We develop next-generation research and entrepreneur frameworks that advance immersive, interactive, and intelligent (‘3i’) media technologies.

3i Media Technology

  • Immersive—high fidelity and immersive contents
  • Interactive—communication between the real and virtual worlds, connecting people from a distance
  • Intelligent—machine learning and AI to solve complex problems
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Our research themes

Augmented Telepresence (AT)

Augmented telepresence will significantly advance remote collaboration and virtual metaverse platforms. Users in the metaverse and on teleconferencing platforms will have the sense that they are in a remote world. This will allow them to experience greater engagement than during traditional videoconferencing. It has the potential to transform current virtual-only platforms to hybrid platforms, connecting remote people for real-world activities.

We are developing a novel communication and collaboration platform that integrates high bandwidth streaming and realistic digital asset composition to revolutionise telepresence.

Digital Twin (DT)

Industry 5.0 is bringing meaningful digital experiences to life. These experiences will feature high-quality 3D content that brings business branding to life.

We are developing advanced computer graphics algorithms, computational models, and simulations that digitise and recreate digital clones of real world assets for the metaverse. Our aim is to bring solutions connecting the digital and real worlds into this new digital frontier.

AI Effects (AIX)

While intelligent systems break cyber-physical barriers every day, training them is challenging due to enormous data capture requirements.

We are leveraging contemporary computer graphics and deep learning techniques. Our new approaches will make it easier and more efficient to train AI using advanced data generation and machine learning.

Montage of people using VR equipment
CMIC's research using VR technology bridges the gap between the worlds of academia and industry