Current Students

Meet the students studying at the Computational Media Innovation Centre and discover their research projects.

PhD candidates

Joshua Weir profile-picture photograph

Joshua Weir

Joshua's research interest is on Image Re-lighting for use in video conferencing. The focus is to enhance the Virtual Background feature of Zoom and other video calling software by re-colouring the cropped portrait to appear as though being illuminated by the scene of a virtual background image. He will be incorporating recent work at CMIC based on Light Estimation and Inverse Rendering to both ‘de-light’, and ‘re-light’ a portrait image.

Master's students

Josh O'Hagan profile-picture photograph

Josh O'Hagan

Applied mathematics and 3D geometric modelling are of great interest to Josh. He is currently using geometric modelling to model the realistic growth of NZ marine life. This is done by using biological equations, which describe marine life growth, to inform the procedural modelling process.