The Computational Media Innovation Centre (CMIC) aims to enhance New Zealand's interactive media ecosystem through user-oriented academic research.

We collaborate with industry experts, including major international media organizations in areas such as VR/AR, film, animation, special effects, and gaming technologies.

The Centre provides prototyping tools to develop further research ideas for transfer to practice via startups or licensing.

Unlocking the power of teleportation

Teleportation has been a dream of science fiction and scientists alike. Dr Taehyun Rhee and his team are blending the real and the virtual to make it a reality.

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Study alongside our world-class team of researchers—we invite master and postgraduate students from related disciplines (e.g. Computer Graphics, Human Computer Interaction) to work with us. Find out about study options,

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Our goal is to transform academic research into a range of cutting-edge services and products. Learn more about DreamFlux, a major current venture, or browse our list of licencing opportunities.

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