Ursula Harlfinger

Ursula Harlfinger


Category: International Intern 2010


As an intern at the CACR I have worked on several research projects (e.g. concerning Intercultural Training, Refugees and Attitudes Towards Immigrants) by assisting with some of the smaller tasks. I wrote reports (e.g. on the different types of intercultural training and their effectiveness), analysed data and did literature searches about different topics.

I also attended the weekly cross-cultural lab meetings and listened to some very interesting talks both in and outside the university. Furthermore, I took the opportunity to learn something about environmental psychology by participating in Taciano Milfont's environmental lab meetings.

All of this enabled me to get a taste of what it is like to work as a researcher in psychology - which is exactly why I did this internship. It showed me that there are people working here who are passionate about what they are doing and want to study cross-cultural issues to make life easier for other people. The diversity of the people at the Centre is one of its strengths and New Zealand with its history is a great place to study cross-cultural psychology!