Current Students

Meet the students studying at the Computational Media Innovation Centre and discover their research projects.

PhD candidates

Rongsen Chen profile-picture photograph

Rongsen Chen

Rongsen's research activities focus on new view synthesis. New view synthesis is a method that with a group of sequential images, it can generate a view/scene that fills the gap between the frames. For example with an image of the front view of an object, the method can generate the side view or even the back view.

His research interests include image processing of areas including object detection, semantic segmentation, image denosing/dehazing and 3D modelling of 2D images.

Simon Finnie profile-picture photograph

Simon Finnie

Simon’s research interests are in 360 visual object tracking for the use in AR and MR applications. As this field is relatively new, Simon is working on developing his tracker by adapting techniques used in non-360 solutions to allow tracking in the spherical image space.

Christian Suppan profile-picture photograph

Christian Suppan

Christian’s research focus is reverse rendering, the process of determining and reverse engineering image formation to obtain useful information about the content of images. Currently, he is working towards the estimation of optical material properties from photographs. His previous research experience is in general purpose GPU utilization in conjunction with rendering.

Joshua Weir profile-picture photograph

Joshua Weir

Joshua's research interest is on Image Re-lighting for use in video conferencing. The focus is to enhance the Virtual Background feature of Zoom and other video calling software by re-colouring the cropped portrait to appear as though being illuminated by the scene of a virtual background image. He will be incorporating recent work at CMIC based on Light Estimation and Inverse Rendering to both ‘de-light’, and ‘re-light’ a portrait image.

Faisal Zaman profile-picture photograph

Faisal Zaman

Faisal's research aims to solve problems users encounter when collaborating in AR and VR systems. His research focuses on achieving this goal by designing new interaction techniques that enable multi-user collaboration in a shared space. He is now working towards collaborative immersive analytics and multi-user teleportation systems for mixed reality space.

Master's students

Anna Stangnes profile-picture photograph

Anna Stangnes

Anna’s research is focused on estimating and rendering complex materials to create digital copies of real objects. Utilising her background in physics she’s taking a physically accurate approach to the project. Currently, Anna is working on accurately recreating the patterns and iridescent effects of Pāua shells.

Josh O'Hagan profile-picture photograph

Josh O'Hagan

Applied mathematics and 3D geometric modelling are of great interest to Josh. He is currently using geometric modelling to model the realistic growth of NZ marine life. This is done by using biological equations, which describe marine life growth, to inform the procedural modelling process.