We develop next-generation research and entrepreneur frameworks that advance immersive, interactive, and intelligent (3i) media technologies.

The digital media frontier with immersive, interactive, and intelligent media technology.

Our vision is to be a global hub for the digital media frontier by revolutionising computational media ecosystems, leading immersive, interactive, and intelligent (3i) technologies, and delivering solutions to make life better for humans.


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Research themes


We are developing 'Televerse,' a novel framework that enables augmented telepresence in real environments.

With Televerse, users can experience a sense of remote presence within the captured physical space. It enhances situational awareness, facilitating better communication, and enables seamless interactions with remote counterparts. This is achieved through the integration of real-time digital twins, rich communication features, and the live blending of high-fidelity visual assets to augment telepresence.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin concept

Industry 5.0 is revolutionizing the integration of digital experiences into real life, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative journey.

We are developing novel technologies that digitize and recreate real-world environments, including outdoor scenes, lifelike digital replicas of creatures, simulations, and visualizations. Our aim is to bridge the physical-digital gap, inviting individuals to this new frontier and enhancing their daily lives.

Visual AI

Artificial Intelligence Effect concept

Combining artificial neural networks with vast amounts of data yields generative AI, revolutionizing human life with intelligent solutions.

At CMIC, we harness computer graphics and machine learning techniques to push the boundaries of visual AI. Our goal is to provide artificial eyes and cognitive brains that enable reasoning, tackle complex visual challenges, and automate labour-intensive content creation processes with intelligent solutions.