship

Gibson-Harris, George

  • George Gibson-Harris, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gijsbers, Lucy

  • Lucy Gijsbers, Pat Walsh Prize

Gilbertson, Liam

  • Liam Gilbertson, Summer Research Scholarship

Gilchrist, James

  • James Gilchrist, JFK Prize in American Government and Politics

Gildea, Na

  • Na Gildea, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Gillan, Evie

  • Evie Gillan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gillan, Holly

  • Holly Gillan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gilmour, James

  • James Gilmour, Summer Research Scholarship

Ginders, Kasia

  • Kasia Ginders, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Gleeson, Simon

  • Simon Gleeson, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Gloag, Lucy

  • Lucy Gloag, School of Chemical & Physical Sciences Scholarship

Gluyas, Marc

  • Marc Gluyas, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Goble, Dacia

  • Dacia Goble, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Godfrey, Hazel

  • Hazel Godfrey, Awhina Scholarship

Godfrey, Holly

  • Holly Godfrey, Irene Pestov Memorial Scholarship

Godfrey, Max

  • Max Godfrey, IET Prize

Goggin, Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth Goggin, KPMG Prize in Taxation TAXN 201
  • Elizabeth Goggin, KPMG Prize in Advanced Domestic Taxation TAXN 301

Goh, Michelle

  • Michelle Goh, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Golding, Bronwyn

  • Bronwyn Golding, Graduate Women Wellington Secondary Teaching Award

Goldsbury, John

  • John Goldsbury, Summer Research Scholarship

Goldwater, Siena

  • Siena Goldwater, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Gordon, Alexander

  • Alexander Gordon, Victoria Graduate Award

Gordon, Katie

  • Katie Gordon, Summer Research Scholarship

Gould, Ayako

  • Ayako Gould, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gowing, Thomas

  • Thomas Gowing, Summer Research Scholarship

Grace, Nicola

  • Nicola Grace, HRC Maori Health Career Development Award

Graham, Aria

  • Aria Graham, Pro Vice Chancellor (Maori) Award

Graham, Barbara

  • Barbara Graham, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Graham, Leah

  • Leah Graham, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Grant, Georgia

  • Georgia Grant, Marsden Grant Scholarship

Grant, Melanie

  • Melanie Grant, Christina Beal Memorial Prize in Library & Information Studies

Grattan, Gabrielle

  • Gabrielle Grattan, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Gray, Finnian

  • Finnian Gray, Florance Prize
  • Finnian Gray, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Gray, Jason

  • Jason Gray, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Gray, Libby

  • Libby Gray, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Grayson, Mackenzie

  • Mackenzie Grayson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Green, Hayden

  • Hayden Green, Summer Research Scholarship

Green, Monica

  • Monica Green, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Greenaway, Katie

  • Katie Greenaway, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Greenbank, Emily

  • Emily Greenbank, Ian Gordon Prize in Linguistics
  • Emily Greenbank, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Emily Greenbank, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Greenwood-Thessman, James

  • James Greenwood-Thessman, Summer Research Scholarship

Greig, Sasha

  • Sasha Greig, Summer Research Scholarship

Griffin, Kathleen

  • Kathleen Griffin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Griffiths, Marjorie

  • Marjorie Griffiths, Grow Wellington Award

Guest, Thomas

  • Thomas Guest, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Guha, Ambalika

  • Ambalika Guha, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Guilford, Katharine

  • Katharine Guilford, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Guilford, Peter

  • Peter Guilford, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Guimaraes Titon, Bruno

  • Bruno Guimaraes Titon, Summer Research Scholarship

Gunn, Matthew

  • Matthew Gunn, Civil Service Institute Prize in Public Policy & Public Administration
  • Matthew Gunn, Victoria Graduate Award

Guterres, Maria

  • Maria Guterres, Summer Research Scholarship

Gwynne, Jessie

  • Jessie Gwynne, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Gwynne-Robson, Sophia

  • Sophia Gwynne-Robson, Summer Research Scholarship


Hackland, Jenna

  • Jenna Hackland, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Haddleton, Billie

  • Billie Haddleton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Haenfling, Carolin

  • Carolin Haenfling, School of Geography, Environment & Earth Sciences Scholarship

Hagedorn, Matthew

  • Matthew Hagedorn, Summer Research Scholarship

Hall, Amy

  • Amy Hall, A E Donne Prize in English

Hall, Anthony

  • Anthony Hall, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Hall, Jessica

  • Jessica Hall, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hall, Martyn

  • Martyn Hall, Emily Lilias Johnston Scholarship

Hall, Ryan

  • Ryan Hall, NZSM Director's Scholarship

Halliday, Hayley

  • Hayley Halliday, John Robson Prize in Criminology

Hally, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Hally, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Hamilton-Katene, Te Aka

  • Te Aka Hamilton-Katene, Summer Research Scholarship

Hammond, Talor

  • Talor Hammond, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Hamon, Mabel

  • Mabel Hamon, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Hampson, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Hampson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Hansen, Amy

  • Amy Hansen, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Hansen, Joshua

  • Joshua Hansen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hao, Lina

  • Lina Hao, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Hao, Qingyan

  • Qingyan Hao, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Haradasa, Dharani Tasneem

  • Dharani Tasneem Haradasa, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Harbers, Lucy

  • Lucy Harbers, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Hardcastle, Laura

  • Laura Hardcastle, Chapman Tripp Prize
  • Laura Hardcastle, Cotton Prize

Harlen, Tyler

  • Tyler Harlen, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Harman, Emma

  • Emma Harman, Victoria Graduate Award

Harnett Kikstra, Jessica

  • Jessica Harnett Kikstra, Victoria Business School - VUW Scholarship

Harrington, Nathalie

  • Nathalie Harrington, Summer Research Scholarship

Harris, George

  • George Harris, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Harris, Henrietta

  • Henrietta Harris, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Harris, Sean

  • Sean Harris, Gibson Group Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Culture in Context (BDI)
  • Sean Harris, Henry Hughes Culture and Context

Harris, Trent

  • Trent Harris, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Harrison, Andrew

  • Andrew Harrison, Summer Research Scholarship

Harrison, Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth Harrison, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Harrison, Paul

  • Paul Harrison, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Harrison, Shannon

  • Shannon Harrison, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Hart, Samuel

  • Samuel Hart, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hartley, Christiana

  • Christiana Hartley, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Hartley-Hall, Stella

  • Stella Hartley-Hall, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Harvey, Sam

  • Sam Harvey, Summer Research Scholarship

Hashmi, Muhammad

  • Muhammad Hashmi, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Haslam, Ed

  • Ed Haslam, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Hatch, Jamie

  • Jamie Hatch, Financial Services Institute of Australasia Prize
  • Jamie Hatch, Jan Whitwell Prize for Monetary and Macro Economics

Hathaway, Alana

  • Alana Hathaway, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hauer, Peter

  • Peter Hauer, Rutherford Discovery Fellowship Grant
  • Peter Hauer, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Hauraki, Joshua

  • Joshua Hauraki, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Hawkins Elder, Hannah

  • Hannah Hawkins Elder, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Hayvice, Bonnie

  • Bonnie Hayvice, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hayward, Courtney

  • Courtney Hayward, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Hayward, Katie

  • Katie Hayward, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

He, Xiangying

  • Xiangying He, Victoria International Excellence Scholarship

Headland, Jack

  • Jack Headland, Cullen Employment Law Prize

Heesterman, Katja

  • Katja Heesterman, Quentin Baxter Prize in International Law

Heesterman, Peter

  • Peter Heesterman, Summer Research Scholarship

Hefford, Louis

  • Louis Hefford, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Helsby, Abigail

  • Abigail Helsby, Graduate Women Wellington Conjoint Teaching Award

Hemi, Josephine

  • Josephine Hemi, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hendriks, Annemieke

  • Annemieke Hendriks, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship

Heng, Rithmonich

  • Rithmonich Heng, International (ASEAN) Undergraduate Fees Scholarship

Henning-Hansen, Karen

  • Karen Henning-Hansen, Victoria Doctoral Fees Scholarship

Henry, Janaye

  • Janaye Henry, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Henrys, Michael

  • Michael Henrys, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hensen, Anna

  • Anna Hensen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Herbst, Paige

  • Paige Herbst, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hercock, Lauren

  • Lauren Hercock, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hermawan, Marko

  • Marko Hermawan, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Hertel, Stefan

  • Stefan Hertel, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Scholarship

Heta, Rachel

  • Rachel Heta, Elaine Geering Scholarship in English Literature

Heyes, Alexander

  • Alexander Heyes, Dan F Jones Scholarship in Science
  • Alexander Heyes, Victoria Graduate Award

Heyes, Hayley

  • Hayley Heyes, Diplomatic Corps Prize in International Relations

Hickey, Canada

  • Canada Hickey, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hickey, Jessica

  • Jessica Hickey, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hicks, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Hicks, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Higgs, Benjamin

  • Benjamin Higgs, Rachael Westergaard Memorial Masters Scholarship in Geophysics
  • Benjamin Higgs, Summer Gold Competition
  • Benjamin Higgs, Summer Research Scholarship

Hill, Alexandra

  • Alexandra Hill, Victoria Graduate Award

Hill, Jaime

  • Jaime Hill, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Jaime Hill, Averil Brent Scholarship in Science
  • Jaime Hill, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Jaime Hill, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Hillind, Henry

  • Henry Hillind, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship

Hilton, Daniel

  • Daniel Hilton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hiroki, Eloise

  • Eloise Hiroki, Victoria Maori Pathway Scholarship

Hirschberg, Hamish

  • Hamish Hirschberg, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Hamish Hirschberg, Victoria Geophysics Prize
  • Hamish Hirschberg, Victoria Graduate Award

Hitchings, Henrietta

  • Henrietta Hitchings, Summer Research Scholarship

Ho, Joshua

  • Joshua Ho, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hoang, Ha

  • Ha Hoang, VIED / Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Hoang, Ngoc Trang

  • Ngoc Trang Hoang, VIED / Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Hoare, Nicholas

  • Nicholas Hoare, F P Wilson Prize
  • Nicholas Hoare, Summer Research Scholarship

Hobbs, Cameron

  • Cameron Hobbs, GGG Watson Award

Hobbs, Dylan

  • Dylan Hobbs, Deloitte Prize for Advanced Taxation
  • Dylan Hobbs, Summer Research Scholarship

Hockey, Andrew

  • Andrew Hockey, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hockin, Rachel

  • Rachel Hockin, Awhina Scholarship

Hocking, Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth Hocking, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hodgson, Emma

  • Emma Hodgson, GFS Pasifika Scholarship

Hodgson, Torrance

  • Torrance Hodgson, Bruce Dall Prize

Hodgson, Victoria

  • Victoria Hodgson, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Holden, Alex

  • Alex Holden, John F Kennedy Prize in American History

Hollis, Samuel

  • Samuel Hollis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Holmes-Hewett, William

  • William Holmes-Hewett, Summer Research Scholarship

Holth, James

  • James Holth, Summer Research Scholarship

Homolja, Mitra

  • Mitra Homolja, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hone, Nicole

  • Nicole Hone, First Year Emergent Designer Award - Sponsored by Gordon Harris

Hong, Jen

  • Jen Hong, Sustainable Futures Travel Award

Hooker, Jack

  • Jack Hooker, Virtual Composition for the 21st Century's Global Ensemble

Hooker, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Hooker, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hope, William

  • William Hope, Dominion Post Global Citizen Exchange Scholarship
  • William Hope, Victoria Graduate Award

Hopkins, Charlie

  • Charlie Hopkins, Summer Research Scholarship

Hopkins, Jenni

  • Jenni Hopkins, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Hopkins, Shaun

  • Shaun Hopkins, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Horgan, Emma

  • Emma Horgan, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Hormann, Louisa

  • Louisa Hormann, F P Wilson Prize
  • Louisa Hormann, Jack Pearce Postgraduate Scholarship in English or New Zealand History
  • Louisa Hormann, Karis Boyd Scholarship
  • Louisa Hormann, Summer Research Scholarship

Horwood, Michelle

  • Michelle Horwood, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Hosking, Emma

  • Emma Hosking, School of Geography, Environment & Earth Sciences Scholarship

Hothi, Simran

  • Simran Hothi, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Houston, Troy

  • Troy Houston, Summer Research Scholarship

Howard, Chloe

  • Chloe Howard, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Howell, Sam

  • Sam Howell, Alex Scobie Research Prize

Howells, Abby

  • Abby Howells, Brad McGann Film Writing Award

Howson, Kelle

  • Kelle Howson, Marsden Grant Scholarship

Hsu, Jia-Huey

  • Jia-Huey Hsu, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Hu, Chen

  • Chen Hu, Summer Research Scholarship

Hu, Juanying

  • Juanying Hu, John P Good Memorial Prize

Hu, Ting

  • Ting Hu, Master of Applied Finance Prize

Huang, Casey

  • Casey Huang, Robert Bostock Scholarship

Huang, Hai Xin

  • Hai Xin Huang, Summer Research Scholarship

Huang, Rui

  • Rui Huang, Summer Research Scholarship

Hudson, Merenia

  • Merenia Hudson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Huffman-Devey, Lane

  • Lane Huffman-Devey, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Huggins, Margaret

  • Margaret Huggins, Kirk Prize in Biology

Hughes, Laura

  • Laura Hughes, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hughes-Ward, Dylan

  • Dylan Hughes-Ward, Summer Research Scholarship

Hullena, Tyson

  • Tyson Hullena, Quentin Baxter Memorial Scholarship

Hunia, Maraea

  • Maraea Hunia, Pro Vice Chancellor (Maori) Award

Hunn, Hamish

  • Hamish Hunn, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hunn, Patrick

  • Patrick Hunn, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Hunt, Alan

  • Alan Hunt, Summer Research Scholarship

Hunt, Catherine

  • Catherine Hunt, Awhina Scholarship

Hunt, Merryn

  • Merryn Hunt, Victoria Physical Geography Prize

Hunter, Olivia

  • Olivia Hunter, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hurley, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Hurley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hurst, Ian

  • Ian Hurst, Summer Research Scholarship

Hurst, Joshua

  • Joshua Hurst, Victoria Maori Pathway Scholarship

Huseynov, Ilkin

  • Ilkin Huseynov, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Hutchinson, Juliana

  • Juliana Hutchinson, Summer Research Scholarship

Hutchison, Ayla

  • Ayla Hutchison, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Hutchison, Jennifer

  • Jennifer Hutchison, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship

Hyland, Sarah

  • Sarah Hyland, Alumni Appeal Scholarship


Ihaia, Caleb

  • Caleb Ihaia, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Inverarity, Lani

  • Lani Inverarity, New Zealand Foundation Ethel Benjamin Scholarship (for Women)

Iopa, Davina

  • Davina Iopa, Awhina Scholarship

Iorns, Thomas

  • Thomas Iorns, NZ - Korea Strategic Research Partnership Funding Scholarship

Ireland, Kieran

  • Kieran Ireland, Latin American Essay Prize

Irons, Tristan

  • Tristan Irons, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Irsevic, Anita

  • Anita Irsevic, New Zealand Post Award for e-Commerce and Information Systems

Irvine, Brittany

  • Brittany Irvine, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Irving, Alice

  • Alice Irving, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Irwin-Harris, William

  • William Irwin-Harris, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Isaia-Renata Hapimana, Te Raupiki

  • Te Raupiki Isaia-Renata Hapimana, Jane Ferguson Scholarship


Jack, Kelsey

  • Kelsey Jack, Datacom Systems Scholarship
  • Kelsey Jack, Jenny Whitmarsh Award for Mathematics
  • Kelsey Jack, Summer Research Scholarship

Jackson, Michael

  • Michael Jackson, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Jacob, Tania

  • Tania Jacob, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Jacobs, Susan

  • Susan Jacobs, Deloitte Award for Public Policy
  • Susan Jacobs, Summer Gold Competition
  • Susan Jacobs, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Susan Jacobs, Civil Service Institute Prize in Public Policy & Public Administration

Jain, Gagandeep

  • Gagandeep Jain, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship
  • Gagandeep Jain, Wellington Botanical Society Student Grants

James, Annie

  • Annie James, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jardine, Claudia

  • Claudia Jardine, Rankine Brown Prize in Classics

Jefferson, Shea

  • Shea Jefferson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jeikal, Yu Jin

  • Yu Jin Jeikal, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jelleyman, Reuben

  • Reuben Jelleyman, Summer Research Scholarship

Jellyman, Dayle

  • Dayle Jellyman, Summer Research Scholarship

Jenkin, Tamara

  • Tamara Jenkin, NZIIA (Wellington) Prize in International Relations

Jenkins, Brad

  • Brad Jenkins, NZSM Composers Competition
  • Brad Jenkins, Matthew Marshall Prize for Classical Guitar Composition

Jenkins, Steve

  • Steve Jenkins, Marsden Grant Scholarship

John, Jenny

  • Jenny John, Sir Robert Jones Refugee Daughters Scholarship

Johnsen, Edward

  • Edward Johnsen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Johnson, Fiona

  • Fiona Johnson, Manurere Postgraduate Travel Grant

Johnson, Lucien

  • Lucien Johnson, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Johnson, Zackary

  • Zackary Johnson, NZ Architects' Co-operative Society Prize
  • Zackary Johnson, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award
  • Zackary Johnson, Victoria Graduate Award

Johnston, Blake

  • Blake Johnston, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Jolliffe, Liam

  • Liam Jolliffe, Summer Research Scholarship

Jones, Mitch

  • Mitch Jones, Summer Research Scholarship

Jones, Nicole

  • Nicole Jones, Claude McCarthy Fellowship

Jones, Richard

  • Richard Jones, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Jones, Sophie

  • Sophie Jones, Fiscal Policy Change Scholarship
  • Sophie Jones, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jones, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Jones, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Jongsma, Kirsten

  • Kirsten Jongsma, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Joseph, Sheen

  • Sheen Joseph, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Judd, Rosemary

  • Rosemary Judd, Margaret Clark Prize

Juma, Zawadi

  • Zawadi Juma, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Jury, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Jury, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Jury, Sarah

  • Sarah Jury, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Justice, Louis

  • Louis Justice, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


Kan-Shaw, Kate

  • Kate Kan-Shaw, New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust Prize

Kanaparan, Geetha

  • Geetha Kanaparan, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Kane, Brianna

  • Brianna Kane, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kane, Jazz

  • Jazz Kane, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kapa, Eru

  • Eru Kapa, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Kargozar, Naghmeh

  • Naghmeh Kargozar, BNZ Chair in Business in Asia Scholarship
  • Naghmeh Kargozar, Victoria Doctoral Fees Scholarship

Karunakaran, Deepak

  • Deepak Karunakaran, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Katsougiannis, Mihali

  • Mihali Katsougiannis, Summer Research Scholarship

Kaufmann, Maike

  • Maike Kaufmann, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Kavanagh, Patrick

  • Patrick Kavanagh, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Kay, Richard

  • Richard Kay, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kaye, Paige

  • Paige Kaye, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Kearse, Jesse

  • Jesse Kearse, 2nd Year Geology Student Prize

Keefe, Eric

  • Eric Keefe, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Keenan, Erin

  • Erin Keenan, The Zander & Durden Families Prize in History

Kelly, Aidan

  • Aidan Kelly, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kelly, Anna

  • Anna Kelly, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Kelly, Cameron

  • Cameron Kelly, Summer Research Scholarship

Kelly, Laura

  • Laura Kelly, Summer Research Scholarship

Kelly, Lucy

  • Lucy Kelly, Barbara Finlayson Scholarship

Kendrick, Samantha

  • Samantha Kendrick, Robert Bostock Scholarship

Kennedy, Erin

  • Erin Kennedy, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Kennedy, Liam

  • Liam Kennedy, Dominion Post Global Citizen Exchange Scholarship
  • Liam Kennedy, John F Kennedy Prize in American History

Kennett, Daemon

  • Daemon Kennett, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kennish, Lily

  • Lily Kennish, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kent, David

  • David Kent, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Keough, Tess

  • Tess Keough, Summer Research Scholarship

Kerr, Tanya

  • Tanya Kerr, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kerr-Hislop, Max

  • Max Kerr-Hislop, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Kershaw, Chelsea

  • Chelsea Kershaw, Pat Walsh Scholarship for Second Year Student
  • Chelsea Kershaw, Isthmus Landscape Architecture Award for Excellence in First Year
  • Chelsea Kershaw, Graduate Women Wellington - Second Year Scholarship

Kessel, Gustav

  • Gustav Kessel, Alison Morton Scholarship in Ecology/Marine Biology
  • Gustav Kessel, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Khan, Hana

  • Hana Khan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Khong, Binh

  • Binh Khong, Sir Desmond Todd Memorial Prize (PhD)

Kidd, Akari

  • Akari Kidd, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Kiddle, Bridget

  • Bridget Kiddle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kim, Dohee

  • Dohee Kim, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kim, Ji Soo

  • Ji Soo Kim, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kim, Tae Yeong

  • Tae Yeong Kim, Victoria International Excellence Scholarship

Kimani, Sarah

  • Sarah Kimani, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

King, Alexandra

  • Alexandra King, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

King, Brandon

  • Brandon King, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

King, Joanna

  • Joanna King, Eichelbaum Prize

King, Marisa

  • Marisa King, SWETS Information Servies Prize

King-Wall, Riah

  • Riah King-Wall, Summer Research Scholarship

Kingsbury, Ben

  • Ben Kingsbury, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Kingston, Ellen

  • Ellen Kingston, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kirschberg, David

  • David Kirschberg, Summer Research Scholarship

Kithulagoda, Sulochana

  • Sulochana Kithulagoda, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kitto, Damien

  • Damien Kitto, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kiyomoto-Fink, Lisa

  • Lisa Kiyomoto-Fink, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kleyer, Ruby

  • Ruby Kleyer, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Koay, Jeremy

  • Jeremy Koay, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Kofoed, Isabella

  • Isabella Kofoed, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Koleejan, Chahine

  • Chahine Koleejan, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Chahine Koleejan, Victoria Graduate Award

Koloto, Maile

  • Maile Koloto, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Koo, Zhi Ern

  • Zhi Ern Koo, International Student Achievement Scholarship
  • Zhi Ern Koo, Lee Foundation Award

Kooistra, Katherine

  • Katherine Kooistra, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kraemer, Megan

  • Megan Kraemer, Tsubota Pearl Prize

Kraemer, Zoe

  • Zoe Kraemer, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kraus, Christoph

  • Christoph Kraus, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Kryssova, Evgeniya

  • Evgeniya Kryssova, Summer Research Scholarship

Kuczera, Stefan

  • Stefan Kuczera, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Kunac, Selina

  • Selina Kunac, Summer Research Scholarship

Kurghan, Francesca

  • Francesca Kurghan, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Kurian, Mima

  • Mima Kurian, MacDiarmid Institute Scholarship

Kutia, Chapman

  • Chapman Kutia, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Kutia-Baldwin, Kahu

  • Kahu Kutia-Baldwin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Kyle, Ryan

  • Ryan Kyle, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship


Labra Sprohnle, Fabian

  • Fabian Labra Sprohnle, Brenda Sampson Memorial Research Scholarship

Lai, Jeff

  • Jeff Lai, InternetNZ Scholarship
  • Jeff Lai, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Jeff Lai, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Lakai, Veisinia

  • Veisinia Lakai, Awhina Scholarship

Lamb, Charlotte

  • Charlotte Lamb, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lambie-Harrison, Tane

  • Tane Lambie-Harrison, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Lancaster, Jaime

  • Jaime Lancaster, MOTU Scholarship

Landreth, Hayley

  • Hayley Landreth, Summer Research Scholarship

Langman, Charlotte

  • Charlotte Langman, Summer Research Scholarship

Lanigan, Elise

  • Elise Lanigan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Larsen, Jack

  • Jack Larsen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Latimer, Mereana

  • Mereana Latimer, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Lattey, Penelope

  • Penelope Lattey, Charles Ede Essay Prize

Lauridsen, Reuben

  • Reuben Lauridsen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lauvi, Rosalyn

  • Rosalyn Lauvi, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Lawrence, Olivia

  • Olivia Lawrence, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Laws, Athene

  • Athene Laws, Former Economics and Finance Staff: Student Award
  • Athene Laws, Woolf Fisher Scholarship

Le Bas, Rene

  • Rene Le Bas, Institute of Modern Letters Masters Project Scholarship

Le, Yen

  • Yen Le, Summer Research Scholarship

Leafa, Melissa

  • Melissa Leafa, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Leah, Caspian

  • Caspian Leah, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Leary, Lennox

  • Lennox Leary, Geoffrey A Rowan Memorial Bursary
  • Lennox Leary, Victoria Graduate Award

Leask, Daniel

  • Daniel Leask, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Leask, Marita

  • Marita Leask, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Leaupepe-Nickel, John

  • John Leaupepe-Nickel, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Lee, Dominic

  • Dominic Lee, NZSM Director's Scholarship
  • Dominic Lee, Roy Jack Prize for String Players

Lee, Gerald

  • Gerald Lee, Asian Politics Prize

Lee, Hun Young

  • Hun Young Lee, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Lee, Regina

  • Regina Lee, Fees Scholarship funded by Sir Robert Jones

Lee, Victoria

  • Victoria Lee, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Victoria Lee, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Lee-Harwood, Hannah

  • Hannah Lee-Harwood, Shayle Searle Prize in Statistics

Lees, Susie

  • Susie Lees, Graduate Women Wellington - Second Year Scholarship

Legg, Ellen

  • Ellen Legg, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Leggett, Sarah

  • Sarah Leggett, Summer Research Scholarship

Lemke, Mailin

  • Mailin Lemke, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Lenart, Ben

  • Ben Lenart, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Lensen, Andrew

  • Andrew Lensen, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Andrew Lensen, Victoria Graduate Award

Lentle, Sam

  • Sam Lentle, Story Inc Prize for Poetry

Leone, Daniel

  • Daniel Leone, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Leong, Wei Ji

  • Wei Ji Leong, Dan F Jones Scholarship in Science
  • Wei Ji Leong, International Student Achievement Scholarship
  • Wei Ji Leong, Victoria Graduate Award

Lethborg, Annelise

  • Annelise Lethborg, Summer Research Scholarship

Levet, Caleb

  • Caleb Levet, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Lewis, Amelia

  • Amelia Lewis, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Lewis, Matthew

  • Matthew Lewis, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Lewis, Nina

  • Nina Lewis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Li, Lily

  • Lily Li, Civil Service Institute Prize in Public Policy & Public Administration

Li, Zefeng

  • Zefeng Li, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Liang, Meijun

  • Meijun Liang, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Liang, Yujing

  • Yujing Liang, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Lim, April

  • April Lim, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lin, Anna

  • Anna Lin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lindsay, Hunter

  • Hunter Lindsay, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lindsay, Zack

  • Zack Lindsay, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ling, Christine

  • Christine Ling, First Year Emergent Designer Award - Sponsored by Gordon Harris

Lipscombe, Ailsa

  • Ailsa Lipscombe, Fulbright New Zealand General Graduate Award

Lissington, Thomas

  • Thomas Lissington, Summer Research Scholarship

Little, Imogen

  • Imogen Little, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Little, Maddie

  • Maddie Little, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Little, Philip

  • Philip Little, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Little, Richard

  • Richard Little, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Little, Rory

  • Rory Little, School of Biological Sciences Scholarship
  • Rory Little, Woolf Fisher Scholarship

Littschwager, Simin

  • Simin Littschwager, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Liu, Jiahao

  • Jiahao Liu, Victoria International Excellence Scholarship

Liu, Ping

  • Ping Liu, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Liu, Ruiteng

  • Ruiteng Liu, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Lochead, Casey

  • Casey Lochead, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Lockie, Georgia

  • Georgia Lockie, Beryl Hughes Prize in Women's Studies

Loffhagen, Tom

  • Tom Loffhagen, Joan Metge Prize in Anthropology

Logan, Emma

  • Emma Logan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lomax-Sawyers, Isabelle

  • Isabelle Lomax-Sawyers, Linguistics Prize

Long, Jason

  • Jason Long, D F McKenzie Award
  • Jason Long, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Long, Vida

  • Vida Long, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Longuet, Geoffrey

  • Geoffrey Longuet, Summer Research Scholarship

Loo, Alayne

  • Alayne Loo, International (ASEAN) Undergraduate Fees Scholarship

Lorck, Tabitha

  • Tabitha Lorck, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Lousich, Serena

  • Serena Lousich, Landcult Ltd Prize (top 2nd Year)

Lowe, Jessica

  • Jessica Lowe, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lowery, Oliver

  • Oliver Lowery, Anonymous Music Study Grant
  • Oliver Lowery, McKenzie Music Therapy Scholarship

Lu, Michelle

  • Michelle Lu, Chartered Accounts Australia and New Zealand Prize in Law of Organisations (COML 204)

Ludemann, Sam

  • Sam Ludemann, Dame Rosemary Horton Award

Lynch, Amy

  • Amy Lynch, Alexander Crawford Scholarship
  • Amy Lynch, NZ Institue of Chemistry Prize

Lynch, Tegan

  • Tegan Lynch, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Lynch, Tessa

  • Tessa Lynch, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Lyons, Isabella

  • Isabella Lyons, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

lunny, Matthew

  • Matthew lunny, NZICA Prize in Accounting


Mabin, Kate

  • Kate Mabin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Macansantos, Monica

  • Monica Macansantos, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Macaskill-Webb, Patrick

  • Patrick Macaskill-Webb, NZSM Director's Scholarship

Macauley, Jess

  • Jess Macauley, Graduate Women Wellington Secondary Teaching Award

Macdonald, Jamie

  • Jamie Macdonald, McKenzie Music Therapy Scholarship

Macintosh, Samuel John

  • Samuel John Macintosh, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mackay, Julian

  • Julian Mackay, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Mackenzie, Georgia

  • Georgia Mackenzie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mackenzie, Harris

  • Harris Mackenzie, Summer Research Scholarship

Mackey, Rawiri

  • Rawiri Mackey, Victoria Maori Pathway Scholarship

Maddock, Amy

  • Amy Maddock, Marsden Grant Scholarship

Magill, Brooke

  • Brooke Magill, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Maguire, Emma

  • Emma Maguire, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Mah Hwee Ling, Ashley

  • Ashley Mah Hwee Ling, Barbara Finlayson Scholarship

Mah, Nicola

  • Nicola Mah, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mair, Stanley

  • Stanley Mair, Summer Research Scholarship

Majic, Matt

  • Matt Majic, Florance Prize

Major, Josie

  • Josie Major, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Major, Toby

  • Toby Major, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Majuddin, Elvenna

  • Elvenna Majuddin, English Speaking Union Award

Mak, Sophie

  • Sophie Mak, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Makinson, Katie

  • Katie Makinson, Graduate Women Wellington Graduate Scholarship

Malin-Curry, Ryan

  • Ryan Malin-Curry, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mallett, Byron

  • Byron Mallett, Summer Research Scholarship

Mallett, Sean

  • Sean Mallett, Cullen Employment Law Prize

Malthus, Jordan

  • Jordan Malthus, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mangin, Lucy

  • Lucy Mangin, MDI Completion Grant

Mano, Kenneth

  • Kenneth Mano, International (ASEAN) Undergraduate Fees Scholarship

Manuatu, Benjamin

  • Benjamin Manuatu, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mapley, Hayley

  • Hayley Mapley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Marra, Eilish

  • Eilish Marra, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Marshall, Nicole

  • Nicole Marshall, Summer Research Scholarship

Martin, Rachel

  • Rachel Martin, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Martin-Laumatia, Quaid

  • Quaid Martin-Laumatia, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Mason, Josie

  • Josie Mason, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mason-MacKay, Lily

  • Lily Mason-MacKay, Victoria NIWA Science Fair Innovation Prize

Masood, Atiya

  • Atiya Masood, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Matautia, Andrew

  • Andrew Matautia, Awhina Scholarship
  • Andrew Matautia, Pasifika Award

Mathews, Paul

  • Paul Mathews, Summer Research Scholarship

Matson, Gabriel

  • Gabriel Matson, Mighty River Power Scholarship

Matthews, Campbell

  • Campbell Matthews, Summer Research Scholarship

Maurice, Lucy

  • Lucy Maurice, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Max-Wirth, Comfort

  • Comfort Max-Wirth, PGSA Travel Grant

Maxwell, Kimberley

  • Kimberley Maxwell, Bruce Cronin Bay Trust Scholarship

Maxwell, Monika

  • Monika Maxwell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

May Thu Myo Min,

  • May Thu Myo Min, International (ASEAN) Undergraduate Fees Scholarship

Mayes, Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth Mayes, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

McCarthy, Emily

  • Emily McCarthy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McCarthy, Lianne

  • Lianne McCarthy, John Miller Award for Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research

McCauley, Cora Frances

  • Cora Frances McCauley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McClintock, Lisa

  • Lisa McClintock, Summer Research Scholarship

McConnell, Ben

  • Ben McConnell, Ian McKinnon Prize

McCourt, Rory

  • Rory McCourt, Summer Research Scholarship

McCullough, Justin

  • Justin McCullough, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McDonald, Katherine

  • Katherine McDonald, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McDowall, Christopher

  • Christopher McDowall, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Christopher McDowall, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Christopher McDowall, Dr F G Maskell Prize

McEwan, Zach

  • Zach McEwan, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

McGechie, Eleanor

  • Eleanor McGechie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McGill, Sue-Anna

  • Sue-Anna McGill, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McGlone, Irene

  • Irene McGlone, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

McGovern, Danica

  • Danica McGovern, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

McGovern, Madeleine

  • Madeleine McGovern, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McHugh, Braxton

  • Braxton McHugh, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

McIlroy, Emma

  • Emma McIlroy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McIndoe, Katherine

  • Katherine McIndoe, J C Richards Music Scholarship for Postgraduate Study
  • Katherine McIndoe, Victoria Graduate Award

McInnes, Carissa

  • Carissa McInnes, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

McIntosh, Edit

  • Edit McIntosh, Graduate Women Wellington Masters by thesis Scholarship

McIntosh, Hamish

  • Hamish McIntosh, MDI Completion Grant

McIntyre, Chris

  • Chris McIntyre, Gwenda Josephine Hurst Memorial Prize in Geography

McKenzie, Nina

  • Nina McKenzie, Victoria Pathway Scholarship

McKenzie, Rory

  • Rory McKenzie, Koutaissoff Prize
  • Rory McKenzie, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Rory McKenzie, Victoria Graduate Award

McKenzie, Sarah

  • Sarah McKenzie, Summer Research Scholarship

McKenzie, Thomas

  • Thomas McKenzie, Chris Highfield Memorial Prize

McKinnon, Laura

  • Laura McKinnon, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McKnight, Liam

  • Liam McKnight, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McKone, Matt

  • Matt McKone, NZILA/Dr Diane Menzies Award

McLachlan, Alison

  • Alison McLachlan, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

McLaren, Susanna

  • Susanna McLaren, Summer Research Scholarship

McLean, Sam

  • Sam McLean, Summer Research Scholarship

McLean, Tom

  • Tom McLean, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

McLeod, Lucy

  • Lucy McLeod, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McMahon, Jamie

  • Jamie McMahon, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Scholarship

McMaster, Lucy

  • Lucy McMaster, Howard Wright Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Industrial Design

McNaughton, Duncan

  • Duncan McNaughton, Awhina Postgraduate Award

McNeill, Georgia

  • Georgia McNeill, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McNulty, James

  • James McNulty, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

McQuade, Alicia

  • Alicia McQuade, Victoria Graduate Award

McRae, Kirsty

  • Kirsty McRae, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

McSweeney, Philip

  • Philip McSweeney, R S V Simpson Salient Prize

McSweeney-Harte, Brenna

  • Brenna McSweeney-Harte, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mckenzie, Tim

  • Tim Mckenzie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Meagher, Jacob

  • Jacob Meagher, Summer Research Scholarship

Medyckyj-Scott, Daniel

  • Daniel Medyckyj-Scott, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Meekings, Scott

  • Scott Meekings, PFM Burrows Memorial Scholarship
  • Scott Meekings, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Scott Meekings, Warren Trust Scholarship

Mellows, Catriona

  • Catriona Mellows, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Meng, Xiangqi

  • Xiangqi Meng, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Xiangqi Meng, Victoria University Research Establishment Grant

Mennie, Isaac

  • Isaac Mennie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Menzies, Rebekah

  • Rebekah Menzies, Sir Desmond Todd Memorial Prize (MA)

Mercep, Alice

  • Alice Mercep, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Messenger, Sarah

  • Sarah Messenger, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Metson, Abby

  • Abby Metson, Summer Research Scholarship

Metuarau, Tuakana

  • Tuakana Metuarau, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Mildenhall, Rachael

  • Rachael Mildenhall, Erasmus Scholarship

Miles, Ashleigh

  • Ashleigh Miles, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Miller, Jackson

  • Jackson Miller, Summer Research Scholarship

Mills, Billy

  • Billy Mills, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Billy Mills, Marsden Fast Start Grant Scholarship

Mills, Dawn

  • Dawn Mills, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Mills, Grace

  • Grace Mills, Fulbright Science and Innovation Graduate Award

Mills, Honor

  • Honor Mills, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mills, Theresa

  • Theresa Mills, SWETS Information Servies Prize

Milner, Aidan

  • Aidan Milner, Summer Research Scholarship

Milton, Thomas

  • Thomas Milton, European Union Prize
  • Thomas Milton, JFK Prize in American Government and Politics

Mirams, Natalie

  • Natalie Mirams, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mirza, Jawad

  • Jawad Mirza, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Mirzaei, Maryam

  • Maryam Mirzaei, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Mizera, Marcel

  • Marcel Mizera, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Mockett, Lauren

  • Lauren Mockett, Summer Research Scholarship

Moeke, Danielle

  • Danielle Moeke, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Moffat-Young, Isaac

  • Isaac Moffat-Young, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mohamad Tabarani, Fatimah Az-zahraa'

  • Fatimah Az-zahraa' Mohamad Tabarani, Awhina Scholarship

Mohan Kumar, Sonia

  • Sonia Mohan Kumar, Foundation Studies Prize

Mohd Ariff, Arifatul

  • Arifatul Mohd Ariff, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Mohd Jelani, Nurul Aini

  • Nurul Aini Mohd Jelani, MA TESOL/Applied Linguistic Fees Scholarship

Mokhtar, Sarah

  • Sarah Mokhtar, Formway Design Award for the Best Project in the Masters of Design Innovation

Moller, Belle

  • Belle Moller, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Mollison, Hannah

  • Hannah Mollison, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Molloy, Jonie

  • Jonie Molloy, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award
  • Jonie Molloy, Stephenson and Turner Prize in Integrated Architectural Design

Molyneaux, Lance

  • Lance Molyneaux, School of Engineering & Computer Science Scholarship

Monk, Harry

  • Harry Monk, Summer Research Scholarship

Monteiro Freire, Jessica

  • Jessica Monteiro Freire, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Moody, Connor

  • Connor Moody, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Moody, Rosie

  • Rosie Moody, Tertiary Education Union Crozier Scholarship
  • Rosie Moody, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Moody, Ryan

  • Ryan Moody, Summer Research Scholarship

Moon, Emily

  • Emily Moon, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Moore, Adam

  • Adam Moore, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Moore, Emily

  • Emily Moore, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Moran, Jasmin

  • Jasmin Moran, Colin Patterson Memorial Prize
  • Jasmin Moran, K J Scott Memorial Prize

Morar, Chandni

  • Chandni Morar, Summer Research Scholarship

Moriyama, Reia

  • Reia Moriyama, International Student Achievement Scholarship

Morrell-Wood, Nina

  • Nina Morrell-Wood, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Morris, Sarah

  • Sarah Morris, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Moses, Yinka

  • Yinka Moses, Craig Buck Andrews PhD Scholarship in Financial Reporting and Financial Management

Mudge, Jayden

  • Jayden Mudge, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Jayden Mudge, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Muhamad, Munzil

  • Munzil Muhamad, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Muir, Rhys

  • Rhys Muir, Arnold Atkinson Memorial Prize

Muirhead, Jonathan

  • Jonathan Muirhead, Summer Research Scholarship

Mulders, Bernadette

  • Bernadette Mulders, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Muller, Maureen

  • Maureen Muller, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship
  • Maureen Muller, Pro Vice Chancellor (Maori) Award

Mumm, Blair

  • Blair Mumm, Victoria Graduate Award

Munks, Hendrik

  • Hendrik Munks, Marsden Grant Scholarship

Munneke, Stefan

  • Stefan Munneke, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Murdoch, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Murdoch, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Murphy, Anna

  • Anna Murphy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Murphy, Ella

  • Ella Murphy, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Murray, Alistair

  • Alistair Murray, Dr W E Collins Prize in English
  • Alistair Murray, Eileen Duggan Prize in New Zealand Literature

Murray, La'tarsha

  • La'tarsha Murray, Dairy NZ/MBIE Scholarship

Murray, Rachel

  • Rachel Murray, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Rachel Murray, Team Architects Scholarship Distinction Award

Muthumala, Thamara

  • Thamara Muthumala, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


N-Hkum, A La

  • A La N-Hkum, Sir Robert Jones Refugee Daughters Scholarship

Nacey, Finnian

  • Finnian Nacey, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Nash, Madeleine

  • Madeleine Nash, Mario Patrono Prize in Legal System
  • Madeleine Nash, Faculty of Law Prize in Legal System

Nash, Theodore

  • Theodore Nash, Harold Large Prize
  • Theodore Nash, Victoria Graduate Award

Nash, Victoria

  • Victoria Nash, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Nawarajan, Deloshan

  • Deloshan Nawarajan, Marsden Grant Scholarship

Neas, Ollie

  • Ollie Neas, Maurice Goldsmith Prize

Neil, Claire

  • Claire Neil, Graduate Women Wellington Secondary Teaching Award

Neilson, Conor

  • Conor Neilson, Summer Research Scholarship

Neilson, Katheryn

  • Katheryn Neilson, Sir Thomas Hunter Prize

Nelson, Ashlee

  • Ashlee Nelson, PGSA Travel Grant

Nelson, George

  • George Nelson, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Neman, Hannah

  • Hannah Neman, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Neubauer, Emily

  • Emily Neubauer, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Newth, Jennifer

  • Jennifer Newth, NZSM Composers Competition 2014

Ngaira, JD

  • JD Ngaira, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Ngatai, Frank

  • Frank Ngatai, Holmes Prize in Public Policy

Nguyen, Bach

  • Bach Nguyen, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize
  • Bach Nguyen, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Bach Nguyen, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Nguyen, Loc

  • Loc Nguyen, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Loc Nguyen, GGG Watson Award
  • Loc Nguyen, Summer Research Scholarship

Nguyen, Mihn

  • Mihn Nguyen, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Nhep, Tinat

  • Tinat Nhep, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Nicholas, Brett

  • Brett Nicholas, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award
  • Brett Nicholas, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Nicklin, Germana

  • Germana Nicklin, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Nicolls, Ceara

  • Ceara Nicolls, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Nielsen, Kristopher

  • Kristopher Nielsen, Summer Research Scholarship

Nieuwenhuis, Thomas

  • Thomas Nieuwenhuis, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Noakes, Marcus

  • Marcus Noakes, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Noble-Campbell, Aleksander

  • Aleksander Noble-Campbell, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Noone, Jessica

  • Jessica Noone, Howard Wright Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Industrial Design (BDI) 1

Nouata, Luke

  • Luke Nouata, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Nowitz, Dane

  • Dane Nowitz, Summer Research Scholarship

Nsaliwa, Dekhani

  • Dekhani Nsaliwa, PGSA Travel Grant

Nuku, Matamoana

  • Matamoana Nuku, Awhina Scholarship

Nunn, Grace

  • Grace Nunn, Summer Research Scholarship

Nzilano, Josta

  • Josta Nzilano, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship


O'Byrne, Hannah

  • Hannah O'Byrne, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

O'Donnell, Katrin

  • Katrin O'Donnell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

O'Grady, Samuel

  • Samuel O'Grady, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Odell, Samantha

  • Samantha Odell, Victoria Maori Pathway Scholarship

Oesterle, Juergen

  • Juergen Oesterle, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Olliver, Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth Olliver, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Oloamanu, Luaipoumalo

  • Luaipoumalo Oloamanu, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Olsen, Bradley

  • Bradley Olsen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Olsen, Nellie

  • Nellie Olsen, Irene Pestov Memorial Scholarship

Ombler, Jenny

  • Jenny Ombler, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Ong, Cassandra

  • Cassandra Ong, Financial Markets Authority (FMA) Award for Management
  • Cassandra Ong, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Cassandra Ong, Victoria Graduate Award

Ooi, Darryn

  • Darryn Ooi, Sir John Marshall Scholarship

Ore, Livne

  • Livne Ore, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Orlowicz, Agata

  • Agata Orlowicz, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Oswin, Kate

  • Kate Oswin, Patricia Pratt Scholarship in Musical Performance

Otter, James

  • James Otter, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Overton, Timothy

  • Timothy Overton, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Owen, Sally

  • Sally Owen, Summer Research Scholarship


Pacheco Benavente, Edgar

  • Edgar Pacheco Benavente, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Paea, Mele

  • Mele Paea, PGSA Travel Grant
  • Mele Paea, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Page, Matthew

  • Matthew Page, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pahina, Dylan

  • Dylan Pahina, Tu Horomata Scholarship

Palmer, Carolyn

  • Carolyn Palmer, R W Steele Scholarship in Accounting

Palmer, Ryan

  • Ryan Palmer, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Palmer, Tarryn

  • Tarryn Palmer, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Palmiro, Flavio

  • Flavio Palmiro, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Pamungkas, Grace

  • Grace Pamungkas, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Parata, Shane

  • Shane Parata, Awhina Scholarship

Park, John

  • John Park, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Park-Ng, Sapphire

  • Sapphire Park-Ng, Wai-te-ata Press Shakespeare Prize

Parker, Hilary

  • Hilary Parker, Summer Research Scholarship

Parker, Madeleine

  • Madeleine Parker, Averil Brent Scholarship in Science
  • Madeleine Parker, NZ Institute of Chemistry Prize in Biochemistry

Parker, Molly

  • Molly Parker, Henry Hughes - Media Design

Parker, Robert

  • Robert Parker, Victoria Graduate Award

Parker, Sophie

  • Sophie Parker, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Parkinson, Ashleigh

  • Ashleigh Parkinson, Spanish Embassy Essay Prize

Parrish, Jakob

  • Jakob Parrish, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Patel, Meenakshi

  • Meenakshi Patel, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Patel, Navin

Paterson, Timothy

  • Timothy Paterson, KPMG Prize in Financial Accounting ACCY 231

Pathiusman, Arifa

  • Arifa Pathiusman, Lee Foundation Award

Paton, Kelly

  • Kelly Paton, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Paton, Steffan

  • Steffan Paton, Technology Assisted Composition

Patrick, Rachel

  • Rachel Patrick, Bowen Prize

Patterson, Reece

  • Reece Patterson, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Paulo Seleni, Ateria

  • Ateria Paulo Seleni, Victoria Pasifika Pathway Scholarship

Peach, Elijah

  • Elijah Peach, Summer Research Scholarship

Pearce, Thomas

  • Thomas Pearce, Victoria Graduate Award

Pearson, Roisin

  • Roisin Pearson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pedlow, Morgan

  • Morgan Pedlow, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Penn, Philip

  • Philip Penn, Awhina Scholarship

Pennycuick, Ashley

  • Ashley Pennycuick, Victoria Graduate Award

Peoples, Rose

  • Rose Peoples, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Perrott, Alexander

  • Alexander Perrott, Victoria Graduate Award

Petikam, Lohit

  • Lohit Petikam, Summer Gold Competition
  • Lohit Petikam, Summer Research Scholarship

Petrie-Deely, Danielle

  • Danielle Petrie-Deely, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Petterson, Luke

  • Luke Petterson, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Pettit, Tom

  • Tom Pettit, Bernard Galvin Prize
  • Tom Pettit, Bernard Galvin Prize

Phai, Chantha

  • Chantha Phai, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pham, Ha Ngocha

  • Ha Ngocha Pham, VIED / Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Pham, HaThi Phuong

  • HaThi Phuong Pham, VIED / Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Phan, Van Anh

  • Van Anh Phan, VIED / Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Phang, Sin Hoi

  • Sin Hoi Phang, Summer Research Scholarship

Phease, Edwin

  • Edwin Phease, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Phillips, Helen

  • Helen Phillips, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Phillips, Nico

  • Nico Phillips, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Phillips, Tessa

  • Tessa Phillips, Summer Research Scholarship

Philp, Jessica

  • Jessica Philp, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Phipps, Dan

  • Dan Phipps, Summer Research Scholarship

Pike, Rose

  • Rose Pike, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Pilois, Rachel

  • Rachel Pilois, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pinfold, Simon

  • Simon Pinfold, Summer Research Scholarship

Pipson, Oscar

  • Oscar Pipson, Summer Research Scholarship

Pirnia, Pedram

  • Pedram Pirnia, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Pitman, Kira

  • Kira Pitman, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pohl, Michael

  • Michael Pohl, F P Wilson Prize

Pointon, Lydia

  • Lydia Pointon, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Polutea, Kapeteni

  • Kapeteni Polutea, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pool, Oliver

  • Oliver Pool, NZILA/Dr Diane Menzies Award
  • Oliver Pool, Summer Research Scholarship

Poontirakul, Polly

  • Polly Poontirakul, Chair in Economics of Disasters (Fees) Scholarship

Pope, Simon

  • Simon Pope, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Porter, Jack

  • Jack Porter, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Porter, Michelle

  • Michelle Porter, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Porter, Reece

  • Reece Porter, New Zealand Post Award for e-Commerce and Information Systems

Porter, Tamsin

  • Tamsin Porter, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Tamsin Porter, Victoria Graduate Award

Powell, Ryan

  • Ryan Powell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Power, India

  • India Power, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Powles, Nina

  • Nina Powles, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Prasad, Ronal Ritesh

  • Ronal Ritesh Prasad, SEF Prize in Second Year Macroeconomics

Prasad, Shyamal

  • Shyamal Prasad, Rutherford Discovery Project Scholarship

Pratap, Rajiv

  • Rajiv Pratap, Callaghan Innovation Scholarship
  • Rajiv Pratap, Summer Research Scholarship

Pratley, Luke

  • Luke Pratley, William Georgetti Scholarship

Preuss, Maren

  • Maren Preuss, Victoria Doctoral Fees Scholarship

Prideaux, Kadin

  • Kadin Prideaux, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Prince, Jamilla Joy

  • Jamilla Joy Prince, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Prior, Maisie

  • Maisie Prior, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pritchard-Thorsen, Rachael

  • Rachael Pritchard-Thorsen, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Pui, Kristina

  • Kristina Pui, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Putt, Esme

  • Esme Putt, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Putt, Fraser

  • Fraser Putt, Cancer Society of New Zealand Scholarship


Qi, Hongxia

  • Hongxia Qi, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Quach, To Quan

  • To Quan Quach, International Student Achievement Scholarship

Quartermain, Vina

  • Vina Quartermain, Summer Research Scholarship

Quigley-McBride, Adele

  • Adele Quigley-McBride, Fulbright Science and Innovation Graduate Award

Quinn-Foster, Grace

  • Grace Quinn-Foster, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


Raba, Andrew

  • Andrew Raba, Summer Research Scholarship

Radford, Harley

  • Harley Radford, NZTE Award for Management
  • Harley Radford, Summer Research Scholarship

Rae, Lavinnia

  • Lavinnia Rae, Barbara Finlayson Scholarship

Rae, Logan

  • Logan Rae, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Raethel, Thomas

  • Thomas Raethel, JFK Prize in American Government and Politics

Rafealov, Eden

  • Eden Rafealov, School of Engineering & Computer Science Scholarship
  • Eden Rafealov, Summer Research Scholarship

Raiman, Angus

  • Angus Raiman, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Raisbeck, Siobhan

  • Siobhan Raisbeck, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rajasekharan Nair, Archana

  • Archana Rajasekharan Nair, New Zealand Association of Clinical Research (NZACRes) Scholarship

Ralphs, Daniel

  • Daniel Ralphs, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ramazan Mahalli, Sarah Mariam

  • Sarah Mariam Ramazan Mahalli, Jeya Wilson Prize

Ranger, Laura

  • Laura Ranger, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Ranger, Peter

  • Peter Ranger, Claude McCarthy Fellowship

Ransom, Cassie

  • Cassie Ransom, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Raphael, Dorothy

  • Dorothy Raphael, Kiwi Music Scholarship

Raphiphatthana, Bua

  • Bua Raphiphatthana, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Ratahi-Taramoeroa, Isaiah

  • Isaiah Ratahi-Taramoeroa, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship
  • Isaiah Ratahi-Taramoeroa, Pro Vice Chancellor (Maori) Award

Ratahi-Taramoeroa, Tre

  • Tre Ratahi-Taramoeroa, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship
  • Tre Ratahi-Taramoeroa, Pro Vice Chancellor (Maori) Award

Ratcliffe, Reece James

  • Reece James Ratcliffe, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rawalai, Vili

  • Vili Rawalai, Awhina Scholarship

Rawlings, Cara

  • Cara Rawlings, Summer Research Scholarship

Ray, Sophie

  • Sophie Ray, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rayner, Emma

  • Emma Rayner, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Rayner, Kieran

  • Kieran Rayner, Kiwi Music Scholarship

Read, Christopher

  • Christopher Read, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Read, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Read, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Redmond, Sam

  • Sam Redmond, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rees-Thomas, Brittany

  • Brittany Rees-Thomas, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Regal, Nathan

  • Nathan Regal, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Reid, Annelise

  • Annelise Reid, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Reid, Pattern

  • Pattern Reid, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Scholarship

Reilly, Maria

  • Maria Reilly, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Rendall, Sarah

  • Sarah Rendall, Health and Disability Intelligence Prize in Statistics
  • Sarah Rendall, Victoria Graduate Award

Retimanu-Pule, Pegasus

  • Pegasus Retimanu-Pule, Summer Research Scholarship

Reynolds, Ella

  • Ella Reynolds, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Rezaie, Hafiza

  • Hafiza Rezaie, Andrea Brander Accommodation Scholarship

Richards, Michael

  • Michael Richards, Summer Gold Competition
  • Michael Richards, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Michael Richards, Victoria Graduate Award

Richards, Sally

  • Sally Richards, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Richardson, Sophie

  • Sophie Richardson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Richter, Ingrid

  • Ingrid Richter, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Riddell, Benjamin

  • Benjamin Riddell, Summer Research Scholarship

Ridgway-Keehn, Ashlee

  • Ashlee Ridgway-Keehn, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Riley, Harriet

  • Harriet Riley, Summer Research Scholarship

Rishworth, Jamie

  • Jamie Rishworth, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Risos, Alex

  • Alex Risos, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Scholarship

Ritchie, Matthew

  • Matthew Ritchie, Summer Research Scholarship

Roach, Elyjana

  • Elyjana Roach, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award
  • Elyjana Roach, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia
  • Elyjana Roach, Warren Trust Scholarship

Roberts, Christina

  • Christina Roberts, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Roberts, Courtney

  • Courtney Roberts, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Robertson, Cameron

  • Cameron Robertson, Summer Research Scholarship

Robertson, Joel

  • Joel Robertson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Robertson, Oliver

  • Oliver Robertson, MOTU Scholarship
  • Oliver Robertson, Summer Research Scholarship

Robins, Kate

  • Kate Robins, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Robins, Katherine

  • Katherine Robins, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Robinson, Callum

  • Callum Robinson, Fuji Xerox Masters Scholarship in Computer Science

Robinson, Emma

  • Emma Robinson, Dronke Prize for Drama

Robinson, Hope

  • Hope Robinson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Robinson, Jack

  • Jack Robinson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Robinson, Max

  • Max Robinson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Robinson, Mitchell

  • Mitchell Robinson, Summer Research Scholarship

Robinson, Sharn

  • Sharn Robinson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Roche, Edward

  • Edward Roche, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rogers, Anna

  • Anna Rogers, Watters Prize in Development Studies

Roop, Heidi

  • Heidi Roop, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Rose, Catherine

  • Catherine Rose, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rosenberg, Matthew

  • Matthew Rosenberg, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rosier, Shaun

  • Shaun Rosier, Summer Research Scholarship

Ross, Catherine

  • Catherine Ross, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Ross, Emily

  • Emily Ross, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Rossouw, Adam

  • Adam Rossouw, Summer Research Scholarship

Rouchon, Agnes

  • Agnes Rouchon, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Roussel, Clement

  • Clement Roussel, Victoria Doctoral Fees Scholarship

Rowlands, Erinna

  • Erinna Rowlands, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Ruan, Bo Hua

  • Bo Hua Ruan, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Ruarus, Melby

  • Melby Ruarus, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Rubi, Joanna

  • Joanna Rubi, International (ASEAN) Undergraduate Fees Scholarship

Rudman, Sean

  • Sean Rudman, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship

Russell, Euan

  • Euan Russell, Summer Research Scholarship

Russell, Zoe

  • Zoe Russell, Summer Research Scholarship

Rutherford, Gareth

  • Gareth Rutherford, Summer Research Scholarship

Ryan, Julia

  • Julia Ryan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ryan, Matt

  • Matt Ryan, John Gamble Award
  • Matt Ryan, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship
  • Matt Ryan, Wellington Botanical Society Student Grants

Ryan, Phillip

  • Phillip Ryan, Cullen Employment Law Prize

Ryder, Karly

  • Karly Ryder, Gibson Group Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Culture in Context (BDI)


Sacheun, Alec

  • Alec Sacheun, Robert Bostock Scholarship

Sahib, Sohaila

  • Sohaila Sahib, Summer Research Scholarship

Sahib, Zarah

  • Zarah Sahib, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Said, Vioula

  • Vioula Said, IDEA Inception Award - Gold Prize

Salanoa, Edwin

  • Edwin Salanoa, Robert Bostock Scholarship

Sambale, Sebastian

  • Sebastian Sambale, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Sanders, Guy

  • Guy Sanders, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sanson, Devon

  • Devon Sanson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sanson, Georgia

  • Georgia Sanson, Concrete Prize

Sanson, Mevagh

  • Mevagh Sanson, Fulbright Science and Innovation Graduate Award

Santoro, Davide

  • Davide Santoro, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Santoso, Kris

  • Kris Santoso, School of Chemical & Pysical Sciences Research Grant

Sargent, Angela

  • Angela Sargent, LEADR Prize in Dispute Resolution

Savchuk, Alexander

  • Alexander Savchuk, Deloitte Award for e-Commerce

Savill, Kimberley

  • Kimberley Savill, David Payne Memorial Prize
  • Kimberley Savill, NZ Institue of Chemistry Prize
  • Kimberley Savill, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Kimberley Savill, Victoria Graduate Award
  • Kimberley Savill, W H (Bill) Vaughan Prize for Mathematics

Savitri, Kartika Palupi

  • Kartika Palupi Savitri, Summer Research Scholarship

Sawant, Ashlesha

  • Ashlesha Sawant, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sawczuk da Silva, Alexandre

  • Alexandre Sawczuk da Silva, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Sawrey, Kirke

  • Kirke Sawrey, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Schacht, Julia

  • Julia Schacht, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Scheckter, Thomas Tzvi

  • Thomas Tzvi Scheckter, Victoria Graduate Award

Schofield, Jessica

  • Jessica Schofield, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Schoss, Robert

  • Robert Schoss, Alumni Appeal Scholarship
  • Robert Schoss, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Robert Schoss, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Schraa, Michael

  • Michael Schraa, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Schreiber, Danielle

  • Danielle Schreiber, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Schroder, Daniella

  • Daniella Schroder, Summer Research Scholarship

Schuster, Sebastian

  • Sebastian Schuster, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Schuyt, Joe

  • Joe Schuyt, Summer Research Scholarship

Schwamm, Ryan

  • Ryan Schwamm, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Ryan Schwamm, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Schwanecke, Gianina

  • Gianina Schwanecke, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Scott, Adam

  • Adam Scott, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Scott, Liam

  • Liam Scott, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Scoular-Sutton, Molly

  • Molly Scoular-Sutton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Scrimgeour, Emily

  • Emily Scrimgeour, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sebastien, Alexandra

  • Alexandra Sebastien, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Sedgwick, Millie

  • Millie Sedgwick, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Seeto, Ruby

  • Ruby Seeto, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sefesi, Losaline

  • Losaline Sefesi, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Seton, Isabella

  • Isabella Seton, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Shaffer, Megan

  • Megan Shaffer, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Shah, Ashika

  • Ashika Shah, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Shaikh, Rehan

  • Rehan Shaikh, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Shand, Lucy

  • Lucy Shand, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Shankie, Kenyon

  • Kenyon Shankie, NZSM Composers Competition 2014
  • Kenyon Shankie, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia
  • Kenyon Shankie, Technology Assisted Composition

Shannon, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Shannon, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sharipudin, Mohamad Noor

  • Mohamad Noor Sharipudin, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Sharma, Arushi

  • Arushi Sharma, Auditor-General's Prize for Government Accounting & Finance
  • Arushi Sharma, Deloitte Prize for Advanced Taxation
  • Arushi Sharma, Pentech Award for Information Systems

Shaw, Susie

  • Susie Shaw, Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships

Sheat, Olivia

  • Olivia Sheat, Kapiti Chorale Award in Vocal Performance

Shelley, Adrian

  • Adrian Shelley, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Sherpa, Pasang

  • Pasang Sherpa, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Sherwood, Chara

  • Chara Sherwood, Pasifika Award

Shieh, Abigail

  • Abigail Shieh, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Shim, Ciara

  • Ciara Shim, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Short, Samuel

  • Samuel Short, Awhina Scholarship

Siakifilo-Davis, Katerina

  • Katerina Siakifilo-Davis, Victoria Achiever Scholarship
  • Katerina Siakifilo-Davis, Victoria Pasifika Pathway Scholarship

Siemonek, Holly

  • Holly Siemonek, Graduate Women Wellington Victoria University First in Family Scholarship

Sik, David

  • David Sik, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Silva, Catarina

  • Catarina Silva, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Silver, Erin

  • Erin Silver, Roderic Alley Prize in Human Rights

Simes, Conner

  • Conner Simes, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Simkiss, Thomas

  • Thomas Simkiss, Summer Research Scholarship

Simmonds, Hamish

  • Hamish Simmonds, Foodstuffs Award for Marketing

Simonetti, Marta

  • Marta Simonetti, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Simons, Emily

  • Emily Simons, Alex Scobie Research Prize

Simpson, Blair

  • Blair Simpson, Awhina Scholarship

Simpson, Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth Simpson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Simpson, Saskia

  • Saskia Simpson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Sinclair, Carissa

  • Carissa Sinclair, Prize for Original Composition

Singh Hira, Tyaan

  • Tyaan Singh Hira, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Singh, Anchal

  • Anchal Singh, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Singh, Deepak

  • Deepak Singh, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Singleton, Anna

  • Anna Singleton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sissons, Jack

  • Jack Sissons, Summer Research Scholarship

Skerrett-White, Tirangi

  • Tirangi Skerrett-White, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sketcher, Sarah

  • Sarah Sketcher, Victoria Achiever Scholarship
  • Sarah Sketcher, Alan Ward Scholarship

Skinner Overton, Lydia

  • Lydia Skinner Overton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Skrzynski, Jordan

  • Jordan Skrzynski, Victoria Graduate Award

Slager, Flora Ana

  • Flora Ana Slager, NZ Institue of Chemistry Prize

Slater, Jack

  • Jack Slater, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Slater, Kate

  • Kate Slater, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Slocombe, Maiko

  • Maiko Slocombe, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Smith, Ana

  • Ana Smith, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Smith, Benjamin

  • Benjamin Smith, Summer Research Scholarship

Smith, Cameron

  • Cameron Smith, Summer Research Scholarship

Smith, Halee

  • Halee Smith, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Smith, Kaitlyn

  • Kaitlyn Smith, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Kaitlyn Smith, Ian Gordon Prize in Linguistics

Smith, Ken

  • Ken Smith, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Smith, Miranda

  • Miranda Smith, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Smith, Tim

  • Tim Smith, VUW Essay Prize in Classics
  • Tim Smith, NN Danilow Scholarship in Modern European Languages
  • Tim Smith, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Smith, Timothy

  • Timothy Smith, Summer Research Scholarship

Snell, Timothy

  • Timothy Snell, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sneyd, Alexander

  • Alexander Sneyd, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Snow, Derek

  • Derek Snow, Ernst & Young Scholarship in Accounting

Soar, Max

  • Max Soar, Summer Research Scholarship

Soares, Gideoon

  • Gideoon Soares, Summer Research Scholarship

Soenarsono, Nurul Syazwani

  • Nurul Syazwani Soenarsono, Lee Foundation Award

Sole, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Sole, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Solomon, Raphael

  • Raphael Solomon, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Somerfield, Rachel

  • Rachel Somerfield, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Soper, Bec

  • Bec Soper, John Robson Prize in Criminology

Soper, Ruby

  • Ruby Soper, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sotutu, Grace

  • Grace Sotutu, Pasifika Award

Soundy, Jen

  • Jen Soundy, Graduate Women Wellington Masters by thesis Scholarship
  • Jen Soundy, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Sparrow, Ella

  • Ella Sparrow, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sparrow, Phoebe

  • Phoebe Sparrow, Civil Service Institute Prize in Public Policy & Public Administration
  • Phoebe Sparrow, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Phoebe Sparrow, Victoria Graduate Award

Spence, Connor

  • Connor Spence, Summer Research Scholarship

Squire, Calvin

  • Calvin Squire, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Squire, Hanna

  • Hanna Squire, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Stainthorpe, Grace

  • Grace Stainthorpe, The Therle Drake Undergraduate Music Scholarship

Stallmann, Finn

  • Finn Stallmann, A H Johnstone Scholarship in Law
  • Finn Stallmann, Lord Cooke of Thorndon Prize

Staples, Devo

  • Devo Staples, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Stebbing, Shaqkinem

  • Shaqkinem Stebbing, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Steele, Shawn

  • Shawn Steele, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Stevens, Matt

  • Matt Stevens, School of Engineering & Computer Science Scholarship

Stevenson, Luke

  • Luke Stevenson, School of Biological Sciences Scholarship
  • Luke Stevenson, Summer Research Scholarship

Stevenson, Sarah

  • Sarah Stevenson, Noel Ryder Prize

Stewart, Georgia

  • Georgia Stewart, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Stewart, Lydia

  • Lydia Stewart, Erasmus Scholarship

Stone, David

  • David Stone, Anstiss-Garland Charitable Trust Postgraduate Scholarship in Criminology

Stone, Rhia

  • Rhia Stone, Awhina Scholarship
  • Rhia Stone, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Rhia Stone, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Rhia Stone, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Storey, Mathew

  • Mathew Storey, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship
  • Mathew Storey, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Mathew Storey, Cancer Society of New Zealand Scholarship

Stove, Katharine

  • Katharine Stove, John Miller Award

Strack, Michael

  • Michael Strack, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award
  • Michael Strack, Summer Research Scholarship

Strathern, Iain

  • Iain Strathern, Ahumairangi PhD Scholarship

Strawbridge, Sarah

  • Sarah Strawbridge, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Street, Kathryn

  • Kathryn Street, Victoria Graduate Award

Stringer, Bradley

  • Bradley Stringer, John Tinline Prize

Stringer, Christie

  • Christie Stringer, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Stringer, Richard

  • Richard Stringer, Summer Research Scholarship

Stroeven, Olivia

  • Olivia Stroeven, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Strom, Xavier

  • Xavier Strom, First Year Emergent Designer Award - Sponsored by Gordon Harris

Stuart, Jonathan

  • Jonathan Stuart, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Studdart, Tahlia

  • Tahlia Studdart, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sudden, Alicia

  • Alicia Sudden, Rosemary Barrington Research Grant

Sullivan, Nicole

  • Nicole Sullivan, KPMG Prize in Advanced Financial Accounting ACCY 308

Summerfield, Scott

  • Scott Summerfield, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Sun, Zhiheng

  • Zhiheng Sun, International Student Achievement Scholarship
  • Zhiheng Sun, Summer Research Scholarship

Sundheim, Cole Scott Voeller

  • Cole Scott Voeller Sundheim, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Suresh, Varshini

  • Varshini Suresh, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Sutherland, Conor

  • Conor Sutherland, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Sutherland, Oscar

  • Oscar Sutherland, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Sutton, Jessica

  • Jessica Sutton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sutton, Joseph

  • Joseph Sutton, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Sutton, Miles

  • Miles Sutton, Jeya Wilson Prize

Sutton, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Sutton, Commonwealth Scholarship (to the UK)

Sutton, Tyler

  • Tyler Sutton, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Syahrin, Syerina

  • Syerina Syahrin, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Sygrove-Savill, Shana

  • Shana Sygrove-Savill, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Syme, Oliver

  • Oliver Syme, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award


Tafili, Kevin

  • Kevin Tafili, Victoria Pasifika Pathway Scholarship

Taiapa, Bryn

  • Bryn Taiapa, Summer Research Scholarship

Taiaroa-Vargas, Marco

  • Marco Taiaroa-Vargas, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Taito-Taaalii Matamua, Lionel

  • Lionel Taito-Taaalii Matamua, MDI Completion Grant

Takei, Tomoki

  • Tomoki Takei, Artichoke Magazine Prize for Design Communication

Talamaivao, Faitasi

  • Faitasi Talamaivao, Awhina Scholarship

Tam, Diana

  • Diana Tam, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Tam, King Hang

  • King Hang Tam, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Tame, Frank

  • Frank Tame, N N Danilow Prize
  • Frank Tame, Summer Research Scholarship

Tan, Boxiong

  • Boxiong Tan, Summer Research Scholarship

Tan, Shie Min

  • Shie Min Tan, Foundation Studies Prize

Tan, Waverly

  • Waverly Tan, Tsubota Pearl Prize

Tanner, Jonathan

  • Jonathan Tanner, Kiwi Music Scholarship

Tanoi, Ioritana

  • Ioritana Tanoi, Norman Kirk Memorial Trust Pasifika Scholarship

Tashfeen, Rubeena

  • Rubeena Tashfeen, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Tataria, Harsh

  • Harsh Tataria, Awhina Scholarship

Tauaneai, Kasesa

  • Kasesa Tauaneai, Victoria Pasifika Pathway Scholarship

Taula, Leilani

  • Leilani Taula, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tawa, Kyla

  • Kyla Tawa, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Tawhiri, Jessica

  • Jessica Tawhiri, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Taylor, Greg

  • Greg Taylor, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Taylor, Jessee

  • Jessee Taylor, Summer Research Scholarship

Taylor, Joel

  • Joel Taylor, Sociolinguistics Prize

Taylor, Rachel

  • Rachel Taylor, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Taylor, Robbie

  • Robbie Taylor, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Taylor, Ross

  • Ross Taylor, Victoria Graduate Award

Taylor-Offord, Sam

  • Sam Taylor-Offord, Summer Research Scholarship

Te Huia, Nadia

  • Nadia Te Huia, Summer Research Scholarship

Teers, Jacob

  • Jacob Teers, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tekani, Prestin

  • Prestin Tekani, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tennent, Emma

  • Emma Tennent, Joseph Samuel Beaglehole Prize
  • Emma Tennent, Victoria Graduate Award

Teo, Cody

  • Cody Teo, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tessler, Jacob

  • Jacob Tessler, Victoria Graduate Award

Thai, Richard

  • Richard Thai, Kiwi Music Scholarship

Thanomrod, Yanisa

  • Yanisa Thanomrod, The Korean Ambassador's Prize

Thessman, Sarah

  • Sarah Thessman, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Thie, Louis

  • Louis Thie, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Thomas, Dion

  • Dion Thomas, Summer Research Scholarship

Thomas, Kieren

  • Kieren Thomas, Summer Research Scholarship

Thomas, Leighton

  • Leighton Thomas, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Thomas, Waren

  • Waren Thomas, Cullen Employment Law Prize

Thompson, Julia

  • Julia Thompson, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Thompson, Kadin

  • Kadin Thompson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Thompson, Maiya

  • Maiya Thompson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Thompson, Melanie

  • Melanie Thompson, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship

Thompson-Browne, Trinity

  • Trinity Thompson-Browne, Victoria University Foundation Trustees' Scholarship

Thomson, Sylvie

  • Sylvie Thomson, Summer Gold Competition
  • Sylvie Thomson, Summer Research Scholarship

Thomson-Dudding, Kayla

  • Kayla Thomson-Dudding, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Thorp, Monique

  • Monique Thorp, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Thurlow, Keith

  • Keith Thurlow, Howard Wright Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Industrial Design (BDI) 1
  • Keith Thurlow, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Keith Thurlow, VicLink Award for the Project with the Most Commercial Potential

Thurston, Christian

  • Christian Thurston, Mona Ross Prize in Excellence in Singing

Tiatia, Phoebe

  • Phoebe Tiatia, Pasifika Award

Tickle, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Tickle, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Till, Sam

  • Sam Till, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Timmo, Vince

  • Vince Timmo, Prize for Film Studies

Timoteo, Eleni

  • Eleni Timoteo, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Ting, Nicole

  • Nicole Ting, Expressions Piano Trust Prize

Tivalu, Tui Tui

  • Tui Tui Tivalu, Victoria Maori Pathway Scholarship

Toailoa, Annie

  • Annie Toailoa, Victoria University / Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa Scholarship

Tobin, Anwyn

  • Anwyn Tobin, Victoria Graduate Award

Todhunter, Alice

  • Alice Todhunter, Rotary Club of Wellington Science Prize

Tololi, Michael

  • Michael Tololi, Awhina Scholarship

Tong, My Linh

  • My Linh Tong, International Student Achievement Scholarship

Tong, Sodany

  • Sodany Tong, Summer Research Scholarship

Toth, Connie

  • Connie Toth, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Tothe, Samantha

  • Samantha Tothe, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Townsend, Wilbur

  • Wilbur Townsend, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Wilbur Townsend, Victoria Graduate Award

Toyama, Hikaru

  • Hikaru Toyama, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tozer, Griffin

  • Griffin Tozer, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Tracey, Arielle

  • Arielle Tracey, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tran, Cao

  • Cao Tran, VIED / Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Trapp, Maggie Seugogo

  • Maggie Seugogo Trapp, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Tremain, Sam

  • Sam Tremain, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tribe, Anna

  • Anna Tribe, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tristram, Oliver

  • Oliver Tristram, Victoria Graduate Award

Trodahl, Martha

  • Martha Trodahl, Ravensdown Coorperative Ltd PhD Scholarship

Trotman-Peita, Rangiora

  • Rangiora Trotman-Peita, Pro Vice Chancellor (Maori) Award

Trotter, Oliver

  • Oliver Trotter, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Trounson, Vaughan

  • Vaughan Trounson, Summer Research Scholarship

Truong, Dung

  • Dung Truong, VIED / Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Truong, Huu Trung

  • Huu Trung Truong, Summer Research Scholarship

Tsai, Po-en

  • Po-en Tsai, A L Hollings Trust Award

Tse, Cassandra

  • Cassandra Tse, Dronke Prize for Drama

Tse, Nathan

  • Nathan Tse, Alumni Appeal Scholarship
  • Nathan Tse, SEF Prize in Economics ECON 140

Tuala, Jackson

  • Jackson Tuala, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Tuano, Kevin

  • Kevin Tuano, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry

Tudehope, Charlie

  • Charlie Tudehope, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Tugaga, Andy

  • Andy Tugaga, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Tunstall, Alex

  • Alex Tunstall, SEF Prize in Economics ECON 140

Turjak Bakal, David

  • David Turjak Bakal, PikPok Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Media Design

Turner, Kate

  • Kate Turner, Victoria Graduate Award

Tvrdeich, Eleanor Ruth

  • Eleanor Ruth Tvrdeich, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Tweddle, Jay

  • Jay Tweddle, Japanese Ambassador's Prize

Tweed, Brian

  • Brian Tweed, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Tyler, Emily

  • Emily Tyler, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


Underdown-Gray, Ella

  • Ella Underdown-Gray, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Unsworth, Angus

  • Angus Unsworth, Civil Service Institute Prize in Public Policy & Public Administration

Utete, Tanaka

  • Tanaka Utete, Victoria Excellence Scholarship


Vaigafa, Baileigh

  • Baileigh Vaigafa, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Vale, Bethany

  • Bethany Vale, Maurice Goldsmith Prize

Van Dael, Rosalie

  • Rosalie Van Dael, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Van Dissen, Jimmy

  • Jimmy Van Dissen, KPMG Prize in Auditing ACCY 330
  • Jimmy Van Dissen, Summer Research Scholarship

Van Kuyk, Steven

  • Steven Van Kuyk, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Van Schultze, Alix

  • Alix Van Schultze, Clare Galambos-Winter Postgraduate Scholarship in Violin Performance

Van Workum, Raphael

  • Raphael Van Workum, Faculty of Commerce Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship

Van-Brunt, Alexander

  • Alexander Van-Brunt, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Alexander Van-Brunt, Vere-Jones Prize for Statistics

Vandenberg Gracie, William

  • William Vandenberg Gracie, Summer Research Scholarship

Vandenberg, Tobias

  • Tobias Vandenberg, Maurice Goldsmith Prize

Varnosafaderani, Sima

  • Sima Varnosafaderani, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Vashishtha, Parth

  • Parth Vashishtha, Rutherford Fund Scholarship
  • Parth Vashishtha, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Vasilevskyte, Eiva

  • Eiva Vasilevskyte, Summer Research Scholarship

Vaughan, Jennifer

  • Jennifer Vaughan, Isle B Steinberger Prize in Primary Teaching

Vaughan, Teresa

  • Teresa Vaughan, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Vautier, Dayna

  • Dayna Vautier, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Verity, Aidan

  • Aidan Verity, Barbara Finlayson Scholarship

Verkerk, Jane

  • Jane Verkerk, Formway Design Award for the Best Project in the Masters of Design Innovation
  • Jane Verkerk, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Verma, Esha

  • Esha Verma, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Verschaffelt, Lydia

  • Lydia Verschaffelt, Dr W E Collins Prize in English

Vickers, Corey

  • Corey Vickers, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Vijay, Madhuri

  • Madhuri Vijay, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Vincent, Liam

  • Liam Vincent, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Vo, Anh Quoc

  • Anh Quoc Vo, International Undergraduate Fees Scholarship

Voerman, Sebastien

  • Sebastien Voerman, Henry Hughes Award for Innovation and Excellence in Design
  • Sebastien Voerman, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Sebastien Voerman, VicLink Award for the Project with the Most Commercial Potential
  • Sebastien Voerman, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Vujicic, Aleksa

  • Aleksa Vujicic, Macmorran Prize in Mathematics

van Bunnik, Amy

  • Amy van Bunnik, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

van Hulst, Chrissy

  • Chrissy van Hulst, Summer Research Scholarship

van Oeveren, Hannah

  • Hannah van Oeveren, Summer Research Scholarship

van Veen, Joshua

  • Joshua van Veen, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

van Vliet, Bryn

  • Bryn van Vliet, Rotary Club of Wellington Postgraduate Music Prize

van Wel, Clara

  • Clara van Wel, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

van Woerkom, Ben

  • Ben van Woerkom, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

van de Wetering, Ross

  • Ross van de Wetering, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Ross van de Wetering, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship


Waddington, Claire

  • Claire Waddington, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Waddington, Hannah

  • Hannah Waddington, Autism Intervention Trust Scholarship

Wain, Etienne

  • Etienne Wain, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Waitaiki-Curry, Hemi

  • Hemi Waitaiki-Curry, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Walker, Maria

  • Maria Walker, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Walker, Te Ao

  • Te Ao Walker, Awhina Scholarship

Walker-Hale, Nathanael

  • Nathanael Walker-Hale, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Nathanael Walker-Hale, TJA Ballinger Scholarship

Wallace, Georgia

  • Georgia Wallace, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wallace-Buckland, Ailish

  • Ailish Wallace-Buckland, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wallis, Amanda

  • Amanda Wallis, Dominion Post Global Citizen Exchange Scholarship

Wallis, Caitlin

  • Caitlin Wallis, Summer Research Scholarship

Wallis, Lynda

  • Lynda Wallis, Pasifika Award

Walsh, Chelsea

  • Chelsea Walsh, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Walters, David

  • David Walters, Max Julian Prize in Ethnomusicology

Wang, Ganlong

  • Ganlong Wang, GN Resound Scholarship

Wang, Johnny

  • Johnny Wang, Summer Research Scholarship

Wang, Xing

  • Xing Wang, Postgraduate Scholarship in Classical Piano Performance
  • Xing Wang, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Ward, Anicka

  • Anicka Ward, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wark, Adam

  • Adam Wark, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Warner-Mason, Akasha

  • Akasha Warner-Mason, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Warnes, Rebecca

  • Rebecca Warnes, Margaret Nielson Scholarship
  • Rebecca Warnes, NZSM Director's Scholarship
  • Rebecca Warnes, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Warren, Stephanie

  • Stephanie Warren, Summer Gold Competition
  • Stephanie Warren, Summer Research Scholarship

Wash, Samara

  • Samara Wash, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Watkins, Morgan

  • Morgan Watkins, Chris Highfield Memorial Prize

Watson, Cam

  • Cam Watson, Summer Research Scholarship

Watt, Donna

  • Donna Watt, Cullen Employment Law Prize

Weatherall, Ruth

  • Ruth Weatherall, Summer Research Scholarship

Weaver, Konrad

  • Konrad Weaver, Marsden Grant Scholarship

Webb, Dylan

  • Dylan Webb, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Dylan Webb, Summer Research Scholarship

Webb, Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth Webb, Victoria Clinical PhD Programme - Fees Scholarship

Webb, Erika

  • Erika Webb, Alan Robinson Memorial Prize
  • Erika Webb, Sir Walter Nash Prize

Webber, Darcy

  • Darcy Webber, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Webber, Sam

  • Sam Webber, Summer Research Scholarship

Webster, Kyle

  • Kyle Webster, J L Stewart Undergraduate Scholarship

Webster, Sarah

  • Sarah Webster, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Weekly, Keelin

  • Keelin Weekly, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wegerhoff, Daniel

  • Daniel Wegerhoff, Paul Hoffmann Prize in German

Welham, Tayla

  • Tayla Welham, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Wells, Julia

  • Julia Wells, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Welsh, Susan

  • Susan Welsh, Summer Research Scholarship

Wenden, Lynne

  • Lynne Wenden, Wellington City U3A Award

Wernham-Doo, Tim

  • Tim Wernham-Doo, Victoria Graduate Award

West, Sophia

  • Sophia West, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Westerman, Shawnee

  • Shawnee Westerman, Summer Research Scholarship

Westermann, Fabian

  • Fabian Westermann, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Weston, Louise

  • Louise Weston, Summer Research Scholarship

Wezel, Daniel

  • Daniel Wezel, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Whattam, Jack

  • Jack Whattam, Summer Research Scholarship

Wheatley, Erica

  • Erica Wheatley, Summer Research Scholarship

Whelan, Meg

  • Meg Whelan, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Whitburn, Julie-Anne

  • Julie-Anne Whitburn, Ross McQueen Memorial Prize

Whitcombe, Clara

  • Clara Whitcombe, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

White, Kayla

  • Kayla White, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

White, Maddie

  • Maddie White, Joy McNicoll Postgraduate Research Award in Biomedical Science

White, Rebecca

  • Rebecca White, Applied Linguistics Prize

White, Samantha

  • Samantha White, NZX Award for International Business

Whitfield, Chelsea

  • Chelsea Whitfield, Ian Pollard Organ Scholarship

Wickens, Emma

  • Emma Wickens, Victoria Graduate Award

Wicks, Emma

  • Emma Wicks, Summer Research Scholarship

Wijetunge, Anneka

  • Anneka Wijetunge, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wild, Lesley

  • Lesley Wild, Summer Research Scholarship

Williams, Emma

  • Emma Williams, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Williams, Jaclyn

  • Jaclyn Williams, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Williams, Rima

  • Rima Williams, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Williams-Spence, Jenni

  • Jenni Williams-Spence, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Willis, Harriet

  • Harriet Willis, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Willis, Riley

  • Riley Willis, Summer Research Scholarship

Wilson, Charlotte

  • Charlotte Wilson, Summer Research Scholarship

Wilson, Chloe

  • Chloe Wilson, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Chloe Wilson, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Wilson, Eleanor

  • Eleanor Wilson, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Wilson, Faith

  • Faith Wilson, Biggs Family Prize in Poetry

Wilson, Laura

  • Laura Wilson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wilson, Mark

  • Mark Wilson, Summer Research Scholarship

Wilson, Olive

  • Olive Wilson, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Winwood, Jodie

  • Jodie Winwood, Lady Todd Memorial Prize in Nursing & Midwifery

Withers, Caleb

  • Caleb Withers, SEF Prize in Second Year Macroeconomics

Wiwitawan, Peesamon

  • Peesamon Wiwitawan, International (ASEAN) Undergraduate Fees Scholarship

Wolstenholme, Lydia

  • Lydia Wolstenholme, Humanist Society of New Zealand Eileen Bone Scholarship

Wong, Monica

  • Monica Wong, Summer Research Scholarship

Wood, Hannah

  • Hannah Wood, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wood, Samara

  • Samara Wood, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wood, Vincent

  • Vincent Wood, Summer Research Scholarship

Woodbury, Jack

  • Jack Woodbury, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wooding, Bea

  • Bea Wooding, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship

Woods, Lisa

  • Lisa Woods, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Woolf, Tamsin

  • Tamsin Woolf, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wootton, Ashleigh

  • Ashleigh Wootton, Summer Research Scholarship

Workman, Te Rimene

  • Te Rimene Workman, Victoria Achiever Scholarship

Worth, Christopher

  • Christopher Worth, Laurie Cameron Scholarship

Worth, Tim

  • Tim Worth, Victoria Graduate Award

Wratt, Christopher

  • Christopher Wratt, Summer Research Scholarship

Wray, Christina

  • Christina Wray, Prime Minister Scholarship for Asia

Wride, Annabelle

  • Annabelle Wride, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wrigglesworth, Emma

  • Emma Wrigglesworth, Curtis-Gordon Research Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Emma Wrigglesworth, Graduate Women Wellington Masters by thesis Scholarship
  • Emma Wrigglesworth, Summer Gold Competition
  • Emma Wrigglesworth, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Emma Wrigglesworth, Victoria Master's by thesis Scholarship

Wrigglesworth, Jessie

  • Jessie Wrigglesworth, NZIA Graphisoft Student Design Award

Wright, Kate

  • Kate Wright, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wright, Oliver

  • Oliver Wright, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Oliver Wright, Victoria Graduate Award

Wrigley, Madeline

  • Madeline Wrigley, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wyles, Eva

  • Eva Wyles, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Wylie, Kere David

  • Kere David Wylie, Summer Research Scholarship

Wynn, Sophie

  • Sophie Wynn, Victoria Achiever Scholarship


Xu, Yufei

  • Yufei Xu, Victoria / China Scholarship Council


Yager, Karl

  • Karl Yager, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Yan, Longfei

  • Longfei Yan, Awhina Scholarship

Yang, Lei

  • Lei Yang, Florance Prize
  • Lei Yang, Pablo Etchegoin Prize in Experimental Physics
  • Lei Yang, Summer Research Scholarship
  • Lei Yang, Victoria Graduate Award

Yang, Liang

  • Liang Yang, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Ye, Muci

  • Muci Ye, NZSM Director's Scholarship

Ye, Ruiping

  • Ruiping Ye, Claude McCarthy Fellowship

Yeoh, Daniel

  • Daniel Yeoh, Summer Research Scholarship

Yesberg, Julia

  • Julia Yesberg, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship

Yong, Nicola

  • Nicola Yong, Asian Politics Prize
  • Nicola Yong, New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust Prize

Yoo, Sunee

  • Sunee Yoo, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Yoon, Shomi

  • Shomi Yoon, Graduate Women Wellington Secondary Teaching Award

Yorkstone, Andrew

  • Andrew Yorkstone, NZSM Director's Scholarship

Young, Brigette

  • Brigette Young, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Young, David

  • David Young, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship
  • David Young, Victoria Master's by thesis (Tuition Fees) Scholarship

Young, George

  • George Young, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Young, Jeremy

  • Jeremy Young, Alumni Appeal Scholarship

Young, Kelly

  • Kelly Young, Library Association of NZ Aotearoa - David Wylie Prize

Young, Zechariah

  • Zechariah Young, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Young-Drew, James

  • James Young-Drew, Embassy of Israel Prize in Political Science and International Relations

Yu, Hang

  • Hang Yu, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Yui, Naoko

  • Naoko Yui, Victoria Graduate Award

Yule, Eleanor

  • Eleanor Yule, May Gordon Prize in English Literature

Yule, Kirsty

  • Kirsty Yule, Wellington Botanical Society Student Grants


Zare Hossein Abadi, Davoud

  • Davoud Zare Hossein Abadi, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarship

Zareei, Mo

  • Mo Zareei, NZSM Composers Competition 2014

Zdrenka, Marco

  • Marco Zdrenka, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Zhang, Richard

  • Richard Zhang, Victoria Excellence Scholarship

Zhou, Felicity

  • Felicity Zhou, Summer Research Scholarship

Zhu, Yan

  • Yan Zhu, Infospecs Database Prize

Zohrab, Alex

  • Alex Zohrab, Summer Research Scholarship

Zonjic, Maja

  • Maja Zonjic, Victoria Doctoral Scholarship

Zuelicke, Kristina

  • Kristina Zuelicke, Therle Drake Postgraduate Scholarship

Zuraida, Zuraida

  • Zuraida Zuraida, Victoria PhD Submission Scholarship