The team behind Reusabowl are making it easier for you to enjoy your favourite takeaways while caring for the environment.

Close-up image of a hand holding a Reusabowl

Reusabowl have developed a new bowl borrowing system that launched its first trial at some of Wellington’s most popular eateries in August 2020.

“In Aotearoa, 352 thousand tonnes of packaging go to landfill every year. When eating takeaway, consumers are left with no option but to create waste. Even compostable packaging often goes to landfill where it emits methane. We’re stopping waste at the source - with a reusable solution that people can feel good about choosing,” says the team behind Reusabowl.

Founders Bobby Lloyd, Sarah Booher, and Marine Bucher came together in 2019 after Climathon, an environmentally focused start-up weekend, and launched a successful crowdfunding campaign last year to start the business. Now they’re working to support the hospitality industry’s recovery from COVID, while helping eateries build resilience for their sustainability practices at the same time.

“Reusabowl aims to minimise waste at the start of the cycle, which is a much more honest and efficient approach to resource use,” says City Councillor and Waste Free Wellington Portfolio Leader, Laurie Foon. “I think Reusabowl will capture public imagination and support in the same way as reusable supermarket bags.”

Reusabowls are made from rice husk, a natural material and agricultural byproduct that would otherwise go to waste and can be composted at the end of the product life cycle. Each comes with a silicone lid.

“We believe Wellington has an opportunity to lead Aotearoa and become a truly circular city that will take us toward a low-carbon future,” says Reusabowl Founder, Bobby Lloyd. “Built on circular economy principles, Reusabowl gives everyone the opportunity to participate and have a taste of tomorrow. Now we need people to go try a bowl and show us they want that future too.”

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