Research projects

View the current staff research projects in Te Kawa a Māui.

Research is a core activity of academic life and students are trained in the skills of research through their academic careers. Academic staff are all engaged in research activities of various kinds. Some of the projects are quite small and can be worked on by one researcher in isolation. Other projects are bigger and often need teams of researchers from different disciplines to complete them. Academic staff in Māori Studies are currently involved in both sorts of projects.

Some of the current research projects underway in Māori Studies include:

  • community engagement in the revitalisation of te reo Māori
  • indigenous archaeology
  • indigenous corporations
  • indigenous governance systems
  • indigenous responses to neo-liberalism
  • iwi and voting
  • Māori in the private military security industry
  • Māori masculinity and mental health
  • Mātauranga Māori and Science
  • sustainable self-determination
  • the identification of good practice in the teaching of te reo Māori
  • the Māori principles of the Treaty
  • the New Zealand wars: the aftermath of Taranaki
  • treaty settlements and the negotiation process
  • tino rangatiratanga and the Treaty of Waitangi