Summer Research Scholarships

If you’re a third-year or above, interested and skilled in research, you could spend the summer supporting a research project and earn a valuable scholarship.

Summer Research Scholarships offer a unique opportunity for external organisations, academics, and students to work together in research. Working with globally recognised researchers in a local setting, students gain valuable real-world experience as well as an insight into what research is all about.

Depending on the project, students can gain experience and skills in data collection, data analysis, literature reviews, or interviewing techniques. They may learn to use specialised software or acquire specialist skills in the laboratory.

What’s involved

Students will be expected to work on a research project for up to 10 weeks (400 hours) over the summer trimester, under the supervision of well-established researchers or a research team at the University.

What it’s worth

Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington awards up to 115 internally funded Summer Research Scholarships and around 150 externally funded projects over the summer trimester.

Each Summer Research Scholarship includes a minimum tax-free stipend of $6,000.

Eligibility and conditions

The scholarships are open to students who have completed at least two years of their undergraduate degree and who are currently enrolled at any Australian or New Zealand university in an undergraduate or Honours degree or in the first year of a Master’s degree.

If you're enrolled in a PhD or Master's by thesis, you are not eligible.

Download the Summer Research Scholarship conditions (PDF) for a full list of the award regulations.


Details on each Summer Research project will be listed on the relevant faculty website from 1 September 2021. Applications will be open from 6 September 2021.

Opportunities for Māori students are also available through the Ahunuku Māori Summer Research Scholarship.


For more information on Summer Research Scholarships, contact:

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